The Top 10 New Year’s Eve Destinations For This Year Are All Warm Weather Dreams

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There are so many different ways to potentially celebrate New Year's Eve. You can head to a party with a bunch of friends (or just one friend and a bunch of people you don't know), you can host some sort of chill night at home with a couple of people, you can pay for overpriced drinks and admission at a bar or a restaurant, or you could do nothing at all and just enjoy the night in your sweatpants. But one of the best ways to spend the holiday is definitely booking a vacation. Going somewhere fun and different is the perfect way to ring in a brand new year. And if you're trying to find the best spot to go to, you're in luck: KAYAK just released its 2019 Holiday Travel Hacker Guide including the top New Year's Eve destinations for 2019, and it's pretty exciting.

New Year's Eve might happen in the middle of the winter when most of the country is blanketed under snow or caught up in cold temperatures, but that doesn't mean people actually want to be cold. It's probably not surprising that most of these New Year's destinations are warm and sunny with ideal beach weather. What better way to start a new year than by partying on the beach?

Check out the top 10 New Year's Eve destinations for this year, and get ready to start planning your own trip:


Barcelona, Spain


Late December/early January isn't exactly beach weather in Barcelona, but that doesn't even matter: the city is still beautiful, full of culture and history, and incredibly fun to explore. Plus, there's a ton of delicious food, so really, what more could you want?

According to KAYAK, Barcelona locals start off their New Year's Eve celebrations with a big family dinner. Plan your own exciting meal at a great restaurant and don't expect to have an early night. The site says that "the parties go all night."


Miami, Florida


If you prefer to stay in the United States for New Year's Eve, you really can't go wrong with Miami. Not only will the weather most likely be warm enough to enjoy some sunny beach days, but it's also a city full of bars, clubs, and tons of parties. If you're looking to go wild for NYE, this is the place to be.

That said, KAYAK points out an important tip: "You'll have no trouble finding an NYE party, so focus on what's important — New Year's Day brunch." That won't be hard to do either, considering the amount of restaurants in the city!


Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon is still enjoying its reputation as one of Europe's biggest hot spots right now, and it's not hard to see why: the city is full of life, culture, and history. It also offers fantastic food and beautiful views of the water.

For New Year's Eve, KAYAK suggests heading to Praça do Comércio for a spectacular fireworks display. After the show, there will be a DJ set to make sure everyone parties and dances the night away.


Madrid, Spain


Spain is a popular country for New Year's Eve this year — in addition to Barcelona at number 10, Madrid also made the list at number seven. The city is a bustling hive of restaurants, bars, and museums, and there is definitely no shortage of things to do. And for the holiday, you can expect there to be even more going on.

KAYAK suggests doing your research before going and buying tickets to parties in advance, because many bars won't be open to the public. Another tip? "Keep in mind, the revelry won't get going until shortly before midnight, so a power nap may be in order."


St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands


Looking for more of an island vibe than a city? St. Thomas is the next destination on KAYAK's list, and it has the relaxed but fun vibes you're probably looking for. Spend your days lounging by the Caribbean or the hotel pool, and get ready to party all night for NYE.

KAYAK says, "Take the ferry to Jost van Dyke for the popular New Year's Eve bash at Foxy's Tamarind Bar. Whether you go for the themed costumes, beach views, live music or BBQ, this party is known to be legendary." It definitely sounds like a holiday to remember.


Sint Maarten


Sint Maarten is another excellent island destination for New Year's. Sint Marten is the Dutch part of the larger island — the other half is called St. Maarten and is French. On the French side, you'll find that many natives speak French, while on the Dutch side, English is more common.

As KAYAK says, you'll definitely want to be hanging out on the Dutch side, in Philipsburg, for your New Year's celebrations. There you'll find fireworks over Great Bay from The Great Bay Beach Promenade (where you can also do some shopping and sightseeing).


Dallas, Texas


Another location in the US that made the list, this one at number four, is Dallas, Texas. It's another city full of great restaurants and fun bars, and it will be a lot warmer down there than it is in the Northeast!

KAYAK recommends going to an "epic fireworks display at Reunion Tower — the pyrotechnics will have some competition from the city skyline views." Sounds like the perfect New Year's Eve.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

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The colorful streets of San Juan are full of culture to make your days interesting and fulfilling... or, of course, you could spend your time lounging on any of the beautiful beaches. San Juan is also quite a big party destination for New Year's.

If you plan on heading out to one of their epic celebrations, KAYAK says to buy a ticket in advance as early as possible - the parties at the hotels sell out quickly.


Kailua Kona, Hawaii


The second most popular New Year's Eve destination is a pretty exciting one. This town on the west coast of Hawaii's Big Island delivers beautiful beaches, great hotels, lots of relaxation, and plenty of party time.

According to KAYAK, it made the list thanks to the private fireworks you can find all over, but also the fire dancing. The travel company says, "You'll find luaus happening at many of the area resorts." Sounds like a unique way to ring in the new year!


St. Lucia


The number one spot for New Year's is another tropical destination: the island of St. Lucia, located in the Caribbean and known for its beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, and gorgeous resorts. With 199% increase in searches for New Year's Eve, it's the most popular spot.

By day, you can relax on the beach or take a hike for some sightseeing. KAYAK recommends heading to Rodney Bay for an "impromptu street party and beachfront fireworks." Is there a better way to do the new year?