The Trailer For Octavia Spencer's New Horror Movie 'MA' Will Give You Nightmares

Whatever you do, don't trust Octavia Spencer in her new movie. That's what you quickly learn from the official trailer for MA, a thriller from the director of The Help and the producers of Get Out that casts her as the villain. And for those who thought the worse thing Spencer could ever do on screen is serve someone a pie filled with feces, well, you're in for a surprise. Things are gonna get real bad real quick, but it's hard not to love every horrifying minute of Spencer playing an evil mother effer.

The trailer starts like any typical teen movie might with a bunch of high schoolers looking to party. But, it switches gears after Spencer's Sue Ann agrees to buy booze for these underaged teens. "This never happened," Sue tells the kids before enticing them as if they were Hansel and Gretel. "You guys want to party like rockstars?"

Oh, that sinister wink should have been a clue to these way too trusting small town teens that something wasn't right here. After all, haven't their parents warned them not to talk to strangers? As the kids pull up to a dark and scary home, Sue's there to greet them. "The bar's open," she says about her basement hang-out she likes to call Ma's. But if they ever go upstairs that might not ever get to leave.

While a few of the teens are a little concerned about how this fledgling bar owner got their numbers to send them "it's 5 o'clock somewhere" messages, they keep going out to her home. After all, she is right, it is 5 o'clock somewhere, why not have a few drinks at Ma's?

It seems all the kids in town agree with this logic and start showing up to hang out with Sue, who is having a pretty good time of her own doing the robot, stalking their moms, and generally hating on men. But, the minute someone tries to see what's lies above this makeshift bar they realize Ma isn't as chill as they thought.

Twitter, though, has never thought Spencer looked cooler, even if her performance in this film is pure nightmare fuel. "I love that Octavia Spencer gets to be the villain for once," Bitch's editor-in-chief Evette Dionne tweeted.

While another user @torionic wrote, "I hope 'Ma' does for Octavia Spencer what 'Misery' did for Kathy Bates. Except Octavia's already got an Oscar, so she's a step ahead of the game." The best compliment of all might be from writer Genelle Levy. "I might officially be a horror movie convert now," Levy wrote.

This is the first time fans are seeing Spencer play the bad guy, but it won't be the last time in the upcoming year that they'll get to see Spencer's range. Already, it's been announced that she'll star in a holiday comedy alongside Jessica Chastain, is taking the lead in the LeBron James-produced Netflix series Madam C.J. Walker, and, according to ber IMDb, will appear in the remake of Roald Dahl's The Witches starring Anne Hathaway, which might give her another chance to scare some kids.

From the looks of the MA trailer, Spencer is very good at playing bad and when this film hits theaters on May 31, we'll all get a chance to see her at her worst. That sounds like a real party, now doesn't it?