Meet The 'Trial & Error' Cast

by Caroline Gerdes
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From TV shows like American Crime Story, to crime documentaries like Making A Murderer, to podcasts from the serious (Serial), it's clear that people are obsessed with murder and true crime. Skim through your TV channels right now and tell me how many CSI, Law & Order, or similar forensic series cross your path. As most of these crime documentaries are based on real life, they are dramatic and sad and scary. NBC is doing something new with the genre: a comedy. Trial & Error is a crime mockumentary premiering March 14, on NBC. The series follows the fictional murder of Margaret Henderson as a screwball legal team tries to piece evidence together, without help from the deceased's bizarre and bumbling husband. So, whodunnit?

According to a video released by NBC to promote the series, the Trial & Error cast does not know who did it. That's right, every new script, the actors are piecing it together. Just like the audience. Well, with the exception of the show's star. John Lithgow plays defendant Larry Henderson, Margaret's husband, and Lithgow is apparently the only actor who knows if Larry is guilty or not. So, who else is in the cast?

Before tuning into Trial & Error on Tuesday, March 14, on NBC, get to know the show's cast of characters.

John Lithgow As Larry Henderson

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Veteran actor and comedic legend, John Lithgow plays the defendant accused of killing his wife Margaret. (You know Lithgow from Third Rock the Sun, Dexter, HIMYM, Shrek, and more.) And, it's not clear if his character's lack of interest in his wife's death is cold-blooded or idiotic. The trailers depict a 911 call where Larry is more concerned about missing the cable guy than his wife's murder, security footage of Larry buying some incriminating items at a garden store, and a video where he steps over his wife's corpse and apologizes for the mess.

Nick D'Agosto As Josh Simon

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Nick D'Agosto, from Masters of Sex, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, and Gotham, plays Larry's attorney and the show's straight man. He seems to be the one sane person who actually understands the gravity of the situation.

Sherri Shepherd As Anne Flatch

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Sherri Shepherd, best known for The View and 30 Rock, play's Josh's assistant, who happens to have facial amnesia, according to a trailer for the show.

Jayma Mays As Carol Anne Keane

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Glee star Jayma Mays plays the prosecutor, who is running for DA and ruthlessly looking for a death penalty conviction.

Steven Boyer As Dwayne Reed

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Steven Boyer, a character actor you've seen on Orange Is The New Black, Louie, Mom, and The Good Wife, to name a few, plays the lead investigator who, er, is not the smartest guy in the world. The trailer's slapstick bits involve Boyer's Dwayne.

Krysta Rodriguez As Summer Henderson

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Smash and Chasing Life's Krysta Rodriguez plays Margaret and Larry's daughter, Summer — who is also a murder suspect.

You can catch the cast Tuesdays on NBC.