The Type Of Trip You Should Take Next, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type


There are many different kinds of travelers — some people are such nervous flyers that they literally applaud the second that the plane hits the ground. Others could wander endlessly, with only a single backpack and zero plan. Whether you're a fearless explorer who lives for new experiences, or you feel most comfortable at that little quiet beach town that's driving distance away, it's sometimes quite a challenge to pick your own adventure. That's why the next time you plan a trip, you should consider consulting your Myers-Briggs type first, before booking a ticket.

The Myers-Briggs type indicator is an introspective personality test, where participants must take part in self examination in order to determine how they perceive and interact with the world around them, and make decisions. The test then correlates your response with four letters, which represent four of five big personality traits: Whether you focus on the inner or outer world: Extraversion (E) versus Introversion (I), how you take in information: Sensing (S) versus Intuition (N), how you make decisions: Thinking (T) versus Feeling (F), how you deal with the outside world: Judging (J) or Perceiving (P). By discovering your type group, you can then utilize that knowledge of yourself to make more informed decisions.

When creating your next travel itinerary, consider a few unexpected factors. First off, do you enjoy exploring on your own, or do you exclusively use the buddy system to avoid wandering off on your own? When it comes to activities do you believe that sleeping, stretching and relaxing count — or do you need to constantly sightsee and take visitor tours in order to feel productive while on vacation? And above all, do you travel to detox or reenergize? Personally, I'm a mix: "taking it easy" really stresses me out, but I'm not against taking the time out of my day to lie out in the sun and work on my tan. If you're not sure where you fall on the spectrum, consult your MBTI, sit back, and enjoy your dream vacay.


ISTJs Should Take A Historical Tour

ISTJs are typically very orderly and organized, and enjoy making fully planned itinerary's for trips: they hate going in blind! Additionally, they truly value tradition and history. If you're an ISTJ, consider taking a euro trip and touring old relics from your history textbooks, from Rome's Colosseum to Athens' ancient ruins of Acropolis. Spend our whole day sightseeing, dine at the best local restaurants in the evening, then turn in for a quiet night. It's ISTJ heaven!


ISFJs Should Go On A Camping Trip

ISFJs truly value their friendships, and love reminding those around them how much their loyalty means. Additionally, they are very conscientious and committed to bettering the world — including the environment. A lover of nature, ISFJ's ideal trip should include a couple close and trustworthy friends, a backpack, a campfire and some beautiful hiking trails. They will gawk at the beauty wilderness, while sharing the experience with those they love.


INFJs Should Sign Up For A Homestay

INFJs are constantly seeking connections between ideas, facts, and the material world, in addition to attempting to truly understand human beings and their experiences. They are confident in who they are and their values, which is why they are so great at serving others. An ideal trip for an INFJ would be a homestay, where they would be completely culturally immersed, while simultaneously able to identify with locals on a deeper level. For more information, check out


INTJs Should Take Advantage Of A Business Trip

Nothing makes an INTJ happier than being able to implement their ideas properly and achieve their professional goals. They have incredibly high standards when it comes to those who work for and around them, and they absolutely hate feeling unproductive. So the next time there's an opportunity to take a work trip, an INTJ should hop on it, because — let's face it, no one is going to get the job done like they can.


ISTPs Should Take An Ancestry Trip

ISTPs are quiet and respectful observers, with highly analytical minds. They love to listen and study the world around them, with a specific interest in cause and effect, and why things and people are the way they are. That's why an Ancestry trip is perfect for an ISTP: by traveling to their ancestral home, perhaps it'll reveal a little more about why they are who they are.


ISFPs Should Go On A Wellness Retreat

ISFPs love living in the present moment. They are exceptionally kind and sensitive, and value having their own space. They also tend to stay away from any form on conflict, because they believe in listening to harmony of the universe. A wellness retreat has everything that an ISFP needs: peace and serenity, yoga and healthy eating, deep conversations and moments of self-reflection. They will return feeling refreshed and centered. To find the retreat that's right for you, check out the Glassy.


INFPs Should Visit Family

INFP's are incredibly loyal to the people in their lives, and want to help push them to seek their full potential. As idealists, they are also aware of how things look from the outside, and want their external lives to reflect what's in their hearts. INFP's should therefore spend their vacation focusing on what matters most to them: family. Go visit your hometown and reconnect with your parents, or stay with a sibling and get to know the people in their life. INFP's will feel most valued with the people they love the most.


INTPs Should Plan A Staycation

INTPs loathe social interaction and unpredictability. However, they absolute love fleshing out their own ideas and abstract thoughts, and having the time to focus on problem solving in their own lives. A staycation is the perfect solution: it provides them with the space and time to re-energize, get things done, and finally have a moment alone with their thoughts.


ESTPs Should Plan A Road Trip

ESTPs have an incredible amount of energy and want to use it immediately and spontaneously. However, they appreciate material comfort and aesthetic appearance too much to wing a last-minute trip. So if you're an ESTP, a road trip is perfect for you. Pick four locations that you've been dying to check out, book fabulous hotels and stops along the way, jump in your car and just drive.


ESFPs Should Take A Remote Year

ESFPs are outgoing, adventurous, and love to live life to the fullest. While they depend on material comforts, they also being a certain exuberance to every aspect of their life, both work and personal. They are very adaptable to new environments and people. Therefore, ESFP's would absolutely love breaking up the monotony of life by taking a gap year, and traveling from country to country, continent to continent, working remotely. They'll meet new people, experience new things, without having to live out of a tent! Check out Remote Year to learn more about this opportunity.


ENFPs Should Book A Last-Minute Weekend Trip

ENFPs have big imaginations and truly believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it! They are incredibly confident, flexible, and spontaneous, relying heavily on their ability to improvise at the drop of a hat and influence people. ENFPs will love the excitement of using an app like GTFO to book a flight day of, traveling to a random location, and exploring freely.


ENTPs Should Go On A Service Trip

ENTPs are incredibly resourceful and alert, and love using their time to solve problems and take on challenges. They're also great a reading other people, and love to try new interests and activities that benefit both themselves and others. ENTPs would take full advantage of a service trip, in which they are able to serve a new community, while also being assimilated in the culture. To find the perfect trip for you, check out Volunteer Forever.


ESTJs Should Go Backpacking

ESTJs are organizers: they love to take on new projects and adventures, push people to their limits, and are very result driven. When they make plans, they like to immediately implement them: just lounging around and "relaxing" is their version of hell! Backpacking is there perfect trip, because it will allow them to be on-the-go without any distractions, nothing holding them back. They can explore, eat, sleep, and experience freely, hitting all of their targeted goals.


ESFJs Should Attend A Music Festival

Nothing makes an ESFJ happier than when everyone around them is happy. They actively seek harmonious environments that serve everyone's mental health and day-to-day lives. In other words: they love when the vibes are good. So taking a festival trip, from Coachella to Burning Man, is perfect: all attendees will be brought together through the music, complete with a smile on their face. They'll travel to become a part of a community!


ENFJs Should Take A Tropical Vacation

ENFJs are warm, emotional, and want everything and everybody to meet their fullest potential. They love reflection, and use it to grow individually, as well as part of a unit. Social interaction is important to them, but activity is not necessarily a priority. ENFJs should take a vacation someplace warm, where they can relax side by side with their friends, reenergizing and reaffirming their connections.


ENTJs Should Go On A 'Ski' Trip

ENTJs have that star leadership quality that everyone looks for: they love problem solving and making plans for their squad. They love to present their ideas, and take pride on a 'tough sell'. Therefore, a cold weather trip has everything they need: the competitive activity of snowboarding or skiing, the sociable fun of après, and the energizing intellectual moments of curling up by the fireplace with a good book. Ideal!

No matter where the wind takes you this spring, make sure you are prioritizing your health and self care, and meeting your very own vacation needs. Everybody's idea of paradise looks completely different, and that's OK!