The One Unlucky Thing You Should Avoid On Halloween, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

With all the bad luck that's already descended on 2018, the universe decided to put Halloween smack in the middle of Venus retrograde to make things even more bananas. This is why you're going to want to be aware of unlucky things to avoid on Halloween 2018 based on your zodiac sign. Because, for most signs, the marriage of these two events could increase the chances for turmoil. And, you're totally gonna want to know which While Halloween is the one day of the year that it's 100 percent acceptable to pretend to be someone else, if you're not aware of the cosmic chaos that could magnify your negative traits on Halloween, you could unintentionally create your own scary movie.

This doesn't mean you should stay home on Halloween. It's really a case of #TheMoreYouKnow. "Halloween is not a night to be feared ... It is a time to give just a little extra thought to the fact that we are spiritual beings that never die," Forever Conscious explained on its website. "Instead, we live on in different forms and in different ways. We continually recreate ourselves through the cycles of life." Because the window between the living and the dead is wide open on Halloween, there's more energy swirling around than usual. If you believe in astrology even a little bit, it's worth knowing what to steer clear of on Halloween 2018 based on your sign.


Aries: Games

Aries, while your natural competitive spirit usually serves you well, Halloween 2018 falls right in the middle of Venus retrograde. The energy of backward Venus will heighten emotions like jealously, which could cause you to act out if you lose a game of trivia or a costume contest. If you want to avoid Halloween kerfuffles, steer clear of competition and just try to relax and have fun. You're already the sign that rules the world, so you don't have to win every competition to prove your worth.


Taurus: Authority Figures

Taurus, your stubborn nature usually helps you get what you want. However, your tendency to refuse to back down when confronted by authority figures could land you in trouble on Halloween 2018. The extra energy supplied by Venus retrograde means not only are you more likely to dig your heels in when confronted, someone with more power than you could go out of their way to make you life miserable just to teach you a lesson. Pick your battles.


Gemini: Germs

Gemini, your biggest enemy on Halloween 2018 is germs. Don't spend so much time planning the party that you neglect to tend to your own needs, which can lower your immune system. Take extra precautions on Halloween to stay healthy. Don't share drinks or food with anyone else in order to reduce your chances of catching a nasty virus. Because, there's no worse reward for throwing an epic Halloween bash than waking up the next day with the flu.


Cancer: Alcohol

Cancer, because Venus retrograde is giving you all the feels, and Halloween 2018 is predicted to be an unlucky day for you, it's a good idea to avoid alcohol. Obviously, you have free will, but keep in mind that alcohol lowers your inhibitions and could lead you to say or do things you'll regret in the cool, clear light of day. The Astro Twins recommend forgoing the regular Halloween costume party for a nice dinner out instead. Opting for a laidback night doesn't mean you can't dress up, though, so don your costume and treat yourself to something delicious.


Leo: Pity Parties

Leo, you're used to being the star of the show, so it might come as a surprise when no one wants to party with you on Halloween. While you might be tempted to grab anyone you can find just to avoid going it alone, the Astro Twins note that this is ill advised. Avoid pity parties on Halloween, or you could find yourself in the unlucky position of having an unwanted admirer you have to shake off.


Virgo: FOMO

Virgo, if you want to keep luck on your side during Halloween 2018, you're going to have to fight any feelings of FOMO and decline invitations to raucous Halloween parties. If you do decide to hit the scene out of FOMO or obligation, be prepared for bad luck that could range from ride-share surge pricing to tripping over your costume and spraining your ankle. You'll be best served by staying home and having yourself a scary-movie marathon instead.


Libra: Gambling

Libra, while it might feel like you can do no wrong as of late, your overconfidence could be a hindrance on Halloween 2018. If you decide to gamble in any way, chances are likely that you're going to lose. Avoid placing bets and play it safe. Keep yourself in check and just go with the flow. Venus retrograde may have you feeling more bold than usual, but resist the urge to declare your love for everyone who walks into the room, or to lay money down on the annual costume contest unless you want to wake up with an empty bank account the next day.


Scorpio: Obligations

Scorpio, the energy of Venus retrograde is going to have you feeling extra bajiggity on Halloween 2018. You're going to need a fun, high-energy evening to release your pent up energy. This is why it's important to do exactly what you want on Halloween and turn down any invitations that feel like obligations, like a work Halloween party. Just say no to anything that doesn't light your fire.


Sagittarius: Driving

Sagittarius, between the energy of Venus retrograde and Halloween, everything in your life is moving faster than usual. This means you're not paying attentions to details, and you're more likely to run a stop sign or get into a fenderbender if you decide to get behind the wheel on Halloween.


Capricorn: Your Phone

Capricorn, arguments at work or within your circle of friends could leave you feeling out of sorts. All of this could manifest as resentment you're tempted to unleash on Halloween 2018, and your phone might transform from your best friend into your worst enemy. While you're out and about on Halloween, put your phone on airplane mode. Don't fire off angry texts, post gossip to social media, or send an obnoxious email to your boss if you still want to have friends and a job come Nov. 1.


Aquarius: Old Lovers

Aquarius, whether you reach out to an ex, or they manifest at your annual Halloween party as the ghost of relationship past, resist the urge to rekindle a dead romance on Halloween 2018. Just because you and your ex end up in the same place, it doesn't mean it's a sign from the universe that your supposed to get back together. This Halloween, exes are unlucky, so steer clear of them as much as possible.


Pisces: Drama

Pisces, according to the Astro Twins, Halloween could devolve into a drama-filled night for you if you engage others in petty arguments. What's more, if you don't set clear boundaries, you could end up organizing a party you don't even want to attend. Keep it light on Halloween 2018, bite your tongue, or opt to stay home with your nearest and dearest instead of venturing out.

Overall, Venus retrograde 2018 has the potential to bring bad luck to all signs on Halloween, which is why it's important to be self aware. If not, this proverbial fright night has the potential to turn into a real live nightmare.