The Utility Jumpsuit Winter 2018 Trend Is Here & I've Found One For Every Day Of The Week

Left: Mango / Right: Lazy Oaf

I have too many jumpsuits in my closet, but this winter I've found room for just one more. Literally everywhere I've looked, every brand seems to be doing their own take on the utility jumpsuit winter 2018 trend in every shade, texture, and colour. Needless to say, I'm here for it. From the big luxury designer names through to the high street, it's a great all in one piece that should definitely find a way into your closet this winter. (Plus, it's a great way to look chic on those days your brain just isn't up to a big styling session.)

The pink jumpsuit seems to be all the rage this season and in fact, fashion search engine Lyst revealed that the Ganni pink boiler suit was one of the ten "most wanted cult items of Instagram" this year. Unsurprisingly, a number of places decided to bring their own spin with Urban Outfitters' pastel pink option actually drawing its own wait list and Lazy Oaf's motorcycle chic version scattering heart eyes left and right. Ganni also gave their classic piece a new look, opting for different shades with their signature side slits.


Others brought winter trends into the fray with Monki capitalising on corduroys and the likes of Cami NYC choosing a silky satin fabric.

Although styling a utility jumpsuit may seem initially like a daunting task, it's actually not as hard as you think it might be. The boiler suit basically speaks for itself and doesn't need too much accessorising, though I personally love seeing a turtleneck peeking out from underneath an unbuttoned collar and a nice pair of ankle boots. If your jumpsuit's in a monochrome, neutral colour like Zara's, a statement houndstooth coat would look a total dream over it while a uniform faux fur would be perfect on top of Lazy Oaf's.

With so many to fall in love with, I found seven that are the absolute cream of the crop: a.k.a. one for every day of the week. As with all things fashion however, the most important thing is to have fun with it. Seriously, it's a boiler suit - you can afford to push yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit.


Biker Boiler Suit



We're starting Monday off with a goodie: this piece which looks like if Grease's Pink Ladies and T-Birds had a sartorial baby. The moment this boiler suit hit G.E.M.'s website, it disappeared just as quickly. I know you're not meant to have a favourite child, but this is the most fun boiler suit of the lot with motorcycle jacket-style detailing and little brass hearts tacked onto the lapels. The waist belt is also a good shout if you're not a fan of the looser, more casual look.


Shirt-Style Jumpsuit With Pockets



As with everything Zara does, this neutral jumpsuit is a sophisticated yet affordable take on the trend. This one's made from knit, so if you prefer a more figure-hugging piece, this is a better shout than a few other pieces on the list. Pair with a deep burgundy turtle neck and some snake-print ankle boots - you'll be good to go.


Gingham Check Jumpsuit



Wednesdays here and this tailored, sophisticated piece will keep you looking professional AF for all those meetings you're going to be rushing off to. Black and white gingham is always a great shout for the winter months and this jumpsuit is an immediate cool girl classic. Keep it office-appropriate with Mango's suggested styling or take things up a notch with a bold lip, big earrings, and some heels.


Utility Jumpsuit



Thursdays tend to be a quieter day at work and this utility jumpsuit is prime for lounging around. Camel shades always come back in vogue around this time of the year (a good camel coat is worth its weight in gold for instance). Pair this one with gold layered necklaces and cowboy-style ankle boots.


Black Washed Denim Jumpsuit



Friday calls for a chill piece that can easily transition from the office to work drinks with your pals. Emerging fashion brand Ganni splashed onto the scene earlier this year with a neon pink denim boiler suit, however they've taken things down a notch with this black piece with contrast stitch details. I'm also totally obsessed with the signature slits at the ankle, which will give you a reason to bust out some eye-catching heels when you leave your cubicle.


The Maddi Silk-Charmeuse Jumpsuit


Cami NYC

You knew a khaki green jumpsuit was going to eventually make it in here and this sleek satin piece is ideal for a big Saturday night out. Heads up: it is one of the pricier pieces on the list but it's one you're going to reach for again and again.


Corduroy Jumpsuit



A lazy Sunday brunch calls for a more chill outfit and this cosy jumpsuit is a great shout. Corduroy's always a go-to for autumn/winter and this deep chocolate hue is really doing wonders — wear a white turtleneck underneath and some abstract golden earrings and nobody will ever guess you're still nursing a hangover.