The 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 5 Reunion Trailer Is Crazy Intense & The Cast's Facial Expressions Say It All


The season finale hasn't even aired yet, but the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion trailer is promising some intense and emotional moments. Thanks to Bravo sharing the sneak peek, the three-part reunion (yes, it is three whole episodes) is going to cover a lot of what went down this past season, including Scheana Marie and Michael Shay's divorce. Scheana even claims, "I caught him texting another girl," which he clearly disagrees with. This reunion isn't going to be easy or uncomfortable at all.

The trailer focuses mainly on the women, like all of the disgust Lala Kent and Katie Maloney still have for one another. And if you think Stassi Schroeder and Ariana Madix are friends, it certainly doesn't look like it. And it wouldn't be an episode of Pump Rules without Scheana trying to express herself to Kristen Doute, Katie, and Stassi and the three firing back at her.

I have a feeling the teaser is saving a lot of the ridiculous moments that will surely happen for when the reunion actually airs, because as intense as this sneak peek is, it has to get crazier, right? Crazy is the whole point of the show. Whatever the case, please allow the cast's facial expressions to depict what the Season 5 reunion is actually going to be like.

He Can't Feel His Face

Seriously, Jax Taylor says he got Botox before the reunion, so he probably won't show any facial expression.

Please, Be Her Friend

Stassi just can't get it through her head that Ariana doesn't like her.

She Really Could Care Less

Ariana would probably like to talk about something else besides Stassi, who she also calls a "manipulator."

But, Really, Be Her Friend

She is clearly frustrated and doesn't agree with Ariana.

Scheana Needs To Talk

Scheana has a few issues to air out with Katie, Stassi, and Kristen.

She Is So Overreacting

They don't get where Scheana is coming from.

This Is All So Laughable

Yeah, Kristen isn't here for Scheana.

Wait, Did Andy Cohen Say "Lala"?

And here comes Lala Kent to the stage!

You've Got To Be Kidding

Katie has no time for Lala.

They Ruined Her Life

Lala will never forgive Katie, Stassi, Kristen, and Scheana for all the gossip they talked about her.

Is Lala For Real?

Katie still doesn't have time for Lala.

Poor, Scheana

Lisa Vanderpump feels for Scheana and her divorce from Shay.

The Tears Are Real

This is very emotional.

Shay Doesn't Get It

He doesn't agree with Scheana's claims.

Hey, His Hair Is Short Now

Tom Sandoval seriously cut his hair, so will you please pay attention to it?

Schwartz Is Losing It

What a gem of a photo. Thank you, Schwartz.

The Pump Rules reunion never fails in providing entertainment. To check out the trailer, head on over to Bravo.