Miley Cyrus Performed "The Climb" At March For Our Lives & The Video Is SO Moving

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus was at the March For Our Lives on Saturday, March 24, marching in Washington, D.C. with thousands of protesters demonstrating their support for common sense gun laws. Cyrus is one of many celebrities using their elevated platform to support the teenage activists from Parkland, Florida, and this video of Miley Cyrus' March For Our Lives performance is beyond moving. Cyrus, a musician, artist, and activist herself, performed her 2009 hit "The Climb," and it's already making waves on social media.

Cyrus performed "The Climb" for the enormous crowd in a sweatshirt that reads "#MSDStrong". That stands for Marjory Stoneman Douglas, which is the name of the high school where the February 14, 2018 school shooting took place. In front of a giant backdrop emblazoned with the March For Our Lives logo, Cyrus sang the Hannah Montana Movie single while holding a sign that simply read "Never Again." The crowd absolutely loved it and cheered. Since the performance early on the afternoon of March 24, people that witnessed the powerful moment have posted about it to Twitter nonstop.

In a series of Instagram posts from early Saturday, Cyrus hinted that she might be performing the song at the march. She posted two screenshots of the song's lyrics. The second one was presented without a caption, but underneath the first, Cyrus wrote "These lyrics mean more to me now than ever. I won’t ever give up & neither will the millions that march with us today! #EndGunViolence."

The musician has been updating her Instagram feed with photos of the march all morning. Cyrus is attending the D.C. march with her mother, Tish, and sisters Brandi and Noah. She's also there on behalf of the Happy Hippie Foundation, which she formed in 2014 to "focus on youth homelessness, the LGBTQ community, and other vulnerable populations," according to the website. Cyrus has long been an activist for LGBTQ+ causes, and considers herself a part of the community. She's worked for inclusivity and increased awareness of vulnerable youth, going as far as bringing a group of homeless young people with her to a red carpet event.

The Happy Hippie Foundation has attended many major maches since the 2017 Women's March on Washington. This is the first time Cyrus has performed "The Climb", a song about working to achieve seemingly impossible goals, and finding the strength within yourself to overcome them, at an event such as this.

Cyrus has posed with fans at the March For Our Lives in D.C., but based on her Instagram feed, has mostly stayed close to her family, protesters from the Happy Hippie Foundation, and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. The singer also met with members of the Douglas high school group Shine, and posted photos of the meeting on Instagram and Twitter. What's more, Cyrus captioned a pre-march selfie with the words of survivor Emma Gonzalez's groundbreaking speech to Congress.

Cyrus is not the only celebrity marching in solidarity today. Sir Paul McCartney is marching in New York City, and reminded the media that he lost John Lennon to gun violence back in 1980. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and North West are in D.C., marching to support the Parkland activists. Kim K has worked with Everytown for several years, and openly discusses her belief in gun regulation. Kardashian has armed bodyguards, for instance, and spoke about that at length in a 2017 essay posted to her website on Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Gun violence is another in Cyrus' long list of causes, and it's inspiring to see her march with the Happy Hippie Foundation to combat injustice again and again.