And The Weirdest Contestant Jobs From Becca's 'Bachelorette' Season Are...

by Stephanie Downs
ABC/Paul Hebert

Bachelor Nation, the time has come. A new season of The Bachelorette is finally almost here. To get fans even more excited about the reality series, which premieres on May 28, the men were announced on May 17. And, as always, some of the Bachelorette contestants' jobs are very interesting.

In addition to all of the athletes and salesmen competing for Becca Kufrin's heart on the show, there are also contestants with jobs that rival even the pantsapreneurs and chicken enthusiasts of yesteryear. Chris Harrison revealed all of the men with their bios on a Facebook Live video. Even the host extraordinaire had a few quips to throw in about the guys during the video. He joked about how one about contestant, David, arrives at the mansion in a chicken costume. Yep, a chicken costume. Is it really night one of The Bachelor or Bachelorette without someone dressing up in a ridiculous outfit?

Fans will be able to find out even more details about the guys (including any other weird first night antics) when the show premiers on May 28. Until then, tide yourself over with all of the odd job-related info about this season's Bachelorette contestants. Seriously, there are some truly interesting "careers" this time around.

Ryan - Banjoist

You might remember Ryan from when Becca got to meet five of her suitors on After the Final Rose. He made a great first impression by singing an original Becca-themed song all while showing off his banjo skills. Who knew that his actual career was a "banjoist," though?

So many fans were totally swooning over the musician after the show aired. And it's likely that as long as he keeps showing off his musical talents, he'll find plenty of fans in his corner.

Jean Blanc - Colognoisseur

Jean Blanc is a "colognoisseur." Does this mean that he makes cologne? Does it mean that he's in the fragrance business? Based on what Harrison said, it seems more like he's a "colognoisseur" because he... likes cologne. Harrison even said he has 250 bottles. The story behind this "job" is sure to be riveting.

Hopefully, Jean Blanc will offer up some kind of explanation behind the term and will shed a bit more light on what it actually means.

Kamil - Social Media Participant

No, that's not a typo you're reading. Kamil is a social media participant. In the history of the franchise, has there ever been a "career" more baffling than this one? I think not! What does social media participant even mean? Does he just sit on Twitter all day? Like a bunch of his friends' photos on Instagram? Because hard same.

Fans (or, Kamil's social media co-workers) have already gone wild on Twitter over the occupation. Until he clarifies exactly what social media participant means, he's got my vote for most interesting Bachelor franchise "job" title, ever.

Christon - Former Harlem Globetrotter

There have been so many athletes who have competed on Bachelor Nation show. Many of Becca's own suitors even have some sports-themed careers, including one pro-football player. Christon's athletic career (or, well, post-career) has to be the most interesting one, though. Harrison said that the suitor's not used to losing, as the Harlem Globetrotters never really lose games. Fans will just have to see whether that winning streak continues on the show.

Joe - Grocery Store Owner

No, grocery store owner isn't a weird profession, at all. Actually, it's really different in the best way. But, when was the last time you heard about a grocery store owner in Bachelor Nation? Try never. So, it will definitely be interesting to see Joe discuss his career over the course of the season, seeing as though it's something so new to the franchise.

John - Software Engineer

Again, software engineer is not exactly a rival to any of the more off-beat Bachelor Nation careers. But, his career is interesting for one big reason — a reason that Harrison discussed himself on Facebook Live during the cast reveal. According to the host, John is "arguably the most successful guy" who has ever been a contestant on any Bachelor show. That's some pretty high praise. He said that it was Silicon Valley level stuff. So, get ready to hear even more about John's accomplishments come premiere day.

Seeing as though Becca's suitors sound like a ton of fun, just based on their interesting jobs, fans are definitely in for a wild ride during this season of The Bachelorette.