'Bachelorette' Fans Hate Whaboom So Much

Paul Hebert/ABC

I've said it once and I'll say it again — one needs a gimmick to do well (or at least get noticed enough to sell hair gummies and grocery boxes on Instagram) on The Bachelor and The Bachelorettte, and, uh, suffice it to say that new Bachelorette contestant Lucas has one. He likes to scream the word, "Whaboom." Yes, I know that's not a word, but he doesn't. Luckily, Twitter does, and these Bachelorette Whaboom tweets and memes show that everyone is kind of already over this shtick.

The best I can say is that Lucas tried. He wanted to make a mark, but he is literally trying to make fetch happened here. You can't just make up a word and expect it to entered into the Bachelorette lexicon, especially when you scream it like a wrestling announcer into everyone's faces. I mean, Lucas brought a megaphone to mansion, and the only person who should be announcing anything on The Bachelorette is Chris Harrison (my guess is that Chris Harrison isn't a fan of this dude). Luckily, it seems like Twitter doesn't love it much either. It's too jarring, Lucas! Cool it down and be known for being a nice, fun, likable dude and not a crazy screaming guy. Those guys always finish last.

There Was A Lot Of Secondhand Embarrassment...


Bachelorette Fans Wanted It To Stop

Just no.

Some Viewers Compared Lucas to Corinne

Except that Corinne is a human and Whaboom is a terrible hashtag.

Some Even Preferred Tickle Monster & The Doll

Hard choices, guys.

The people have clearly spoken — they are not into whaboom, and I don't think that anyone in that mansion will be into it either. Being on a reality show is stressful enough than having to deal with Lucas trying to launch a shock jock radio career (can people even do that anymore?). In any case, whaboom is not a thing, and the people don't want it to be.