Don't Give Up Hope On The 'Will & Grace' Reboot

by Courtney Lindley

Ever since the cast of Will & Grace came together for a mini-episode that prompted people to vote in 2016's election, fans have been eagerly waiting to wake up one morning with news of a legitimate, full blown Will & Grace revival. Spoiler alert: that hasn't happened yet — though we've been close. In fact, one of its stars — Leslie Jordan, known on the show as Beverly Leslie — all but gave us the exact premiere date and time. According to TVLine, Jordan said, “It’s back. Here’s the way it works: [NBC] has ordered 10 [episodes]. It’ll be for next season, so they’ll go in in July.” Not so fast Beverly. On Monday, Debra Messing (that's Grace of Will & Grace, FYI) wrote on Twitter, "Sadly Leslie was wrong. Nothing beyond talks."

So here we are again. Back at square one. A square wherein the Will & Grace revival is neither confirmed nor denied. We call this place Will & Grace limbo, and, no, it has nothing to do with Karen doing the limbo (though that would be great and a pretty good idea for the revival's opening). This indeterminate state leaves fans to fall into two categories: Ones that figure a reboot probably isn't happening because it's been too long, and ones that have not given up their last remaining shrivel of hope. With the turn of the new year, the latter seems like a better option for us all.

Hearing the phrase "nothing beyond talks" isn't reason to assume that we can kiss our Will & Grace revival chances goodbye. Take into consideration the tweet Megan Mullally (that's Karen) posted on New Year's day. Alongside a glorious photo of Will, Karen, Grace, and Jack throwing their (perfectly good) martinis at us, the actress wrote "Self-explan." Short for self-explanatory, honey.

They look alarmingly cheerful, don't they? Cheerful enough to know something we all don't know? Like that Beverly Leslie was actually correct, but that everyone else cannot confirm this because they signed a nondisclosure agreement perhaps? All hearsay, of course, but how dare Karen tweet a photo of the core four being wasteful and ruining perfectly good martinis if she knows something about the revival that we don't.

All I'm saying is, fine, it's too speculative at this point, but Messing confirming that "talks" are still happening — and Mullally still tweeting photos like this for our pleasure — should be considered (mini) wins.