The 'Will & Grace' Revival Poster Is A Big Tease

If you were in any doubt that television is at a historic peak, the Will & Grace revival poster is here, and it's ready to put those uncertainties to bed. Tweeted by the Will & Grace cast on Friday, May 5, it gives us several vital pieces of information — some more concrete than others. Firstly, while there's no release date, there is a season cited. You're getting your serving of fresh new episodes of your favorite show this year and soon, thank goodness. But what else? The director chairs seem too random to be there solely for the aesthetics. Here's hoping this is actually a clue to the storyline.

Given that Jack McFarland has always been most passionate about theater, putting on several one man shows and even inadvertently creating the "McFarland method" ("acting is attracting"), could the image below be an indication that Karen has funded his theatrical ambitions? Perhaps this time Jack is directing a show and other people are acting; why Will and Grace would also be involved in the directorial side of things remain to be seen.

Still, the poster also gives us reassurance that it'll be business as usual. Karen's red soles suggest she's expensively clad in Louboutins, which implies she's still as wealthy as ever, while the full martini glass suggests her all-consuming passion — drinking — hasn't waned over the years.

With regard to personal style, Grace, Jack, and Will all look dressed much as they always were, and I'm happy to see Will's love for a well-cut suit is still alive and well. Perhaps this implies that, aside from Jack's new vocation, the others are working the same jobs they had before: Grace is still interior designing, Will is still working in law, and Karen is still working as a hobby.

Now, pure speculation (and maybe I'm getting a little abstract here), but the colors also seem notable. See how Karen and Grace match in red and Jack and Will in gray? Again, this could definitely be a case of the poster designer suggesting this because it looks good (and it does), but, if we're really Sherlock Holmes-ing the hell out of this poster, one theory could be that it shows that the pairings we're used to are no more. Forget about the responsible grown ups, Will and Grace, eye-rolling over Jack and Karen's fun. Maybe this time Grace and Karen will get closer and Will and Jack will be best friends. Perhaps there'll even be a rift between our titular leads. But hey, again: this is just speculation.

Whatever the series brings, this is quite the visual appetizer. We'll just have to wait for more concrete details for what to expect.