The ‘Wonder Woman’ End Credits Song Lyrics Humanize This Powerful Superhero


With the highly anticipated film set to take theaters by storm on June 2, the Wonder Woman end credit song lyrics prove that even the most powerful superheroes need love too. At first listen, it's easily apparent that Sia's new song, "To Be Human" is gearing up to become the anthem for the feminist superhero movie. The tune, which appears as the final song on the Wonder Woman soundtrack, is ultra inspiring to say the least, with Sia belting out some pretty moving lyrics to a melody that fans can easily sing along to.

The song was seemingly written with the intention to evoke the personal and mortal side of the superhero dynamic, as the lyrics of the chorus seem to explain.

In the second verse of the song, a personal struggle is detailed, presumably of love lost. It's apparent that the pain being endured has led to a feeling of disregard for anything else taking place in the surrounding world.

Toward the later part of the ballad, it appears that nothing could stop the forces of love and life. The song's bridge suggests that the pain being faced was foreseeable, but still unstoppable.

It sounds like Sia may have another huge hit on her hands, because the song will undoubtedly be making its repeated rounds in the media throughout this summer and beyond. More importantly, it's an incredible finale to the soundtrack of such a hugely necessary and long-awaited movie that the masses will hopefully remember for a very long time to come.

Check out the touching single.

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I can't wait to enjoy both the movie and soundtrack when they are released on June 2.