Lifetime's New Film 'The Wrong Tutor' Will Make You Never Want To Ask For Help


Tutors are supposed to be some of the most reliable, honest, and trustworthy people in the world with a mission to help struggling and frustrated students reach their highest potential. So, it's only right for Lifetime to make a very normal profession the center of a twisted movie about obsession in The Wrong Tutor, which isn’t based on a true story but honestly sounds like something that could happen in real life. The Lifetime movie is the latest in the #WrongSummerVacation lineup of new Friday night movies in the fictional Wrong series about people who all turn out to be the absolute worst.

Per Lifetime, Emily (Ivy Matheson) convinces Carol (Vivica A. Fox) that her son high school athlete son Eric (Nate Wyatt) can go from bringing home F's to being on the honor roll if she becomes his tutor. Carol agrees and everything seems all good – until Emily starts engaging in some questionable behavior and concocts a plan to do way more than help Eric with his homework. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a high school girl fell for her athletic classmate and tried to get close to him, so this feels like a story ripped straight from a YA novel. And, compared to other Lifetime flicks like Psycho Stripper, its much more rooted in reality.

In The Wrong Tutor trailer, Emily approached Eric, who looks at least 35 years old, in the hallway and says she would like to be his new tutor. Everything goes wrong immediately when Eric’s school principal, portrayed by Jackée Harry, says Emily has accused him of sexual harassment. Emily starts doing all the typical creepy Lifetime stuff – putting pictures of them together, taking photos of him playing soccer, and sliding into his bed wearing her underwear.


Understandably, Eric is frustrated about Emily’s obsessive behavior and starts dating another student in hopes that his former tutor will back off for good. He's obviously never seen a Lifetime movie. This move makes Emily angry and will probably lead to something terrible happening to Eric's new girlfriend because that's the rule of Lifetime films.

At the end of the preview, Eric rushes to a hospital to presumably see his girlfriend, but is shocked when he gets home and his mom accuses him of keeping a secret while Emily stands in their kitchen. What is that secret? Is Emily lying about them having a secret affair or has she gone even further to suggest that she’s pregnant or engaged to Eric? The plot can get extremely messy in a Lifetime movie, which is totally fine in this case because The Wrong Tutor is a work of fiction for entertainment purposes.

Can Eric escape Emily's grasp or will he end up in legal trouble behind his stalker tutor? Is he even supposed to be in high school in the first place? Grab a snack, tune into Lifetime, and find out the answers to these questions and more when The Wrong Tutor debuts on July 26.