There May Have Been More Than One Incident In London, According To Reports

Jack Taylor/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Wednesday, the BBC reported that police had been called to a firearms incident on Westminster Bridge near the British parliament in central London. According to the outlet, a police officer was stabbed in the Houses of Parliament and the alleged assailant was shot by armed police. After news broke, NBC reporter Tom Winter tweeted that there may have been two specific incidents: one located on the Westminster Bridge and another near the parliament.

As details continue to emerge, it seems that there were indeed two separate incidents, though the BBC attributes both attacks to the same suspect. According to their report, the assailant mowed down several pedestrians while driving across the bridge before crashing into the railings. The attacker then allegedly ran into the Palace of Westminster and stabbed an officer.

As of now, one woman has died and several others are critically injured, according to the BBC. As of publication, there is no official total of injuries or deaths.

Prime Minister Theresa May was at the House of Commons when the incident occurred, and was reportedly seen being evacuated from the building. A government source later confirmed to the Daily Mirror that she was "OK." The Portcullis House, which is located across the street and houses many of the Members of Parliament's (MPs) offices, is also reportedly being evacuated.

According to the BBC, the Palace of Westminster is on lockdown, and the deputy speaker of Parliament has suspended the regular activities of the legislature for the day. MPs have been warned to stay in their offices, and the U.K.'s top investigative agency Scotland Yard has been called in to assist. A spokesperson for the agency told the BBC that the incident is being treated "as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise".

The Independent also reports that two people have allegedly been arrested in connection to the incidents, though police were unable to confirm how many arrests had been made.

Details are still emerging about what exactly happened, but more information should be available soon.