Here Are 7 '13 Reasons Why' Season 4 Theories That Fans Should Hope *Aren't* True

'13 Reasons Why' Season 4 theories

13 Reasons Why is coming to an end, but before it does, there's many questions that need to be answered. Of course, fans have been speculating about what will happen in these final episodes for almost a year, and these 13 Reasons Why Season 4 theories show they're anticipating a lot of heartbreak to come. If the most loyal fans are correct, one beloved character will die, another character will receive justice, and Clay will go through it this season.

13 Reasons Why's final season premieres on June 5, and will find the Liberty High kids preparing for the next chapter in their lives. But, as hinted in the Season 4 trailer, their graduation festivities are ruined by Winston, Monty's secret lover and alibi who wants to uncover the truth behind Bryce's murder after Monty was successfully framed. The gang must continue to conceal the truth while still dealing with their own problems and traumas, from addiction to relationship issues. Even fiercely loyal bonds — like Clay and Tony — are being put to the test.

These kids have been through enough, but if these fan theories hold up, things are about to get much worse before they can move on for good.

Justin Will Die


In what would be one of the most sad and disappointing character arcs on the show, many fans on Reddit are predicting that Justin will die in Season 4 after succumbing to his addiction problems. Unfortunately, this twist might have been foreshadowed as far back as Season 1, when Justin and Jessica dressed up as Sid and Nancy at the school dance, and Clay reminded them of how their story ends (with both of them dead). And in Jessica's senior yearbook picture, posted to 13 Reasons Why's Instagram page ahead of Season 4, Justin calls her Nancy and signs off as Sid. While it likely won't play out as tragically as the real couple, Clay may have foreshadowed his new brother's fate years ago.

Monty Is Actually Alive

Season 3 ended with the shocking reveal that Monty was killed in prison after he was arrested for sexually assaulting Tyler and then framed for Bryce's murder. But his death was never actually shown onscreen, and was only revealed to Ani by Winston, who is seeking justice for Monty. Many fans think Winston could've been lying in an attempt to rile up the gang and make them reveal the truth. Hey, people have done much worse on this show.

Clay Will Attempt Suicide


Clay has had a rougher time than arguably anyone else on the show, save for Hannah, and that looks to continue in Season 4, as he works with a new therapist on his mental health issues. In the new trailer, he looks to be possibly experiencing a psychotic break, with hallucinations of him in prison, as he's haunted by Bryce and Monty. Many fans predict that his trauma and guilt will lead Clay to attempt suicide. But in a full-circle moment, they think he will recover and be able to begin anew.

Clay Is Behind The "Monty Was Framed" Graffiti

The Season 4 trailer opens with red graffiti on the Liberty High walls stating, "Monty was framed," spooking Clay and Justin. The trailer would have you believe that Winston, who is attempting to unravel the truth behind Bryce's death, was responsible for the move. But some fans suspect that it was actually Clay who vandalized the walls, as a physical manifestation of his guilt for keeping secrets. Season 2 does prove that Clay is fond of graffiti, so it's not too far-fetched.

Tyler Will Be Arrested

Season 3 closed with the reappearance of the assault rifles that Tyler almost used at a Liberty High dance before being detained by Clay and Tony, who threw the guns into a lake. Ani told Deputy Standall in Season 3 that Tyler was preparing to shoot other students, and he could very well find the guns. Granted, the officer does cover for his son Alex, who actually killed Bryce, so he's not above letting Tyler get away with it. But still, don't be surprised if he ends up in handcuffs either.

Zach Will Die


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Brian Yorkey teased that Zach's Season 4 storyline is "really interesting" and goes to places that he had not expected. So of course, fans immediately started to decipher what that meant, concluding that he is in a really dark place this season, specifically concerning alcohol. Some fans are betting that Zach either dies or does something absolutely terrible that's very unlike his usual character. Is anybody safe on this show?

Bryce Made 13 Tapes

In what would be a full circle moment fo the show, fans are speculating that Bryce left behind 13 tapes of his own before he died, where he apologized to each main character. This theory doesn't seem to hold up considering that Justin Prentice (Bryce) isn't a main cast member this go-around, and this season will comprise of only 10 episodes rather than the usual 13.

The theories may vary, but one thing remains the same: this season will definitely be more dramatic than any season before.

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