These 32 Shark Tank Products You Can Now Get On Amazon Are Total Brilliance

There’s really only one word to describe Shark Tank viewers: obsessed. And why wouldn’t they be? Where else can you watch magical innovations like "Nerdwax" or the "Squatty Potty" come to life? Plus, you can order the genius concepts yourself due to all the Shark Tank products on Amazon.

If you’ve been stranded on a remote island for the past decade and have never seen the mega-hit reality TV show, it goes like this: Entrepreneurial contestants present a unique idea to a panel of billionaires, and then the individual members decide if they want to invest in the products. Best of all? You can buy these innovative products after you watch — which you'll want to.

The show is essentially a condensed version of a high-stakes pitch meeting with all of the intensity, drama, and emotion they tend to entail, and the products featured are often amazingly useful. For example: there is a device that cleans your phone while it charges it. Or a tub stopper that prevents hair from clogging up the drain. You get the drift.

Although some of these Shark Tank products on Amazon are admittedly a bit bizarre, each of them is seriously capable of changing your life. Read on and watch your mind get blown.


This Miracle Sponge Changes Texture With Hot Water

Boasting the prestigious title of Shark Tank's most successful product ever, the Scrub Daddy is a goofy-yet-effective smiley-faced sponge that changes stiffness depending on how hot the water is that you're applying to it. For example, submerge it in cold water and it will become hard and firm for scrubbing cast irons or stainless steel; yet run it under warm water and suddenly it morphs into a soft sponge for washing delicate dishes and glassware. The material is odor-resistant and scratch-proof against virtually any surface you might apply it to.


This Mini Spatula Gets Every Last Drop Of Fluids Out of Jars

Designed to allow you to dig out every single bit of fluid from jars, the Spatty Daddy is a true budget-minded person's gem. Instead of throwing away the bottom portion of those expensive foundations, slide this mini spatula into the tube and use every last drop of your liquid foundation. You can also use the Spatty Daddy to make full use of condiment jars, oils, baking ingredients, and anything else that sticks at the bottom. It's flexible, sturdy, safe for the dishwasher, and BPA-free.


These Memory Foam Hair Curlers Feel Like Sleeping On The Softest Cloud

Let's be clear: the Sleep Styler isn't your grandma's hair curler set. Using a high-tech memory foam core, each unique overnight hair curler is designed to softly adapt to the contours of your head, offering you a luxurious, comfortable night's sleep. No more plastic rods digging into the side of your scalp and jabbing your ear every time you roll over. Plus, they absorb moisture so you can shower that night and put the rollers in — which will save you a lot of waiting time.


This Natural Deodorant Uses Activated Charcoal To Absorb Sweat

The brilliant minds behind PiperWai have developed a natural deodorant formula that uses activated charcoal to absorb sweat, leaving your pits dry and odor-free without a sticky feel or controversial ingredients like aluminum. The charcoal has the ability to absorb 1,000 times its own weight in moisture, creating a dry, pH balanced environment without any heavy chemicals. It also keeps you moisturized, with ingredients like rose water, shea butter, and a blend of 11 essential oils.


These Washable Bamboo Paper Towels Are Absorbent And Eco-Friendly

If you're one of those people who feels like a jerk for using paper towels but doesn't know how to survive without them, you need to check out Bambooee. The washable "paper" towels are made from rayon sourced from organic bamboo, providing an ecologically-friendly material to use to wipe up spills or clean the house. The super-absorbent rayon mimics the feel of paper towels and you can machine wash them up to 100 times. One reviewer writes: "These towels are AMAZING! They really don't rip and when you need to rise them out you can see the dirt and debris wash right off of them. Strong and so happy they wash beautifully!"


This Device Blocks Your Phone From Falling Into That Dreaded Space Between Your Car Seat And The Console

The developers of the Drop Stop clearly know that there's nothing more annoying in the world — nothing — than dropping your phone into that little gap between the driver's seat and the console. To avoid losing your phone, along with things like pens, spare change, french fries, jewelry, and other small and slender objects, the Drop Stop attaches to the seat belt catch via a built-in slot. That means it can slide back and forth when you adjust the seat and you'll never need to reinstall it. Made of high-grade neoprene, it works with any car model.


This Squatting Toilet Stool Has An Obsessive Cult Following

Ah, the Squatty Potty. Who knew that a little bathroom stool could become such a cult sensation? To date, there are nearly 8,000 profusely enthusiastic reviews of the toilet stool on Amazon, including one with a very special "haiku to the Squatty Potty." Maybe it's the rainbow-pooping unicorn in the ad; maybe it's the fact that squatting is simply a better way to get the job done — either way, it's a staunch fan favorite. If you're not already familiar with the concept, the Squatty Potty lifts your knees above your hips to align your colon more fittingly for a bowel movement, allowing your key muscles to fully relax and eliminate with more ease.


This Magic Solution Un-Shrinks Wool Clothes You Ruined In The Laundry

We all know the heartbreak of shrinking your favorite sweater or an adorable scoop-neck that you just bought. Unshrinkit lets you go back in time, transporting you to the laundry room just before your roommate destroyed your beloved cashmere skirt. To use it, fill the sink up with warm water, add the bottle of Unshrinkit, soak for 30 minutes, and then stretch back into shape. It works on wool and cashmere materials, as well as cotton blends (as long as they have a percentage of wool).


This Brilliant Phone Charger Sanitizes Your Screen While Giving It Juice

Most of us know that our phones (which perch on bar tables and bathroom sinks) can harbor a lot of bacteria — and that's why Phonesoap, which desanitizes your phone while simultaneously charging it, is so darn brilliant. The device uses a UV-C light to destroy bacteria, eliminating 99.9 percent of the germs by the time you return to take it out (in just six minutes). The innovative charger comes in seven different colors, and you can leave the phone in there safely overnight while you charge it.


This One-Piece Balance Board Tones Your Abs And Core At Home

Made from a piece of curved plastic, the Simply Fit board allows you to get the same hard workout as a regular balance board, but without being forced to stand on top of a separate cylinder. The idea is that it makes it easier to learn and less intimidating for beginners. The board, which comes in orange, blue, green, and magenta colors, works your abs and core rigorously via a twisting motion that targets more muscles than simple sit-ups or planks.


A Silicone Mat That Has Literally Endless Uses

This nearly five-star rated microwave mat is one of the most versatile (and affordable) products you can grab. Made from BPA-free silicone, it serves as a hot pad, place mat, pot grabber, and so much more. Because this also have raised edges and grooves, it's able to distribute heat more clearly and adjust to hold things. This two-pack also comes with a 10-inch and 12-inch option, so you can definitely pick and choose which one works best.


This Clever Contraption Lets You Pee With Ease On Your Wedding Day

Nature calls, even on your wedding day and any married gal can tell you that peeing in an oversized gown is a royal PIA. Bridal Buddy is a convenient slip you can use to wrap up your dress to use the toilet in peace. Wear it under your gown (or any big dress for any occasion) like any regular slip and when its time to go, just gather it up, bag it, and pull the drawstrings. Now you can have all the champagne you want without worrying that it will take an hour (and a few friends) to tackle a quick bathroom break.


This High-Tech Notepad Effortlessly Connects To The Cloud

Taking notes just isn't the same on a keyboard — brainstorming ideas or drawing sketches simply flows better with a pen. That's why the Rocketbook Wave is so amazing. You use it just like a regular notepad except that when you're done, you can connect it to the cloud to back everything up. Once you've filled the entire notebook, pop it in the microwave and start over. Yep — it's a reusable notebook, and the included Frixion gel pen can be used on regular paper, too.


This Awesome Lumbar Strap Will Train You To Have Good Posture

If you have bad posture, BetterBack is a simple device that you wear around your back that will train you (and your muscles) to sit and stand correctly just by using it for 15 minutes a day. The ergonomic posture corrector reportedly has the ability to reverse years of slouching and other poor habits, permanently leaving you with great new posture. It folds up easily to fit inside your purse or work bag, and one reviewer writes: "Look no further for any type of back/posture correction gadget...this is it!!!!! I can feel the difference in my body's overall happiness. I've also had intense back pain for the last two months and this has been the only thing to bring me relief...and instantaneously!


These Dried Berries Produce Suds That Will Wash Your Clothes

These dried berries (aka "Eco Nuts") are sourced from a tree that grows in the Himalayas. When you put them in water and swish them around, they produce a naturally-occurring surfactant called saponin that will clean your clothes just like laundry detergent — but without the chemicals and aromas. To use them, just throw a few in the provided cloth bag and toss them in the washing machine. One excited Amazon user said: "This is a great product if you aren't the type of person that favors fake smells, heavy suds and brands that test on animals."


This Versatile Mat That You Can Take In Any Weather

For those with a really busy outdoor lifestyle, this mat is a great addition to any travel plans. Lightweight, water repellent, and made from nylon material that won't wear down when exposed to the elements. "After seeing this on shark tank I bought this to use for the summer," one reviewer wrote. "...This is perfect to keep in the car or diaper bag but I’ve even used it at school for outside times. It’s a sturdy product that I would purchase again."


This Natural Cleaner Makes Your House Shine With No Harsh Chemicals

The problem with natural cleaners is that often they don't work as well as the ones with chemicals. Not true of Better Life's All-Purpose Cleaner. This amazingly effective cleaning spray, which was formulated by a chemist to be fully plant-derived, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, makes your countertops shine bright like a diamond. The product is 100 percent free of alkylphenol surfactants and can be used to clean countertops, toilets, appliances, baseboards, walls, floors, fabrics and carpets.


These Genius Wipes So You Can Take A Shower Anywhere - Even Without Water

On-the-go and can't take a shower like you'd want to? That's okay, because with these hypoallergenic and paraben-free wipes, you can get that showery fresh feel even when you don't have time to stop. Formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E, these wipes can eliminate 99.9 percent of all germs and won't leave your skin feeling sticky or dried out after.


This Motion-Sensor Device Provides A Night Light For Your Toilet

Fumbling around in the middle of the night to find the toilet is the worst, but the IllumiBowl solves this problem by offering a motion sensor night light for your porcelain throne. As soon as you approach the bathroom, the sensor is triggered, turning the light on and allowing you to pee in the dark without waking anyone up or exposing your eyes to the bright overhead light. The night light will only work in the dark so you don't have to worry about turning it on and off, and if that's not enough, you can choose from nine different color settings to guide you.


This Pocket Wipe Hides The Smell Of Cigarettes Astonishingly Well

Whether you're meeting a work client, going on a hot date, or arriving at your parent's house for dinner, there are many occasions where you don't want to smell like you just smoked a cigarette — or, even if you don't smoke, there are always times you end up smelling like smoke after leaving a bar or bonfire. The Smoke Swipe is a little reusable dry wipe you swipe across your clothes and hair to instantly eliminate the odor. The wipes come in six-packs and each one can be used up to 10 times, creating an effective way of masking the scent of cigars or cigarettes.


This Beeswax Stick Prevents Your Glasses From Slipping Down

Nerdwax provides a beeswax-based blend of ingredients that you apply to the bridge of your glasses (or sunglasses) to prevent them from slipping. The cosmetic-grade wax isn't harsh on your skin and the solution often lasts all day, depending on how much you apply. One reviewer writes: "this product really works. You need to warm it up a little (in hands, etc) to apply-- but it stays on and works great. I used it on a trip to Hawaii (humid and sweaty) and my sun glasses actually stayed on bc of this stuff!"


This Awesome Drainer Promises You'll Never Have To Wipe Hair From The Tub Again

If just looking at the wad of hair around the drain makes you a little sick, you'll find the Drain Strain truly life-changing. With a patented design, the drainer allows hair to pass through the drain, catching it in a little basket out of sight where it won't clog the tub. To clean it, you just pop it out and empty the basket, meaning you'll never have to wipe a soggy wet wad of toilet paper across the bottom of the tub again.


This Flexible Self-Massage Tool Lets You Control The Amount Of Pressure You Use

Unlike the hard plastic self-massage tools, the Q-flex is made from a flexible material that allows you to perfectly customize the amount of pressure you use, alternating between different trigger points. The ergonomic design is specially angled so you can keep your arms lower in a more comfortable place rather than reaching up and over to massage your back. The deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy increases blood flow and relaxes your muscles.


This Sensational Hair Cutting Gadget Lets You Trim Your Hair At Home

Given that you could easily go broke trying to keep up with salon prices these days, the CreaClip is an awesome tool for folks on a budget. It features a long easy-to-follow edge that you use as a guide, along with a rotating level that switches at every 22 degrees, delivering even cuts all the way across. There are two sizes in the kit — a small straight one for easy trims and a large curved one for professional styling.


This Life-Changing Herb Gardening Kit You Can Use At Home

"Way, way easy to use. Perfect for patio, balcony or other places where an in-ground or raised-bed garden are not practical," raved one reviewer of this herb gardening kit. It comes with dissolvable seed pouches, including seeds for basil, cilantro, and more, and a buffer of soil. If you're new to gardening, you can also really benefit from following online reminders.


A Set Of Incredible Earbuds That Actually Block Out Noise

Need to protect your ears, especially at concerts or other noisy spots? You need these earplugs, which are designed to reduce certain frequencies, insulate ears, and look stylish in the process. The earbuds are made with silicone and come in a variety of sizes, plus they're silicone and safe on sensitive skin, too.


A Tool Tray That Sticks To Your Car And Can Handle Any Job

Finally, a tool tray that's tough and ingenious enough that you can really bring it with you anywhere. Bright orange and made from incredibly durable and chemical resistant material, this tray can hold tools at a 70 degree angle and doesn't have any magnets in it, not even whatsoever. This also stays durable up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and is used by NASCAR, Google, and others to keep tools in one spot.


This Ingenious Cape Catches Facial Hair While You Trim Your Beard

Available in black or white, the BEARD KING is an ingenious solution to the problem of having facial hair all over your sink. Instead of spending time wiping up beard clippings after the fact (which, let's face it, never really works), you simply put on the bib, pop the suction cups on the mirror, and trim away. No more clogged drains, no more finding bits of facial hair around the side of the sink — it's that simple.


This Portable Waxing Kit So You Can Groom Anywhere

Behold, the easiest way ever to wax your upper lip. The No Mo-Stache kit contains little strips of wax that you rub between your palms to heat up and then stick on your face. Once applied, pull your lip taut and rip away. The kit comes with 12 or 24 double-sided strips and a packet of aloe to soothe your skin. One happy customer said: "Love this product! Great concept and does exactly what it is supposed to."


This Device Uses Anti-Microbial Silver Ions To Neutralize Sports Glove Odor

If you're into soccer, lacrosse, hockey, boxing, or other sports that involve sweaty gloves and cleats, you will be obsessed with Glovestix. The magnificent contraption is infused with anti-microbial silver ions that fight odor-causing bacteria, preventing their growth for up to ten years. Far more effective than just masking the odor, it prevents bacteria from proliferating. The device, which also absorbs moisture, comes with replaceable deodorizing bags that are lightly scented with plant-based essential oils.


This Amazingly Tough Water Bottle Will Keep Your Smoothie Cold For 30 Hours

The Ice Shaker isn't just any old water bottle. The 26-ounce stainless steel shaker is vacuum-insulated and able to hold ice without it melting for a staggering 30 hours. Beyond that, you can vigorously shake the leak-proof pop top without fear of you smoothie exploding all over you. In fact, it comes with a removable agitator that twists into the lid, specifically designed to blend protein powder. It's the perfect thing to bring to the gym or to sip your smoothie en route to work.


This Garden Seedsheet Makes Growing An Herb Garden Easy

There are those of us with natural green thumbs and then there are those of us who need a little, ahem, help. Grown Your Own Herbs is meant for folks in the latter category. The painfully simple seedsheet features a row of fully organic seeds in dissolvable pouches including sweet basil, cilantro, onion greens, parsley, sorrel, and dill. Contained in a weed-blocking fabric sheet, it's made for people who love fresh herbs but don't have the gardening savvy to grow them on their own.

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