These 33 Shark Tank Products You Can Now Get On Amazon Are Total Brilliance

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There’s really only one word to describe Shark Tank viewers: obsessed. And why wouldn’t they be? Where else can you watch magical innovations like "Nerdwax" or the "Squatty Potty" come to life? Plus, you can order the genius concepts yourself due to all the Shark Tank products on Amazon.

If you’ve been stranded on a remote island for the past decade and have never seen the mega-hit reality TV show, it goes like this: Entrepreneurial contestants present a unique idea to a panel of billionaires, and then the individual members decide if they want to invest in the products. Best of all? You can buy these innovative products after you watch — which you'll want to.

The show is essentially a condensed version of a high-stakes pitch meeting with all of the intensity, drama, and emotion they tend to entail, and the products featured are often amazingly useful. For example: there is a device that cleans your phone while it charges it. Or a tub stopper that prevents hair from clogging up the drain. You get the drift.

Although some of these Shark Tank products on Amazon are admittedly a bit bizarre, each of them is seriously capable of changing your life. Read on and watch your mind get blown.

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