These 36 Viral Products On Amazon Are Cool, Practical & Under $25

Shopping online is super convenient for a ton of different reasons. For starters, you can spend your hard-earned cash from the comfort of your couch. On top of that, you can reference hundreds and thousands of customer reviews before heading the the checkout page. To be honest, if a product even has thousands of reviews, it's probably worth adding to your cart. If you're looking for helpful items that've been approved by the masses, check out these viral products on Amazon that are both practical and affordable.

So, what's a "practical" product, anyway? In my opinion, it's something simple that can be used on a daily basis to help make your life a little bit easier. Maybe it's an avocado slicer that makes prepping for lunch a breeze, or maybe it's a T-shirt organizer for your closet. Heck, it might even be a pack of mesh laundry bags that'll prevent your socks from getting lost in the wash again (sigh). Regardless of your lifestyle, there are practical products out there that'll make your day-to-day less stressful.

Again, if you aren't totally sure whether or not you should buy a certain product, check out its reviews. If customers are giving it countless glowing stars, then go ahead and give it a try.


This 3-In-1 Avocado Slicer That'll Give You The Perfect Cut

This avocado slicer uses various blades to help slice, pit, and cut your favorite lunchtime snack. It features features three parts that help it work: a jagged edge that's used to slice avocados in half, a round center with stainless steel blades to help with pitting, and a "fan blade" handle that's used to cut the perfect pieces. Thanks to this device, you won't need various utensils to cut your next avocado. However, when you're done using it, you can throw it into the top half of your dishwasher for easy cleaning with the rest of your silverware.


An LED Toilet Light That'll Make Your Bowl Glow

Thanks to this toilet bowl LED attachment, you can use the bathroom in the middle of the night without turning your actual lights on. The light itself features 16 different color selections with five brightness options, which means you can set things to your exact liking. You don't have to worry about turning it on or off, either, because it uses motion detection to work. Plus, thanks to its flexible strap, it can secure onto various toilet bowels.


These Motion-Detecting Night Lights That You Can Stick Anywhere

These stick-on LED lights provide the perfect amount of shine when they detect motion in the dark. You can use them throughout your house for subtle lighting whenever you need it, whether you're walking down the hallway in the middle of the night or using the bathroom early in the morning. Thankfully, they're super easy to use. The lights come with circular adhesives that you can use for easy attachments, as well as screws that you can use for extra sturdiness.


A Breakfast Maker That Layers Your Egg Sandwich For You

Thanks to this breakfast device, you can put together a delicious egg sandwich in a matter of minutes. The machine comes with circular compartments that you can fill with bread, pre-cooked meet, cheese, and eggs. Once it's full, it closes down and cooks the sandwich. Thankfully, the device is made with machine-washable parts, so you can easily clean it up and have it ready for the next morning.


These Reusable Rubber Ties That'll Help Organize Your Wires

These Nite Ize reusable rubber twist ties are made of sturdy (yet flexible) wire that's covered in malleable rubber. They can be used to hold various cords into place, such as headphones wires, jumper cables, video game extensions, and more. This 12-pack comes with various ties of different lengths and colors, so you can pick and choose which ones work best for your products. They're even UV-resistant and waterproof, which means you can also use them for outdoor storage.


This Sleeping Mask That Doubles As Bluetooth Headphones

These "sleep headphones" use Bluetooth technology to give you sound while you snooze. Thanks to their built-in speaker system, you can even use them to take calls while you're relaxing. Just use the buttons at the front of the mask to control the tracks and answer the phone. Not only are the headphones useful, but they're also comfortable. They're made from soft, breathable "memory sponge" material that pads your face and prevents light from leaking through (without adding too much pressure on your eyes).


These Stackable Shirt Organizers That'll Clean Up Your Closet

Stacks of clothing can get messy — especially when you pull something from the bottom and disrupt the entire pile. Thanks to these T-shirt-organizing sheets, that doesn't have to happen anymore. They're made with recycled plastic and use interlocking edges to help you stack clothing in organized piles (that won't fall over when you choose your outfit). You can even use them to organize your luggage with compact stacks that are easy to maneuver.


These Bright Blue Gel Separators That'll Stretch Out Your Toes

If you suffer from hammer toes or bunions, then you might want to check out these easy-to-use toe separators. They're made from medical-grade gel that'll help stretch and align your toes, thanks to their flexible, spaced-out formations. This package comes with two gel separators: one that creates space between your toes, and one that uses holes to hold them in place while they stretch.


A Stainless Steel Pan Cleaner That'll Replace Your Sponge

Instead of using a soapy sponge to clean your cast iron pans, try this sheet that's made of strong, rust-resistant stainless steel loops. This will help you remove grime from your pans without getting rid of the flavor that's already baked onto its surface. You can use it on pots, pans, dishes, and more — and when you're done, you can clean it in the dishwasher. It's a total must-have for anyone who cooks on the reg.


This Wine Aerator That Attaches Right Onto Your Bottle

Sometimes, aerating your wine can be a hassle (even though it's totally worth it). Thanks to this wine aerator spout, you can serve the tastiest vino without the extra attachments. Unlike other aerators on the market, this one fits into your wine bottle so you can pour and aerate at the same exact time. It uses an air tube and and aerator chamber to add oxygen to ever pour, resulting in delicious wine. Plus, the aerator's rubber bottle stopper holds the entire device in place while you fill your glass.


A Silicone Water Bottle That Rolls Up When It's Empty

This leak-proof, collapsible water bottle will help you stay hydrated on-the-go without taking up too much space in your bag. Its made of flexible, food-safe silicone that's BPA-free. Since it's so malleable, you can roll it up and throw it into your bag whenever you aren't using it. You can also use the attached strap to hold it wherever you go. The bottle itself comes in various colors, including aqua blue, red, bright green, purple, and more.


This Portable Charger With 2 USB Ports And A Built-In Flashlight

This portable charger offers not one — but two — USB ports that'll charge multiple devices at the same time. (In other words, you won't have to argue about who gets to use the charger first.) It also offers a convenient built-in flashlight that'll provide extra illumination whenever you need it. The entire package even comes with a USB cable and a carrying case so you can throw it into your bag without worrying about damage.


This Batter Dispenser That'll Help You Cook Pancakes Like A Pro

With this easy-to-use batter dispenser, cooking the perfect pancakes has never been easier. To use it, just fill the container with a batter of your choice, and then grip the handle until batter pours out of the opening at the bottom. The kitchen tool is made with BPA-free plastic and holds up to 4 cups of batter. It currently boasts well over 1,000 five-star reviews, which makes it a must-have in the kitchen.


An Acupressure Tool That Relives Those Hard-To-Reach Places

This handheld massager helps you apply pressure to those hard-to-reach areas throughout your back and neck. Thanks to its curved design, it's easy to access those areas without straining your muscles in the process. Plus, the device comes with a comfortable grip that'll help you hold on during your DIY acupressure massage. One happy customer wrote, "I can put a hard, solid pressure on sore spots on my back with ease."


A Headphone Holder With 3 Built-In USB Ports For Charging

This under-the-desk headphone stand does much more than hold your fave headphones. It also includes three USB ports that can be used to charge your cell phones and tablets. To apply it, you can use the attached adhesive and stick it below your workspace. For a sturdier hold, you can use screws to keep the device in place. It's a total must-have if you're trying to save desk space and charge your devices at the same time.


This Double-Sided Memory Foam Pillow With Built-In Cooling Gel

This double-sided pillow is perfect for cold and warm sleepers alike. One side is made with soft, cushioned memory foam that'll contour to your body while you sleep. The other side features a gel layer on top of the memory foam that'll keep you cool in the middle of the night. Depending on how you're feeling, flip it over for maximum comfort. It even comes with a moisture-wicking cover that you can throw into the washing machine with the rest of your linens.


These Mesh Laundry Bags That You Can Throw In The Wash

These mesh laundry bags will help keep your delicates together while they run through the washing machine and drier. Each bag is made with polyester fiber and features a protected zipper that'll secure the package before you start washing your clothes. Whether you use them for socks, undies, or your favorite T-shirts, these bags will keep everything together. You can even use them to organize your luggage before a vacation.


A Net That'll Keep Your Purse In Place While You're Driving

If you keep your purse (or any bag, for that matter) on top of the center console while you're driving, then you might want to check out this handbag holder. It'll attach to your front-seat headrests and create a net-like barrier to keep your belongings from falling behind. The attachment also features a pocket that can be used for easy access to sunglasses, gloves, toll money, and more. You can choose from two colors: black and tan.


These Headrest Hooks That'll Help Organize Your Car

These headrest hooks will help you declutter your car while giving riders the opportunity to hang their belongings up in front of them. You can use them to hold items like purses, sweaters, and even grocery bags in your back seat. However, you can also swing the hooks around and use them in the passenger seat for easy access to your things. This pack comes with two hooks that you use at your convenience.


These Cozy Racerback Sports Bars With Disguised Pockets

These cozy sports bras are made with a blend of nylon, spandex, and polyester, resulting in a flexible (yet breathable) fit. However, these aren't your typical sports bras. Apparently, each one features a pocket that you can use for your gym essentials, like locker keys or lip balm. They also feature wide straps and a racerback design for more support while you're working out.


This Peel-Off Charcoal Mask That Comes With An Applier

This peel-off charcoal mask is a total game-changer, because it comes with an easy-to-use applier that'll help you lather it on. The mask itself uses activated bamboo charcoal to help detoxify your skin and reduce oil within your pores. Because of that, it'll help reduce blemishes such as blackheads and acne. Let it soak into your complexion for 15 to 20 minutes, and then slowly peel it off to reveal healthier skin.


These Flameless Wax Candles That Flicker In Different Colors

If you want soothing candlelight without the fire hazard, then give these multi-colored flameless candles a try. They're made with actual wax and feature LED lights that flicker like real flames. The faux candles also come with a remote control that you can use to change the flame color and flicker style. You can even set them on a timer and let them shine without a worry. This package comes with three candles that you can use to add some pops of color throughout your living space.


A Shower Scalp Massager With Over 2,000 Positive Reviews

Thanks to this waterproof scalp brush, you can get a salon-inspired head massage from the comfort of your own shower. It's made with soft (but firm) silicone spikes that can be used to later shampoo while simultaneously relaxing your muscles and encouraging blood flow. The massage tool even features a grip that'll help you keep it in place while you wash. It currently boasts over 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, which leads me to believe that it's a shower essential.


These Microfiber Cloths That'll Remove Your Makeup Without Soap

These dermatologist-approved makeup-removing cloths are made of gentle microfiber that's suitable for sensitive skin. They're also reusable, which means you won't have to keep buying makeup removers that soil after one use. To use one of the cloths, wet it with water and then wipe your makeup away (no soap is required). Then, you can wash it out and set it aside for your next use. This package even comes with hair ties that you can wear while you're washing your face. It's a total win-win.


This Cleansing Clay Mask With Over 14,000 Glowing Reviews

Over 14,000 people have agreed that this Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is worth trying. The natural mask is made from 100% calcium bentonite clay that'll help cleanse your pores without chemicals or fragrances. To try it out, the company suggests mixing it with apple cider vinegar or water and then leaving it on your skin for five to 10 minutes. Apparently, it's normal to see some redness after using it (so try not to panic if that happens).


A Mug Warmer That'll Keep Your Coffee Hot While You Work

This popular mug warmer by Mr. Coffee will help your beverages stay hot while you're drinking them. Whether you're using it at your desk during work or at your side table while you're watching a movie, it'll keep your mug heated so you won't have to sip on lukewarm drinks. The device features a long cord that'll help you use it wherever you need to, along with an easy-to-use switch that turns it on and off. Plus, thanks to its generous dimensions, it'll fit mugs of various sizes.


A Color-Correcting Set That'll Help Conceal Redness And Dark Spots

This concealer set by L.A. Girl comes with three color correctors that'll help conceal dark spots and blemishes. The pack itself comes with three colors that work three different ways. For reference, the green concealer can help reduce redness, while the peach and yellow concealers can help disguise blue and purple areas on your skin. The correctors have over 1,000 positive reviews, which means tons of people are loving the way they work.


A Rose Quartz Roller And Gua Sha Set That'll Relax Your Skin

Glide this soft rose quartz roller across your skin to feel its soothing effects on your complexion. The stress-relieving device is made from pure rose quartz, and it'll help stimulate blood circulation and reduce swelling underneath your eyes. The roller comes in a set that also includes a pure rose quartz Gua Sha scraper, which can be used to further relax your skin and increase blood flow. If you want, you can buy the kit with jade stones instead of rose quartz.


This Air-Tight Guac Container That'll Prevent Browning For Days

Let's face it: Guacamole tends to brown pretty quickly. But with the right container, you can keep your avocado-infused snack good for a while. Take this plastic guacamole keeper, for example. The air-tight container keeps guacamole good for days, which means you don't have to devour the whole thing as soon as you're done making it (unless you want to, of course). This container can store up to 4 cups of guac, and you can serve it straight from the dish.


An Oil-Diffusing Humidifier That's Also A Colorful LED Light

This versatile essential oil diffuser doubles as a humidifier that emits "cool mist" throughout your living space. On top of that, it can be used as an LED light that'll add a pop of color to your home. Just choose from seven different shades and adjust the brightness to your liking. When the water inside the machine is used up, the device will turn off by itself. That means you can use it for hours on end without a single worry.


This Cream That Uses Manuka Honey And Aloe Vera To Moisturize

This face and body cream uses a combination of natural ingredients such as manuka honey, aloe very, and coconut oil to moisturize and repair dry, cracked skin. It also includes various vitamins (such as vitamins A, E, and B) to help nourish complexions. Since the moisturizer isn't made with added fragrances, it's also a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. Based off the 3,000+ positive reviews, it's clear that customers agree.


These Laundry Detergent Attachments That'll Catch Extra Drips

Thanks to these handy detergent attachments, you won't have to clean up those extra drips that land in your laundry area. The gadgets latch onto the nozzles of your detergent bottles and use a miniature shelving systems to hold your measuring cups. That way, any leakage will be caught by the built-in platforms (or the cups, if they're sitting on top of them). The attachments are made of plastic, so you can easily wash them off whenever they get too messy.


A Hair Smoothie That Uses Coconut Oil And Hibiscus Extract For Hydration

This curl-enhancing hair smoothie uses natural ingredients like coconut oil, neem oil, silk protein, and hibiscus extract to hydrate your locks. If you have thick or curly hair, it'll even help you score extra shine and softness with every use. To make it even better, this hair cream is organic and free of parabens and sulfates. With over 1,700 positive reviews, it's clear that customers are loving it. One buyer said, "I actually can’t emphasize how amazing this product is."


This Water-Spraying Palm Attachment For Easy Dog Baths

Thanks to this water-spraying palm attachment, bathing your dogs will be easier than ever. The rubber handheld hose can connect to your shower and spray water through openings in its rubber palm. That way, you can pet your pups and wash them at the same exact time. The device even features a grooved surface that'll help you scrub their fur while you're lathering the soap in. When you want to turn it off, you can click down with your hand and set the device aside until you're ready to use it again.


A Shower Dispenser That'll Replace Your Empty Shampoo Bottles

This easy-to-use shower dispenser will rid your bathroom of emptying shampoo bottles. Just mount it onto your wall (using the included adhesives), fill it up with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and soap, and then press the buttons when you want to start washing. Don't worry about getting it wet, either; this machine is totally rust-proof and resistant to water. The dispenser even comes in three colors that you can choose from to match your bathroom decor, including white, chrome, and silver.


This String That Helps You Pull Up Hard-To-Reach Zippers

Thanks to this simple (yet genius) Zipper Assistant, you'll be able to pull those hard-to-reach zippers up without the hassle. To make it work, attach the clip at the end of the string to your zipper. Then, pull the string up or down to easily open or close your garment. You can use the "assistant" on dresses, blouses, boots, and more. Plus, it comes in three colors including red, black, and pink.

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