These 38 Products On Amazon Are The Coolest Things You'll See All Day

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Just because something is considered cool doesn't mean it's necessarily the most practical. Case in point: wearing a leather jacket on a tropical vacation. But if you're looking to go on a shopping spree to find the most insanely cool products on Amazon that also happen to be really useful, you've come to the right place, because the site is literally brimming with the stuff.

From a funky nail polish that you can peel off yourself without using any polish remover to an ice cream maker that'll help you put together some of the sweetest snacks ever, there's literally no shortage of bizarre but brilliant items on Amazon that you can use to make everyday tasks more convenient.

Beyond just being a hub for every kind of weird product you could possibly think of (like a soap bar that repels mosquitoes), Amazon is also a terrifically informative spot to learn about products before you buy them. Reviews from real people like you can help tip the scales and purchase something you have had your eye on, because that's the power of reviews. So get ready to dive in, hear from real folks, and check out this slideshow of the most awesomely cool products the site has to offer.

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