These 38 Weird Products On Amazon Aren't Gimmicks Because They Work

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Who hasn't stayed up late watching TV and caught an entertaining infomercial? More often than not, they can feel a little cheesy — and if you've ever ordered one of the products, you might find they fall a little short of perfection. And while Amazon certainly isn't lacking in the gizmos and gadgets category, it's definitely not the same end result: because a lot of the weird products on Amazon aren't gimmicks. They really work.

Sure, the silicone non-slip grips on these gloves form skeleton hands, but together with the material that's heat resistant to 932 degrees, they're the perfect solution to handling hot foods and baking and cooking equipment both at home and while camping. And this spot remover, with its folksy drawing of a cartoon grandma on the front label, practically has a cult following on Amazon — with reviewers routinely declaring their love for the product and telling tales of how Grandma has "saved the day" over and over again.

Sure, it's only natural this day and age to be skeptical, and a little critical thinking never hurt anybody. But when it comes to these weird-but-awesome Amazon standouts, you can rest easy: these are the ones you'll be using over and over again.

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