These 40 Popular AF Products On Amazon Are Among The Most Interesting Things You'll See This Week


I'll admit it — my life can be fairly boring. It's a cycle: breakfast, work, lunch, home, dinner, sleep, repeat. If you compare your life to mine, do yourself a favor and take it to heart when I say that these hidden gens on Amazon are the most intriguing things you'll see this week.

From a ridiculous umbrella hat that actually keeps you dry in the rain to a moldable glue that hardens overnight into a permanent silicone bond, there are tons of life-changing products available on Amazon that you can use to spice up your life. But let's not get carried away here — the tea that's formulated to help boost your immune system might be awesome, but that's not going to make your meetings any more exciting. Sorry, but I can't help you out there.

Whether you're looking for some new and exciting things to catch your eye — or happen to be specifically searching for a reusable spiral notebook that won't disintegrate in the rain, there are tons of clever products available on Amazon that can bring excitement into your life without the stress of breaking the bank. So what are you waiting for? Get to scrollin'.


The Popsicle Molds Made From Antibacterial Silicone

Traditional popsicle molds easily crack when you try to retrieve the finished popsicle, whereas the Sunsella popsicle molds are made from durable silicone that's not only antibacterial, but also incredibly durable. You can use these tubes to make juice pops, ice cream, or even as containers to store quick snacks for kids while you're out on the town — and the leak-proof design prevents any spills in your freezer.


A Set Of Containers That Keep Your Food Fresher For Longer

If you're tired of wasting money on ingredients that quickly go bad in the fridge, try using these produce savers to keep your food fresher for longer. Each order comes with one large and one medium container — plus, they're both designed with a crisping tray that keeps moisture away from your produce. The permanent built-in filter regulates the flow of oxygen into the container in order to create the optimal food-preserving environment, and the entire unit is completely BPA-free.


An Electric Lint Remover That Works On All Types Of Fabric

If you're tired of seeing fluff, pills, lint, and more stuck on your clothes, the Xawy lint remover can make quick work of getting rid of it all — so your clothes are left looking pristine and just like new. You can use this lint remover on all types of fabric including blankets, sweaters, furniture, socks, cashmere, wool, and more. Plus, the extra-large rotary blade is made from stainless steel that won't lose its sharp edge over time.


The Light Switch That Lets You Control Your Devices Using A Remote

Sometimes getting up to turn off your lights is just asking too much, whereas with the Etekcity wireless light switch, you can stay lounging wherever you are and simply turn off your lights by using the remote. Of course, it's even more useful if you're in bed and realize your kitchen light is still on. The strong remote signal works through both doors and walls from as far as 100 feet away, and the plug itself helps save you energy since it completely turns your devices off — no residual stand-by power required whatsoever.


A Boot Insert That Helps Preserve The Shape Of Your Shoes

If your boots continually lose their shape over time, try using the Household Essentials boot shaper to reduce the sagging. These shapers are designed to work with ankle, calf, or knee-high boots — and they work great whether your boots are in storage or on display. The flexible plastic automatically unrolls to match the shape and size of your boots without impacting the way they fit.


The Space Saver Bags That Let You Fit More Into Your Luggage

Struggling to fit everything into your suitcase right before you go on vacation is no one's idea of fun, and while these space saver bags probably aren't the definition of fun, they'll definitely help you fit up to three times as many clothes into your luggage. These bags can also be used to separate dirty clothes from clean ones while you're traveling, and the roll-up compression design means you don't need a vacuum in order to expel all the air.


A Coffee Maker That Lets You Make Delicious Cold Brew At Home

You could keep spending money on cold brew every morning, or you could just make your own with the County Line Kitchen cold brew coffee maker. The stainless steel filter won't grow rusty over time, nor will it allow coffee grounds into your final beverage (the mesh is super-fine), plus the flip-cap lid is leak-proof, so you won't have to worry about any accidental spills in your refrigerator.


The Electric Kettle That Collapses Down For Easy Storage

Not only does its collapsible design make it easy to take with you while you travel, but the Gourmia travel electric kettle is also made with dual voltage — so that you can conveniently use it no matter what continent you're on. This kettle is made from food-grade silicone that's naturally antibacterial as well as heat-resistant against high temperatures. The lid also locks in order to prevent any accidental burns.


A Stick That Helps Repel Insects Without Using Any DEET

No one likes getting bug bites over the summer, yet bug repellants can contain harsh chemicals like DEET — not so with Murphy's Naturals mosquito sticks. These sticks contain zero DEET and are made from plant-based ingredients like rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass, citronella, and bamboo, plus each stick burns for up to 2.5 hours. They're great to use during outdoor activities like picnics, camping, or even just lounging, and many Amazon reviewers noted that they "smell really good too, like a camp fire!"


The Detangling Brush That Gently Separates Knots Instead Of Tugging Through Them

Regular combs and brushes can quickly leave you with a sore scalp as they comb through knots, whereas the BOMBEX detangling brush is designed with cone-shaped bristles that gently separate hairs sideways — with no pain. The painless bristles also massage your scalp, which encourages healthy blood circulation, and you'll experience less hair loss without all that tugging (no breakage for the win).


A Tiered Organizer That You Can Use For Practically Anything

Use it to organize your necklaces and bracelets, or use the AmazonBasics pivoting organizer to store snacks for guests whenever you have visitors. The plastic construction is scratch-resistant so you won't have to worry about damaging it, and its compact design makes it perfect for countertops, vanities, side tables, and more. One Amazon reviewer even noted that the design "looks clean and classy with its attractive modern, utilitarian design."


The Notebook That Won't Get Ruined In Rainy Weather

Unlike traditional notebooks that get ruined in the rain, the Rite In The Rain weatherproof notebook is made with all-weather paper that won't disintegrate in damp conditions. You can also write on the paper once it's gotten wet as long as you're using a pencil or all-weather pen, and it's completely recyclable.


A Tool That Takes The Work Out Of Measuring Your Pasta Portions

Dumping a box of pasta into boiling water is a surefire way to wind up with leftovers, so if you're trying to portion your meals out, try using the Orblue spaghetti measuring tool. This handy tool lets you measure out dry spaghetti so that none of it winds up wasted, and it's made from durable stainless steel that won't rust over time. The four holes are designed to measure out pasta for families as well as single servings, and its compact size takes up hardly any space while in storage.


The Tool That Crushes And Minces Your Garlic Without Any Mess

You could dirty up your hands with that stubborn garlic smell, or you could keep your hands mess-free by using the Joseph Joseph garlic rocker to prepare your cloves. This handy tool is made from durable stainless steel that won't latch onto any pervasive odors, and using it is incredibly simple — just place it on top of your clove, then apply pressure by rocking back and forth to chop it up.


A Tool That Removes Stubborn Plaque From Your Teeth

This Meeteasy electric plaque remover is designed to get rid of any stubborn plaque that's become stuck to your teeth. This tool is completely painless as it relies on gentle vibrations to get rid of visible plaque, and since it's completely waterproof, you can also use it in the shower without having to worry about it short-circuiting. One reviewer writes: "At first, I was nervous about using a sharp metal implement on my delicate enamel and around my gums, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I have a few places that tend to get a build up of plaque no matter what I do, and this has been fabulous for removing it. The tool looks and feels like it's decent quality, and I haven't run into any problems using it regularly for a few weeks." It can be charged by USB.


The Massage Balls That Relieve Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, or if you keep finding sore points in your neck and back, the Physix Gear Sport massage ball is right up your alley. This handy ball is designed with dozens of raised bumps that target the painful trigger points in your muscles, and it can handle up to 300 pounds of pressure.


A Tool That Lets You Clean Grout, Sliding Door Tracks, And More

Sliding tracks and grout are two spots in your home that you don't notice are dirty until they've become absolutely filthy, so save yourself some hassle by using the Rienar gap cleaning tool. This handy tool fits into shower grout, window tracks, and sliding door tracks so that the durable scraper end can dislodge dirt, while the bristles sweep it away. The handle is curved for added control, and the brush washes clean with dish soap.


The Massage Tool That Provides Gentle Heat To Sore Muscles

Not only is it designed with a heating mode that helps soothe tired, sore muscles, but the Mo Cuishle heated back massager also features multiple massaging speeds to choose from so that you can pick the one most comfortable to you. You can use this massager all over your body including your back, shoulders, legs, and thighs — plus, the anti-slip handle ensures that it stays firmly in your grasp.


A Foot Scrubber That Attaches To The Floor Of Your Shower

Bending over to scrub your feet can be difficult for some people, and the FootSmart foot scrubber makes cleaning your feet easy. This scrubber attaches to the floor of your shower using the built-in suction cups on its back, and the bristles provide your feet with a gentle massage as they scrub away dirt and grime. Many Amazon reviewers raved about how great it feels.


The Toiletry Organizer That Attaches To Glass And Tile

Leaving your toothbrush and razors on your sink counter is an easy way to wind up with water and soap stains, so why not save yourself some clean-up by using the Tooletries toiletry organizer? This handy organizer is made from durable silicone that clings to tile, glass, or other shiny surfaces without needing any adhesive, and because silicone is naturally antibacterial, the chances of it ever growing moldy are incredibly low.


A Toothbrush Holder That Protects The Bristles From Dust

Not only does the protective toothbrush case prevent dust from settling on your bristles, but each order also comes with a convenient toothpaste dispenser that doesn't let the tube come into contact with the bristles, ensuring that both stay as hygienic and clean as possible (and prevents toothpaste waste). The toothbrush holder is large enough that it can hold up to five toothbrushes at once, and the toothpaste dispenser is easy to operate.


The Handy Accessory That Prevents Laundry Detergent Drips

Tired of seeing detergent drips make their way down your cabinets, or even puddling on the floor? Then the Tidy-Cup laundry detergent gadget is a must-have. This handy accessory prevents detergent and fabric softener drips from making a mess, plus it's designed to snap into place on economy-sized bottle container spouts. One reviewer writes: "This product works great! I definitely am glad I purchased it as it makes it easy to dispense laundry care products with one hand and catch spills."


A Pair Of Satin Pillowcases That Help Tame Frizz While You Sleep

Because satin creates less friction on your hair than cotton, pillowcases like these are great for helping to reduce frizz in your hair while you sleep, as well as reduce any chance of breakage. These smooth pillowcases won't create creases on your skin while you snooze, the envelope closure ends prevent your pillow from falling out, and many Amazon reviewers with curly hair noted that they "help with the frizz."


The Fly Trap That's Completely Non-Toxic

The RESCUE fly trap sets itself apart from the competition by being completely non-toxic since there are no chemicals in the formula. Just add water in order to start attracting and drowning flies, plus the bag itself is able to hold up to 20,000 before it's time to throw it out.


A Shower Head That Changes Color Depending On The Water Temperature

The colors on this Dream Spa LED shower head go from blue to green to red — depending on how hot or cold the water is — but it also features five different water pressure settings: power rain, pulsating massage, mist, economy rain, high-power, and water-saving. Installation is a breeze since there are no tools required, and the LED lights are powered via the water stream so you'll never need to replace any batteries.


The Foot Roller That Lets You Massage Both Feet At The Same Time

Not only is it great for relieving pain from ailments like plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, or even just sore feet, but the Truerelax dual foot roller is also designed so that you can treat both feet at the same time. It's designed to accommodate feet of all shapes and sizes, plus the high-quality polished wood is durable so that it can withstand heavy amounts of pressure. One Amazon reviewer even noted that she likes how it's slim enough that she can slide it underneath her couch.


An Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow That Contours To The Shape Of Your Body

Not only is it an incredibly comfortable pillow, but the MARNUR orthopedic pillow is ergonomically-designed to maintain the natural curve of your neck while you sleep so that you stay comfortable all night long without the restless tossing and turning. The memory foam stuffing is breathable so that you won't grow overly sweaty while you sleep, and the curved surfaces at both ends can be used to keep you comfortable in a variety of sleeping positions.


The Herbal Tea Loaded With Immune System-Boosting Vitamin C

If you feel yourself slowly getting sick, it might be time to drink an immune system-boosting tea like the Hey Girl Tea immune system booster. These tea bags are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C in order to help support your immune system while it fights off your cold, and one Amazon reviewer raved that it was very "soothing for a couch and sore throat, and [it] tastes so freaking good!"


A Pet Brush That Powers Through Matted Hair Without Any Painful Tugging

Not only are the super-fine bristles designed to get rid of mats and knots without painful tugging, but if you press the button on the Hertzko slicker brush, the bristles will retract so that it's easy to get rid of all the excess fur. This brush is designed to work on dogs and cats of all sizes with any type of fur, and the bristles also work to encourage healthy blood circulation.


The Makeup Organizer That Rotates For Added Storage

Not only does it rotate a full 360-degrees so that you have even more space to store your cosmetics and accessories, but I actually own the DreamGenius makeup organizer — and I can confirm it's truly revamped my vanity. The acrylic construction matches great with any existing style of decor in your home, and the shelves are adjustable so that this organizer can fit short compacts the same as it would tall bottles of hairspray.


A Pack Of Glue That You Can Mold To Almost Any Surface

Traditional glue isn't capable of maintaining its bond when applied to high-stress areas, whereas glue like the Sugru moldable glue is designed specifically for it. This glue turns into a permanent, strong silicone rubber that can bond to practically anything — whether you're using it inside or outside — and it's completely waterproof, heat-, cold-, and shock-resistant. It can easily insulate electricity up to 24 volts, and bonds to glass, ceramic, wood, metal, most plastics, and more. Plus, it's capable of holding up to 4.4 pounds.


The Cream That Helps Prevent Splits And Chips In Your Nails

Some people are blessed with strong nails — whereas others deal with weak, brittle ones that frequently get chipped — which is why the Onyx Professional nail strengthening cream is formulated with calcium and other vitamins that help to prevent those things. This cream is great for helping soft, fragile nails grow harder so that they're less susceptible to damage, and the coconut scent is refreshing without being overpowering.


An Extra-Long Brush That Lets You Detail The Rims On Your Car

You could shell out the big bucks to get your car professionally detailed, or you could save yourself some money by using the TAKAVU master wheel brush instead. There's no high-pressure water required as all you need to do is use this brush with soap and water to clean your rims, plus it's long enough that it can easily reach those awkward nooks and crannies. You can use this brush on motorcycles, bicycles, boats, grills, vents, exhaust pipes, and more. The rubber cap on the tip prevents scratches when you shove it into tight spaces.


The Handy Tool That Adjusts The Size Of Your Rings

If you have rings that are too big for your fingers, you can easily use the GWHOLE ring adjuster to make them smaller without paying untold amounts of money for a professional jeweler to do it for you. These adjusters are see-through so that they're barely visible while you're wearing them, and they're made from high-quality PVC that won't irritate your skin. Each adjuster can be shortened depending on how tight of a fit you're going for, and each order also comes with a bonus silver polishing cloth.


A Cleaning Solution That Works On All Types Of Shoes

Most shoe cleaners can only be used on certain types of materials, but the Pink Miracle shoe cleaner kit sets itself apart from the competition by using gentle oils, soaps, and conditioners in its formula so that you can use it on any type of washable shoe — including leather, vinyl, suede, canvas, and more. This cleaning solution is concentrated so that a little goes a long way, and each order also comes with a scrubbing brush to help get your shoes pristine.


The Bowl That Prevents Your Cereal From Becoming Soggy

Having your cereal become soggy is the worst part of any breakfast, which is why the Obol never soggy cereal bowl has a raised partition that lets you scoop your cereal into your milk as you eat it. This bowl also has a built-in grip so that you can easily walk around and multi-task while you eat, plus it doubles great as a dual snack bowl.


An Exfoliating Face Mask Made With Black Sugar

Anytime my nose and T-zone start to feel a little grimy from going to the gym, I use the SKIN FOOD black sugar mask as a quick and easy way to exfoliate all the dirt off my skin (and it's great for dry skin patches, too). Black sugar is loaded with vitamins and minerals that won't dry your skin out, and the individual granules are great for getting rid of blackheads. Unlike other face masks, this one doesn't leave any greasy residues on your skin, and it washes off easily without staining your towels.


The Hat That Keeps You Dry When The Weather Gets Wet

With an oversized brim that keeps you dry, the Luwint folding umbrella hat is a great way to free your hands up for gardening, fishing, golfing — or even just using your phone as you walk around town. This umbrella hat collapses down to the size of a traditional umbrella so that it's easy to keep with you when it's not being used, and the silver-coated cloth top helps to repel light to keep you cool when it's hot outside.


A Convenient Device That Combines 37 Tools Into One

Made from heavy-duty stainless steel that won't rust over time, the SMART RSQ wallet multi-tool is the perfect accessory for any DIY-enthusiast who likes to be prepared in every situation. This tool can be used as a phone stand, bottle opener, screwdriver, cable stripper, saw blade, ruler, wrench, nail file, and more. Plus, each order also comes with a carabiner so that you can easily keep it secured to your backpack.

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