These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Going To Have A Better Month Than The Rest Of Us

Wow, this month is going to be a doozy for a lot of us. The dark moon that is coming up on Feb. 15 will be influencing our general sense of sanity and prompting lots of reflection. That's going to apply universally — everyone, regardless of their astrology, is going to be affected. But not everyone will necessarily be a weird spot. Some signs are going to have a better month than the rest of us. They'll be thriving, quite frankly, in terms of opportunities. Don't be too jealous though — energy comes and goes in cycles, so your time will come if it's not your sign this season.

Some people are going to have certain astrological houses aspected by the new dark moon. Some will have a harder time as a result, but some may come to breakthroughs about who they are and what their identity is. Blame it on the fact that we have a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius, according to AstroKing, in addition to that new dark moon in Aquarius.

But if you're curious about which of your friends is apparently going to be getting a blessing from Jupiter himself this month, read on to see who's the luckiest of us all this February.


It's the second half of your birthday month, so you've probably been being treated by your friends and loved ones. But it also so happens to be a time where there's a lot of Aquarius energy (from the moon and the sun), which you are loving — everyone is naturally thinking more about their 11th house of relationships during this time, which is the house that you naturally govern. That is also tied to a tendency toward the humanitarian, so while everyone's thinking about how they can make a difference in their lives and society at large, you're already one step ahead thinking about all of this stuff. You're already measuring your spiritual growth steadfastly this season, and you might get rewarded with a tactile opportunity you couldn't have imagined when the sun moves into Pisces on the 19th and into your 2nd house of material wealth...


Now it's time for the watery, Piscean season to begin on the 19th. This is generally a season for higher consciousness as we prepare for the spring that's coming in March.

You've been working hard at clearing your unconscious when the sun in Aquarius was in your 12th house of the subconscious. Since you've always been acquainted with working with the ethereal, your old soul now gets to reap those rewards. Now with your birthday coming up, the sun will be in your 1st house of identity, and you can truly be yourself with fewer obstacles. The moon entering Pisces on Feb. 16 just before your sun season begins also means you'll feel some more bursts of emotion, but it's in line with your soul! Don't fight it — let it pass, and breathe through the feeling that the universe is on your side.


Ooh, you sexy scorpions are in for a treat this month, as the sun goes from your 4th house of comfort into your 5th house of pleasure with the onset of Pisces season. Is that some sexytime coming up in the cards for you? The recent moon in Scorpio on Feb. 5 might have blasted you with some energy you weren't prepared for, but now you'll be able to relax a little bit and let the sun warm your watery self back up. With the sun in a water sign, you'll be able to feel fully yourself and all of your emotions. Embrace it, and let the good times roll. Your consciousness is ready to rise, and thrive.


You might find a sort of love you've been waiting for, Virgo, as the sun moves into Pisces in your 7th house of partnerships. Your love life might see some reinvigorating, but you've also just been working so, so hard this year to understand who you are and where you belong. If you solve the issues you might have gone through when the sun was in your 6th house this month, you'll be thriving by the time Piscean season rolls around. Make sure to make time to find the awe in living life, and you never know. You could be rewarded big time in terms of long term inner peace this season, whether it's finding a new creative outlet or a way to make yourself relax. In any case, you're such a humble, awesome sign that you should accept that you deserve a break from the perfectionism. Now it's coming!