These 40 Best-Sellers On Amazon Have Been #1 For Years — & They're Still Raking In Tons Of 5-Star Reviews

Sure, life is about taking risks — but it's hard to follow that motto when you're shopping online for products that you're unsure about. Instead of making spur-of-the-moment purchases and risking your hard-earned money on iffy items, try sticking to some of the Amazon products that have been best-sellers for years. (They've been consistently popular for a reason.) Not only are these items ranked as some of the all-time favorites from Amazon shoppers, but they also have hundreds, if not thousands of positive reviews.

I mean, you wouldn't buy a car without learning about it first... right? The same goes for shopping online. It's always best to do some research on what you're hoping to buy — but instead of spending hours searching through Google, just head to the reviews on Amazon. They'll give you honest opinions about the products you're looking at. Plus, Amazon verifies reviewers by making sure they've made their purchases on the site, so you know the reviews are authentic.

Besides — by shopping on Amazon, you can receive your new items in a matter of days (if you're using Prime, of course). So when there are tons of hidden gems on Amazon with near-perfect reviews, there really isn't any reason to shop elsewhere.

1. The Tablets That Keep Your Dishwasher Clean

Place these cleaner tablets into your dishwasher whenever it needs a thorough refresh. They're safe to use in dishwashers with both stainless steel and plastic tubs — and they're formulated to dissolve (and remove) grime inside your machine that might be causing odor. Not to mention, you only need to use them once a month to keep your dishwasher fresh as can be.

2. A Dimmable Ring Light With A Phone Mount

If you've ever done your makeup to discover that it looks completely different in natural lighting, try using this selfie ring light while applying your cosmetics. It features three dimmable lighting modes, including warm, cool, and daylight settings. The entire device is also height-adjustable, which means you can set it on tables and floors alike. Plus, it comes with a phone mount so you can take selfies while you're using it.

3. This Wireless Phone Charger That's Easy To Use

Sure, you still have to plug this wireless charger into an outlet — but once you've done that, you can wirelessly charge your device. It's simple: Just place your phone on top of the round mount and then let it power up. The convenient charger is protected against short-circuiting and surges. It's also compatible with various iPhone and Android devices. Plus, you can keep your case on while you're charging your phone (depending on the thickness of it).

4. These Non-Stick Baking Mats With Built-In Guidelines

Baking sprays don't always prevent your pastries from sticking to the pan — but these baking mats will. They're made from flexible silicone, making it possible to bake without the stick. Thanks to their spaced-out circular guidelines, they'll also help you cook the perfect macarons. When you're done using them, you can wash them with soap and set them aside until your next baking spree. Side note: You shouldn't use these mats in ovens that use direct flames.

5. A 10-Pack Of Underwear With Over 3,000 Positive Reviews

Not only are these panties made from 95% cotton, but they're also a complete bargain. Purchasing this 10-pack means that you'll get each cozy pair for about $2 (I'm not kidding). Each panty even has a printed label on the back that'll prevent tag irritation, along with some extra stretchiness for comfort. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that they're "incredibly comfy and WILL NOT RIDE UP." Available sizes: XS-XXL

6. This Set Of Felt Pan Protectors That Prevent Scratches

One of the easiest ways to damage your pans is by stacking them inside one another — so use these pot-and-pan dividers to keep them scratch-free. They're made with non-stick polyester felt, and you can trim them to fit smaller pans (if need be). You can even use them with glassware, ceramic, stoneware, and more. They're great for packing your expensive cookware when you're moving — and if they ever get dirty, you can easily wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

7. These Leak-Proof Doggie Bags That Smell Like Lavender

Cleaning up after your dog is never fun, but these leak-proof doggie bags make the process a little bit easier. There's an odor-blocking lavender scent built into each bag, so you won't get those unpleasant whiffs during your walks. Each order comes with 270 bags in the form of 18 rolls, and they're available in an unscented option. With over 11,000 positive reviews, they're definitely worth adding to your dog-walking routine.

8. A Cutting Board That Will Keep Stray Juices Off Your Counter

Use this extra-thick cutting board from Gorilla Grip when you're preparing your next meal. It comes with a rubber handle for easy maneuvering throughout your kitchen, as well as indentations that'll capture stray juices while you're using it. The large board is also BPA-free and can be washed in the dishwasher. You don't have to worry about splintering, either, because it's made with plastic (and not wood). Choose from various color combinations to match your cooking space.

9. These Durable Mixing Bowls That Won't Hold Onto Odors

If you're someone who cooks on the reg, you need a set of Pyrex Mixing Bowls. Why? Because they're safe to keep in your fridge and your freezer. You can even place them in your pre-heated oven without a worry. I actually own these bowls and can confirm that they're quite durable, as I have a tendency to slam them down onto my countertops (they have some weight to them). And since they're made with glass that's non-porous, they won't retain unwanted odors.

10. A Car Power Converter With An Outlet And 2 USB Ports

This car power converter feature two USB ports in addition to a regular outlet, so you can easily power electronics on-the-go (whether your passenger needs to charge their laptop or you need to charge your phone). It's even compact enough that you can easily store it in your glovebox while you explore. The converter's metal exterior is also exceptionally durable and bump-proof. Plus, its built-in fan will help prevent overheating.

11. These Eco-Friendly Food Wraps That You Can Use Again And Again

Made from a blend of tree resin, jojoba oil, and organic beeswax, these reusable food wraps are an eco-friendly alternative to wasteful plastic wrap. You can use them to cover bowls, bundle up snacks, or even pack lunches for work. Plus, they are reusable, which means they'll help save you money over time. You can easily wash them with a damp cloth before using them again. Each order comes with wraps of three different sizes: one small wrap, one medium wrap, and one large wrap.

12. A Plaque-Reducing Doggie Treat That Tastes Like Chicken

You could keep taking your dog to the vet for expensive teeth cleanings, or you could just use these doggie dental sticks to keep their teeth plaque-free for a fraction of the cost. Each order comes with 32 sticks that are made for large dogs, and they're meant to help freshen breath and reduce tartar buildup. Plus, their chicken flavor will ensure that your dog actually enjoys chewing on them.

13. These Extra-Soft Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

It doesn't matter whether you're washing your car, dusting your shelves, or even scrubbing some delicate glassware; these microfiber cleaning cloths can get the job done. Unlike other harsh scrubbers, these cloths won't scratch your paint because they're incredibly soft to the touch. Plus, they won't leave behind any annoying streaks. They're able to absorb up to eight times their own weight in water — and with over 3,700 positive reviews, it's clear that Amazon shoppers consider them a great deal.

14. A Handheld Tire Pressure Reader With A Built-In Light

This digital tire pressure gauge will give you an accurate reading in a matter of seconds, regardless of which tires you're measuring. The backlit digital display makes it easy to read in the dark, and the non-slip ergonomic grip ensures a comfortable hold. And as an added bonus, there's even a light built into the nozzle so you can easily see where your tire's air cap is (even in the dark). Choose from three colors including silver, blue, and red.

15. These Crew-Neck T-Shirts That Are Perfect For Layers

It's always a good time for a cute, layered look — and these basic T-shirts are a great base to start with. They're made from a blend of cotton, modal, and spandex, which makes them extra-cozy. Plus, they're available in tons of colors and designs, such as block shades, stars, stripes, pineapples, and more. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "these shirts are extremely high quality for the price you pay." Available sizes: XS - XXL

16. A Kit That De-Fogs Your Headlights Without The Mechanic

I've actually used this headlight restoration kit before when my headlights had grown incredibly dim and foggy — and since I was able to do it all by myself right at home, it saved me a ton of money. This kit comes with sanding discs, polish, and a polishing pad that'll make your headlights look brand new. Plus, it only takes about an hour use the entire package and refresh your lights.

17. The 100-Pack Of Assorted Vinyl Stickers To Decorate Your Stuff With

If you're looking for an easy, inexpensive way to personalize your laptops, water bottles, skateboards, luggage, and more, then search no further than this pack of assorted vinyl stickers. Each order comes with 100 stickers without any repeats. Plus, the stickers' high-quality PVC design makes them waterproof and UV-protected, so don't worry if you use them in the sun. One Amazon reviewer even raved that the variety of stickers means that "there's truly a little something for everyone in this bundle!"

18. A 100% Bentonite Clay Mask With Over 17,000 Reviews

Made with 100% calcium bentonite clay, this jar of Indian Healing Clay by Aztec Secret is great for anyone who's looking for a pore cleanse. It works by simply drawing toxins from your complexion, and can be used to treat blemishes. Just mix it with apple cider vinegar or water, and then smooth it onto your face. You only need to wear it for as little as five minutes in order to experience the full benefits (depending on your skin type). Also, don't worry if you see some redness after washing it off; it's normal for that to happen, but it should subside with time.

19. The Rubber Car Mats That Will Keep Your Floors Clean

If you're tired of constantly vacuuming your car so that the floors are clean, why not save yourself some effort and use these rubber floor mats, instead? They're made from rubber polymers that'll prevent them from cracking, warping, or splitting over time. Plus, their non-slip grips will keep them from sliding around in your car. You can even trim them with regular scissors so they fit better in your vehicle, and choose from six neutral shades.

20. A Thermos That Will Keep Your Food Hot For 7 Hours

If you're looking for a compact alternative to bulky lunchboxes, this food jar is a great option. It'll keep your hot food hot for up to seven hours, and it'll keep your cold food cold for up to nine (seriously). It's made with durable stainless steel, and each order comes with a stainless steel spoon. You can choose from various colors including army green, cranberry, midnight blue, and more.

21. These Memory Foam Pillows Made With Cooling Gel

Few things are worse than waking up drenched in sweat, which is why these memory foam pillows are must-haves. They're filled with shredded foam that's been infused with a cooling gel, which will help you stay cool while contouring to your body. They even come with breathable, hypoallergenic pillow cases that can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine.

22. This Acne Cleanser Made With Sulfur Powder And Activated Charcoal

If you're trying to cure surprise blemishes, try adding this facial acne cleanser to your skincare routine. It's formulated with sulfur powder that'll help unclog your pores and repair your skin with every wash. It also includes various natural ingredients to help nourish your complexion, such as vitamin C, activated charcoal, honey granules, and more. Plus, the added peppermint essential oil will help control how much oil is produced by your skin.

23. A Car Seat Protector Will Built-In Pockets

Why not protect your car's upholsters and preserve the value of your vehicle with this seat protector? It's made with adjustable straps that'll keep it securely fastened over your seat. Plus, its PVC leather design is water-resistant, so don't worry about accidental spills. It even comes with two mesh pockets at the bottom so you can store your things nearby. You can choose from various colors including black, tan, red, gray, and brown.

24. The Microfiber Bedsheets With Over 44,000 5-Star Reviews

Not only do these microfiber bedsheets feel incredibly silky and soft to the touch, but they're also made with an extra-deep pocket that can fit mattresses up to 16 inches tall. They're even machine-washable and resistant to wrinkles and shrinking, making them easy to care for. Thanks to their fade-resistant material, they won't lose their color over time, either. Plus, they're hypoallergenic and super durable. And if that's not enough to convince you of their quality, they also have over 60,000 reviews from verified Amazon shoppers.

25. The Shampoo And Conditioner Duo That's Full Of Nutrients

This paraben-free apple cider shampoo and conditioner set is formulated so that it's safe for all types of hair (including those with color-treated locks). It's made to reach deep into your scalp to clear away build-up from dirt, sweat, oil, and more. Plus, both washes are formulated with various natural ingredients like virgin coconut oil, avocado oil, and vitamins B5 and E, which will leave your hair feeling softer and stronger.

26. These Screen Protectors Made With Durable Tempered Glass

Designed to fit iPhones of various sizes, these screen protectors made with tempered glass will help prevent accidental scratches. They're thin yet durable — and they won't impede your touchscreen's ability to read where your fingers are pressing. They're even protected from sweat and oil, thanks to their oleophobic properties. Many Amazon reviewers wrote how easy it is to lay them down without getting any annoying air bubbles.

27. These Silky Satin Pillowcases That Can Help Reduce Frizz

Cotton pillowcases can create friction against your hair — but these 100% polyester pillowcases certainly can't. They're made from silky satin that reduces frizz and lets your hair keep the moisture that it needs to thrive. Each one is also extra-soft and features an envelope closure to prevent your pillow from sliding out while you're sleeping. They come in 15 different colors to choose from, such as black, white, pink, turquoise, and more.

28. The Apple AirPods That Come With A Protective Charging Case

I can't even count how many wired headphones I've accidentally broken, so I want to try using these Bluetooth-enabled AirPods instead. Not only do they let you access Siri via voice control, but they also let you skip through your favorite tracks with a few double-taps. The case that they come with can be charged with a regular lightning cable, and that very case can be used to charge your AirPods.

29. This Bucket With A Foot Pump That Will Spin Your Mop Dry

Reaching down to wring your mop out by hand is a total drag, so why not keep your hands high and dry by using this spinning microfiber mop? The bucket has a built-in foot pedal that causes the mop head to spin so you can stay dry while you get rid of excess water. Plus, the mop's microfiber design absorbs water, dirt, dust, and more. And as an added bonus, the bucket also has a built-in splash guard so that you don't accidentally drench yourself while you're cleaning.

30. A Portable First Aid Kit With Clear Linings For Easy Access

You could gather the necessary supplies to make your own first aid kit, or you could save yourself some money and just use this pre-packaged one instead. This nylon case comes with 299 essential supplies that'll help treat minor injuries. Plus, the clear liners inside makes it easy to see what's included without having to unpack everything. It works great as an emergency kit in your car.

31. This Shower Head With 6 Different Settings

If you're looking for a shower head with options, try using this one from AquaDance. It features a chrome head that offers six different faucet settings, including "Power Rain," "Rain Massage," "Rain Mist," and more. Plus, its stainless steel hose is 5 feet long so that you can easily reach every nook and cranny of your body. The best part is that there are zero tools required for installation.

32. These Cleaner Tablets That Will Refresh Your Washing Machine

Now that you've gotten your dishwasher clean, it's time to make sure that your washing machine is also grime-free by using these Affresh Washer Machine Cleaner Tablets. They're designed to get rid of residue that might be causing odor inside your washing machine. Each box comes with six tablets, but you only need to use them once a month to keep everything smelling extra-fresh.

33. The Amazon Fire Stick That Gives You Access To Thousands Of Movies

If you don't have a smart television, you can use the Amazon Fire TV Stick to stream movies from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube, or even just Amazon Prime's video services. (I like to take my Fire Stick with me when I'm traveling so I can watch Netflix on-the-go.) Plus, you can even download games to play if you get bored. The included remote also has built-in voice control system so that you don't have to tediously type every query into the search bar.

34. An Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up Like The Rising Sun

If your regular alarm clock leaves you feeling groggy and grumpy in the morning, then try waking up gently with this sunrise alarm clock. It slowly brightens over time to help you wake up — and if the light isn't enough to get you moving, there are various backup noises that can be used as fail-safes. It also has a built-in FM radio with 40 different channels, along with a USB port that you can charge your devices with.

35. A Power Strip With Pivoting Outlets So You Can Fit More Plugs

You could keep re-arranging your plugs in order to accommodate large and bulky ones, or you could use this power strip with rotating outlets instead. Each outlet pivots around the strip so that large plugs don't block the other outlets. Plus, it has built-in surge protection so that your computers, appliances, stereo equipment, and more are safe. One Amazon reviewer even wrote, "I absolutely love this surge protector. I've used this for months now and it's awesome."

36. A Tea Tree Foot Soak Made With Various Essential Oils

Whether you have athlete's foot, toenail fungus, lingering foot odor, or aches and pains, this foot soak can help wash it away. It's made with a blend of ingredients including epsom salt, sea salt, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and more to help refresh your feet. It can even help soften tough calluses while simultaneously working against fungus. Plus, there are zero synthetic detergents or preservatives used in the soak.

37. These Yoga Pants With Convenient Built-In Pockets

Instead of carrying around your cash, keys, and phone in your hands, just slip them into the convenient pockets that are built-into these yoga pants while you exercise. There's a pocket located on each side, along with an inner pocket for extra security. The high-waisted pants are made with stretchy, moisture-wicking material so you can stay dry during your workouts. Plus, there are various colors and designs that you can choose from. Available Sizes: XS-XXL

38. A Seat Cushion That Helps Alleviate Pressure On Your Spine

If your back usually grows sore throughout the day, try adding this seat cushion set to your chair at the office. It's made with high-quality memory foam cushions with breathable mesh coverings that can be removed and washed. The cushions themselves can work together to relieve pressure and improve posture. Plus, the included handle makes it easy to take the cushions with you wherever you go. You can even use it in your car while you're driving.

39. This Toilet Night Light With 16 Different Colors To Choose From

If you're tired of using the ultra-bright ceiling light every time you get up to use the bathroom at night, try using this toilet night light to illuminate your way. It has a built-in motion sensor, so it only turns on when someone enters the room. Plus, there are 16 colors to choose from, along with a rotating carousel mode that'll help you enjoy them all. It's also dimmable, so you can choose how bright it is. On top of that, its flexible PVC neck is designed to fit toilets of various sizes.

40. A UV Flashlight That Helps You Find Invisible Pet Odors

If there's a lingering pet odor in your home (but you cannot figure out where it's coming from), use this UV flashlight to find the source. It can be used to locate dry urine spots left from house pets so you can clean them up. It even doubles as handheld dryer for nails. Plus, its exterior is made from heavy duty aluminum that makes it exceptionally durable. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.