These 40 Products On Amazon Will First Creep You Out, Then Amaze You

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Confession: writing about the creepy products on Amazon is one of my favorite things to do. Why? Well, it was best-selling author H. M. Ward who coined the phrase, “Normal is overrated.” And these very weird products will prove to you why that's true.

There's variety in the weird, though. There are freaky but oddly cute items you would never have thought of buying — like this Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack that looks totally picnic-ready, or this Latte Art Milk Pore Pack that’s a face mask, not a drink.

Next, there’s the stuff that’s good for you but that you just really don’t want to think about, like this toilet plunger that uses compressed air to blast out the clogs that just won’t budge, or the eyelid cleanser that promises it will get rid of bacteria and dermodex mites. (Dermodex mites? I. Can’t. Even.)

Finally, we have the category of items where you have to wonder how the person behind the item ever got the idea to come up with it. Yes, a cat bed shaped like a banana is genius, but what makes you think, “OMG, this is totes what has been missing from my life?”

How can you not love a story that combines all these things? I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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