These 40 Things On Amazon Are Comfortable, Under $40, & You'll Use Them Every Day


Do you know that feeling when you're wandering through a store and see a big fluffy robe a few aisles over? It just calls to you — and you need to run your hands through its softness — so you practically sprint toward it. Then, you find yourself at the cash register pulling out your credit card so you can make that robe your own. Why? Because you need that kind of softness and comfort in your life every single day. It's a feeling I know too well, and these comfortable things on Amazon under $40 make me feel the same way.

That's right: Comfort is the name of the game with this collection of products. I'm talking about things that make you feel cozy on cold winter days, things that keep you cool on hot summer days, things that help you sleep, things that relieve body aches, and things that help you relax.

Plus, one of the best things about all of these products is the fact that you can shop for all of them without leaving the comfort of your couch. Even better? You'll soon be lounging on that very same couch wearing the softest robe of all time.

1. An Adjustable Cotton Towel Wrap To Wear After The Shower

This body wrap is the perfect thing to wear after showering and before figuring out what your outfit is going to be for the day. The lightweight, knee-length, waffle-weave wrap is made with 65 percent cotton, making it nearly as soft as a towel. Plus, the wrap's adjustable top can be closed with Velcro-like tape that'll keep it securely in place. What makes it even better is that you can stash your phone or hair ties in the big side pocket. Choose from 15 colors, like beige, blush, and mint green.

2. A Heated Throw Blanket That's Made With Cozy Flannel

There's nothing cozier than this heated flannel throw blanket. The generously-sized blanket has three temperature settings. Put it on "Low" for those rainy days, and turn it up to "Medium" or "High" for those nights when you're stuck at home in the snow. It's machine-washable, so it's no big deal if you happen to spill your hot cocoa while you're snuggled up with it. Oh! And if you forget that the blanket is on, don't panic: It'll shut off automatically to prevent overheating (or after it's left alone for four hours).

3. A Comfortable Leather Strap That Holds Your Tablet

Hold your tablet with just one hand using this Joylink Hand Strap Holder. The elastic strap stretches diagonally over two corners of your tablet and features a faux leather loop that you can slide your hand through. It fits various tablets that are 9.7 to 10.5 inches in size, and comes in colors like black, brown, gold, and purple. Plus, the strap can be turned 360 degrees, which will make it easy to share your screen with friends.

4. These Compressing Foot Sleeves With Gel Padding

These foot sleeves are compressed to reduce swelling and relieve pain and pressure caused by ankle sprains, tendonitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and high arches. But here's the kicker: The sleeves also have gel padding on the soles to absorb shock with each step and provide softness while you walk. They're made from washable, breathable, moisture-resistant material.

5. A Heated Neck Wrap With Aromatherapy Benefits

This microwavable heat therapy wrap is a plush steal that soothes sore muscles, alleviates stiffness, and delivers aromatherapy benefits. It's filled with herbs that induce feelings of calm and tranquility, like lavender, white willow, valerian, and chamomile. The wrap itself is designed with high collar so the heat reaches your neck as well as your upper shoulders. If you're not in the mood for heat, you can put it in your freezer for a cooling sensation instead.

6. This Breathable Bath Pillow That Conforms To Your Body

This breathable bath pillow that uses suction cups to stick to your tub features padded cushions that cradle your shoulders, head, and neck. It's made with ventilated mesh fabric with a "weave pattern" that maximizes airflow and soothes muscle aches. Thanks to that ventilation, the pillow won't get soggy and will dry quickly when you're done.

7. This Portable Pillow With Pockets For Your Hands

Take a nap during your lunch break with this ingenious portable pillow that's filled with feathers and wrapped with a velvety fabric. It's actually two pillows in one: a traditional travel pillow and an additional support pillow. You can detach them using the zipper or adjust the positioning for the most comfortable nap. In other words, you can use just one of the pillows, or you can stack them on top of each other for more elevation. There's even a pocket for your hands in the support pillow, as well as a cooling fabric that you can use when you need to chill out (literally).

8. These Memory Foam Slippers That'll Make You Feel Like You're Walking On Clouds

These memory foam slippers — which boast over 5,600 positive reviews on Amazon — feature memory foam insoles that'll make you feel like you're walking on clouds. They're made with 95 percent cotton and have a breathable upper halves that'll keep your feet from getting too hot. Additionally, the slippers' waterproof, non-slip rubber soles means that you can walk outside while you're wearing them. They're also machine-washable and come in two-tone colors, like dark gray with blue and army green with emerald.

9. A Wrist Rest And Mouse Pad Rest That Prevent Pain While You're Working At Your Computer

Place this memory foam wrist rest right in front of your computer keyboard to prevent cramping and pain related to carpal tunnel. The plushy rest, which is 17.4-inches long, uses a non-skid base to keep it from sliding around when you reach for the "delete" key. It also comes with a memory foam mouse pad cushion with grooves that'll support you wrist while you're scrolling, pointing, and clicking. The easy-to-clean set comes in three colors to match your office aesthetic, include black, green, and blue.

10. These Cold Therapy Socks With Built-In Gel Packs

Reduce foot pain, decrease swelling, and bring down inflammation with these brilliant cold therapy socks. Each stretchy sock is outfitted with three pockets and comes with two cold gel packs (one long pack and one medium-sized pack). Slip the long gel pack into the bottom pocket of the sock — which runs beneath your foot — and then slip the medium gel pack into the toe or heel pocket. When you're done, you can put both socks in the freezer and get them ready for your next wear.

11. A Laptop Backpack With Padded Straps & A USB-Charging Port

This laptop backpack has a classic, vintage aesthetic — but it's also tech-savvy, thanks to its built-in USB charging port for smartphones and tablets. The backpack features a roomy main compartment, a laptop compartment (fit for 15.6-inch devices), and more additional pockets for your keys, wallet, and water bottle. It's a lightweight, yet durable. Plus, the padded straps make it extra comfortable to tote around town.

12. A Memory Fiber Body Pillow That'll Conform As You Move

Cuddle up to this body pillow filled with memory fiber that gently conforms to your body as you squeeze it. The 54-inch long pillow is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. Plus, its ultra-soft cover (made mostly with bamboo and polyester) is removable and machine-washable. If it's too soft for your liking, the company suggests adding two pillows to one case for a firmer touch.

13. A Pillowy Bathtub Mat That Suctions To Your Tub

Yes, this bathtub mat could prevent slippage, but it also just feels so good to stand on. This mat is outfitted with over 400 air-filled pockets that are so cushiony, you might want to take a mini stroll across the mat while your conditioner sinks in. It's made of natural rubber and uses over 200 suction cups to stay in place. It also comes in two colors that'll match your bathroom aesthetic (grey and cream).

14. A "Cooling Towel" That'll Keep You Chilly For Hours

Drape this cooling towel over your body to cool down after an intense workout, or just use it stay chilly on a hot summer day. It uses impressive cooling technology to drop 30 degrees below your body temperature when it's in use. To activate the towel, just soak it in water, wring it out, and it snap three times. Then, viola! The towel will cool you off for up to two hours. The waist-length towel features an extra-large hood and comes in both charcoal and blue.

15. These "Cloud-Like" Gel-Filled Pillows For A Better Night's Sleep

One reviewer writes, "These pillows are soft, cool, and have plenty of that puffy, cloud-like volume to fill your pillow cases. I used to need two pillows, but just one of these provides enough quality support." The hotel-grade, hypoallergenic pillows are filled with gel fiber (yes, gel) which gives them the perfect balance between firm and soft. It also ensures that they won't lose their shape overnight. The covers are also machine-washable, so you can freshen them up after a few sleeps.

16. These Gel-Cushioned Foot Sleeves That Support Your Arches

These arch support sleeves are the ultimate help when it comes to preventing foot pain. The sleeves themselves offer firm compression to the arches of your feet to reduce swelling and stimulate circulation. Plus, the gel pads located at the bottom of the sleeves eases pressure so you can walk comfortably all day long. They're also breathable and antibacterial, so you don't have to worry about them harboring odors.

17. A Contoured Office Chair With A Breathable Mesh Backrest

Rest easy — even at work — with this ergonomic office chair. The seat features a contouring backrest that supports the natural curvature of your spine, along with mesh fabric to maximize airflow and keep you cool (even when the air-conditioner's broken). The padded seat swivels 360 degrees, and it's height-adjustable. Choose from black, white, gray, pink, and blue.

18. This Ultra-Cozy Sweatshirt-Blanket Hybrid

If you're a comfort queen, this oversized blanket-sweatshirt hybrid is for you. It's as big as a throw blanket — but it fits over you like a sweatshirt, complete with a hood, sleeves, and a front pocket where you can keep your hands cozy. The sweatshirt is made from polyester microfiber and lined with super soft polyester sherpa. You can choose from 10 colors, like burgundy, gray, blue, and pink.

19. This Leg Elevation Pillow With A Layer Of Memory Foam

Take the pressure of your hips, legs, and knees while you sleep with this leg elevation pillow. The wedge-shaped pillow angles your thighs upward to do things like align your spine, reduce swelling and joint pressure, improve circulation, and more. That way, you can get out of bed in the morning without being too sore. The pillow is made with sturdy "high-density foam" with an additional layer of memory foam that contours to your body.

20. This Stretchy Cooling Band That Wraps Around Your Forehead

Stay cool at amusement parks, the beach, or the gym with this versatile cooling band. The unique material stays cool for hours, according to customer reviews. To activate it, just soak it in water and wring it out. The band can be worn in multiple ways around your head, neck, shoulders, and forehead. Choose from three colors including blue, teal, and purple.

21.These Lightweight Tank Tops For Workouts And Hot Days

Reviewers say these highly-rated tank tops are "super flattering," "so comfortable" and "great for hot summer days." The hip-length racerback tops are fitted (but not too fitted) at the bust, and then flow out at the mid-section. They're lightweight, thin, and breathable — so you won't overheat if it gets too hot. Each order comes with three tops, and there are 12 different color combinations to choose from.

22. A Contoured Seat Cushion That Takes The Pressure Off Your Tailbone

Give your back side next-level support with this memory foam seat cushion. The U-shaped cushion is contoured to reduce tailbone pressure and promote better posture, so you can sit for long periods of time without pain. The soft velour cover is removable and machine-washable. Use the cushion during road trips, long hours at your desk, or at sporting events when the only sitting option is a cold, hard bench.

23. These Ultra-Absorbent Towel Hair Wraps That Stay In Place

Save on hair-drying time (and heat damage) with these microfiber hair towels. The candy-colored towels are extra-absorbent, soaking up to 80% more water than standard towels. And you can wrap them around your head while you're applying your makeup and picking out your clothes. To do so, just twist your towel and thread the button through the loop.

24. An Infinity Travel Pillow To Help You Sleep On The Go

Transform this infinity travel pillow any which way to get the most comfortable sleep no matter where you are. The pillow is essentially one big circle: Loop it around your neck and use it as a sling for your hands, turn it into a cocoon and use it as a window seat pillow, or scrunch it up to cushion your head for a little desktop nap. Choose from five colors including gray, shamrock, burgundy, pink, and navy.

25. These Gel Toe Separators That Relieve Bunion Pain And Prevent Friction

Properly align your toes and relieve pain caused by bunions, blisters, and corns with these toe correctors. Each set comes with three pieces for each toe, including a second toe sleeve, a double-looped sleeve for the big and second toe, and a double-looped sleeve with extra protection for bunions and joints. They're made with medical-grade gel and are washable and reusable.

26. This Concentrated Cream That Repairs Dry, Cracked Feet

The three powerhouse ingredients in this highly-rated foot cream are super effective when it comes to repairing dry, cracked feet. Glycerin draws moisture to feet, allantoin softens rough skin, and paraffin creates a protective layer on the surface of the skin that helps prevent moisture loss. Apply this cream to your feet at night after exfoliating, and you'll begin to see results within a few days.

27. This Silky Sleep Mask That *Actually* Blocks Out The Light

Sensitive sleepers will love the "nose wing" design of this sleep mask that works to block out all of the light so nothing interferes with your snooze (whether it's at night or during the day). The mask is made with breathable and washable cotton with a silky smooth surface, and the adjustable velcro closure lets you get a comfortable fit.

28. A Support Pillow That's Height-Adjustable With Foam Pads

Give your back proper support while you sleep with this lumbar pillow. The firm, rounded pillow can be used to align your spine and alleviate pressure in any sleeping position, whether you're lying on your back, side, or stomach. And it's height-adjustable; just unzip the soft, velour cover and remove one of the layers of foam inside to get the height that works best for you.

29. These Microwavable Slippers That Keep Your Feet Warm

The insoles of these heated slippers are removable. Take them out and stick them into the microwave for 30 seconds, and then put them back into your slippers so you can keep your feet toasty and warm for up to 30 minutes. The fuzzy slippers are machine-washable, and you can choose from colors including gray, light gray, beige, and pink.

30. This Throw Blanket-Robe Hybrid Made From Soft Chenille Fleece

When you can't decide whether to wrap yourself up in a blanket or slip on a robe, this chenille fleece robe — which feels a lot like a blanket — is the answer. The ridiculously soft calf-length robe slips over your head like a sweatshirt. It also features a hood to keep your head warm and a front-facing kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm. Put this on when you get out of bed to make mornings a little more bearable.

31. These Highly-Rated Microfiber Sheets With Nearly 60,000 Reviews

With nearly 60,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating, you're guaranteed to sleep like a baby on these brushed microfiber sheets. The hypoallergenic, wrinkle-resistant sheets will make you feel like you're sleeping in a soft T-shirt — and apparently, they're "more durable than cotton." Each set comes with one deep fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Choose from dozens of colors like baby blue, mocha, red, and persimmon.

32. These USB-Heated Slippers That'll Warm Even The Iciest Of Feet

Slip these fuzzy heated slippers on to keep your feet toasty while you shuffle around the house. The thickly-padded slippers can be warmed up via USB and feature adjustable temperature settings that let you control the exact amount of heat you're getting. They're lined in cozy (but breathable) flannel and feature waterproof soles that are shockproof.

33. These Satin Pillowcases That Come In 14 Color Options

You'll feel like a queen every time you lay your head down on these satin pillowcases. Besides feeling ultra-luxurious, satin is a natural temperature regulator that'll keep your skin cool all night long. Bonus: The slippery material of satin won't tug on hair and cause breakage. Extra bonus: That slippery material also prevents the formation of pillow creases on your face while you sleep. The pillowcases are available in 14 color options.

34. This Heating Pad That's Filled With Cherry Seeds For Maximum Warmth

This microwavable heating pad is filled with cherry seeds (!) that hold warm temperatures for an extra-long time, so you can get soothing heat therapy for sore muscles. You can also keep the pad in the freezer and use it for cold therapy that brings down swelling and eases pain. The organic cotton linen cover is removable and machine-washable, so you can throw it in with your laundry after a few uses.

35. These All-Natural Peeling Masks That'll Make Your Feet Feel Brand New

The foot peel masks are soaked in botanical essences — like lavender, aloe vera, lactic acid, and glycerin — which penetrate deeply beneath the surface of your skin to begin a natural exfoliating process. You should wear the masks for about 60 minutes — but you won't see results right away. After a few days, though, layers of dead, rough skin will begin peeling away. Within a week or two, your feet will feel completely smooth and revitalized.

36. A Heated Shiatsu Massager With A Detachable Pocket For Your Feet

This clever shiatsu massager is outfitted with a plush fleece pocket that keeps your feet cozy while you use it. And when you're done massaging your feet, you can detach the foot pocket and use the massager on any other part of your body. The massager features a heating function and eight massage nodes that work both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Use the attached handheld remote to control it all.

37. This Memory Foam Support Pillow For Your Lower Back

Strap this lumbar support pillow around your car seat or office chair to keep your lower spine supported for the long haul. Made with a high-grade memory foam, the contoured pillow aligns the lower back and promotes ideal positioning that reduces strain and pressure along your entire spine. The pillow is covered in breathable mesh, so your back won't get hot and sweaty when you're using it.

38. A Cozy Fleece Blanket With Sleeves So You Can Snack While You Watch A Movie

With this wearable blanket, you can stay wrapped up and still keep your hands free for using the remote and grabbing another handful of popcorn. The blanket is made with super soft micro-fleece and reaches all the way down to the floor for maximum warmth. It also features sleeves and a big front pocket to keep your fingers warm. Choose from five colors, including cheetah print.

39. A Volcanic Pumice Stone That Smooths Out Rough Feet

This pumice stone is Mother Earth's gift to feet that are rough, dry, and callused. Derived from volcanic lava, the stone's natural texture smooths away layers of dead skin. And because the stone naturally wears down with use, it won't harbor bacteria — so you don't have to think twice about using it and reusing it.

40. This Heavy-Duty Foot File That'll Get Rid Of The Toughest Calluses

Okay, this heavy-duty foot file means business. It looks a little fierce, but it's a surefire way to get rid of calluses and the tough, thick skin on the heels of your feet. Made with surgical-grade stainless steel, the file shaves away dead layers of skin while the handle gives you a tight grip. You can use it on both wet or dry feet. Reviewers say it's a "game changer" and "works wonders." Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.