40 Everyday Products On Amazon That Are Straight-Up Innovative AF

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If you're the kind of person who is constantly on the hunt for bigger, better, and more functional items, this list of everyday products on Amazon that are straight-up innovative AF was made for you.

To qualify as innovative, a product should, first and foremost, be really useful — and even though that can be different things to different people, a really good tool or product can be useful to pretty much everyone. A silicone egg mold might not seem very useful at first — unless you're a big fan of eggs — but when you think outside the box, you can use the molds on this list to whip up a variety of portable meals to pack for lunch. The innovation comes from designing a product so that it cuts down on the time it takes you to complete a job, multi-tasks with ease, or is simply an upgrade from the original version of that product.

From innovative grooming tools like a two-in-one cleansing brush that deep cleans pores and exfoliates to odd kitchen products that are actually genius — like a device that chops and slices veggies right into your salad or a peel-off mask made with diamonds — this list has it all, and they all qualify as innovative.

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