40 Everyday Products On Amazon That Are Straight-Up Innovative AF

If you're the kind of person who is constantly on the hunt for bigger, better, and more functional items, this list of everyday products on Amazon that are straight-up innovative AF was made for you.

To qualify as innovative, a product should, first and foremost, be really useful — and even though that can be different things to different people, a really good tool or product can be useful to pretty much everyone. A silicone egg mold might not seem very useful at first — unless you're a big fan of eggs — but when you think outside the box, you can use the molds on this list to whip up a variety of portable meals to pack for lunch. The innovation comes from designing a product so that it cuts down on the time it takes you to complete a job, multi-tasks with ease, or is simply an upgrade from the original version of that product.

From innovative grooming tools like a two-in-one cleansing brush that deep cleans pores and exfoliates to odd kitchen products that are actually genius — like a device that chops and slices veggies right into your salad or a peel-off mask made with diamonds — this list has it all, and they all qualify as innovative.

1. A Device That Shreds Or Chops Ingredients Right Onto Pizza And Salads

Presto Salad Shooter, $30, Amazon

This is pretty much the only slicer and shredder you need if you make a lot of salads or pizzas. Instead of breaking out a cutting board and three types of knives to chop up various veggies and fruits, this slicer does it all for you. Attach the slicer or shredder tool, drop in a vegetable, fruit, or piece of cheese, and press down on the top button. The device deposits perfectly cut or shredded ingredients right onto your pizza or into your salad bowl.


2. A Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Shelves And Tons Of Space

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer, $28, Amazon

The problem with most makeup organizers is that, if you're a beauty fanatic, there's no possible way their small compartments can contain all of your powders, lotions, and tubes of lipstick. But this makeup organizer tray is reasonably priced and roomier than it looks: it has 360-degree rotation so you can find all of your products, six layers, and adjustable shelves. Altogether, this case can hold 60 makeup brushes, 40 bottles of skincare products, and 15 lipsticks or other tubes like eyeliner and mascara.


3. The Cutting Board With Space-Saving Trays

Kristie’s Kitchen Cutting Board with Trays, $48, Amazon

How often do you chop veggies on a cutting board and then wonder how you're going to transfer them without making a huge mess? These cutting board space savers provide a solution: sweep or scoop ingredients straight from the board to these trays, which can then be used to store or transfer food to a pot or pan. Each order comes with two dishwasher-safe trays.


4. A Peel-Off Mask Made From Diamonds And Pearls

I Dew Care Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel-Off Mask, $23, Amazon

While it's true that this sparkling diamond peel-off mask is Instagram-worthy, there's way more behind its appeal and soaring popularity than its looks. Infused with pearls and diamonds, this is the mask you need when you want to brighten your complexion and look seriously luminous. Apply the mask, wait 20 minutes (and go ahead and snap some pics), and then peel it off and rinse off any residue.


5. A Two-In-One Screen Cleaner And Microfiber Sponge

Ecran Microfiber Screen Cleaning Tool (4 Pack), $12, Amazon

Get rid of fingerprints, dust, and debris that love to accumulate on computer, phone, TVs, and iPad screens with this two-in-one screen cleaning tool. The portable tool is filled with fluid that cleans screens, but it doubles as a microfiber sponge that you can use to safely wipe down screens and keyboards. It even comes in different colors: blue, orange, grey, or green.


6. A Hair Dryer Stand For Perfect Hands-Free Blow-Outs

Pard Hair Dryer Stand Holder, $31, Amazon

If you live for salon appointments because you can't possibly be trusted to blow out your own hair, this genius hair dryer stand holder was made with you in mind. Not only can it be used to store your dryer when it's not being used, but by adjusting the flexible stainless steel rods and rotating it (up to 360-degrees), you can enjoy hands-free styling, which makes blow drying your hair a breeze. This is also an amazing gadget to use if you have arm or shoulder pain.


7. A Multi-Purpose Gripper For A Variety Of Cooking Purposes

Tenta Kitchen Multipurpose Gripper, $10, Amazon

There's no need to own five cooking tools when this multi-purpose gripper serves several purposes. You can use it to clamp onto meat, as tongs, or as a slotted turner spatula. Made from quality stainless steel, it comes in different sizes (this is the 10-inch option) and will replace those plastic tools that are just taking up space in your drawer.


8. A Stretcher For Hamstrings, Calves & Your Lower Back

IdealStretch, $55, Amazon

This stretcher device can be used in a multitude of ways to stretch nearly every aching muscle in your calves, hamstrings, lower back, groin, and hips. Use it before and after workouts or when you're experiencing pain in your body. Reviewers say it's an amazing tool that will keep you flexible and improve your workouts.


9. A Retractable Cup Drying Rack Stand

HaloVa Cup Drying Rack Stand, $9, Amazon

This retractable cup drying rack stand does what few ordinary drying racks can: it provides enough space to hold wet glasses and mugs, and prevents them from getting moldy and smelling bad. Each rack is made sturdy PP material and holds six cups, glasses, or bottles.


10. A Three-In-One Blow Dryer Brush Kit With Styling Attachments

Conair 1875 Watt 3-In-1 Styling Hair Dryer, $20, Amazon

Instead of owning three separate hair styling tools and devices, this blow dryer brush kit includes three interchangeable heads that allow you to use this hair dryer with a detangling comb, brush that adds volume and waves, or a styling comb for straighter, smoother strands. The 1875-watt dryer itself has two heat settings, a cool shot mode, and dual voltage that makes it a great tool for travel.


11. A Space-Saving Laundry Bag You Can Store Over Your Door

The Fine Living Company Hanging Laundry Bag, $19, Amazon

Even if you aren't strapped for space, there's no reason to take up any more of your bedroom floor than necessary with a hamper or laundry bag — not when this smart hanging laundry bag exists. This large bag comes with two chrome door hooks that will keep it securely in place on the back of any door. And the best part: it has a zippered bottom so you can unload your laundry straight into the washing machine.


12. These LED Night Lights With Sensors

eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Light, $10 (4 Pack), Amazon

If you spend most of your night asleep and rarely need a night light (but like to know it's there so that you don't bump into wall on your way to get a glass of water), these plug-in LED lights are perfect for you. They won't take up your entire outlet and have sensors that turn on and off depending on whether or not you're in the room. They're also energy-efficient, too.


13. A Device That Charges Your MacBook Without Leaving Dangling Cables

The Side Winder, $32, Amazon

The worst thing about charging your devices is dealing with cumbersome cords and wires that get tangled and look messy. This MacBook charger winder allows you to keep your cables coiled and looking neat. It's small, portable, and you can adjust your cable length from 1 foot to 12 feet.


14. A Collapsible Colander And Steaming Bowl With Lid

Squish Collapsible Steamer and Colander, $15, Amazon

Use this silicone colander to rinse vegetables or help prep food, and then collapse it so that it fits easily into drawers and cabinets. The set also comes with a bowl that can be used for steaming and a secure lid — all of which are collapsible. The BPA-free set is dishwasher-safe and comes in green.


15. A Magnetic Spice Rack For Your Fridge

Yamazaki Magnetic Spice Rack, $25, Amazon

This magnetic spice rack sticks to all surfaces, is made from quality steel from Japan, and holds just enough spices to make it super convenient to use while cooking. Free up your counter and cabinet space and have your salt and pepper where you need it most — right by your stove.


16. A Bottle And Can Stacker To Save Tons Of Pantry Space

Jumuu Bottle And Can Easy Stacker, $11 (Set of 2), Amazon

Cans and bottles have an annoying habit of rolling everywhere in your fridge or taking up too much space. This bottle and can stacker comes with five slots that are perfect for bottles and cans — but you can stack several layers of cans on top of that for an even more amazing, space-saving solution.


17. The No-Tie Laces That Turn Sneakers Into Slip-On Shoes

Inmaker No-Tie Shoelaces, $8, Amazon

You've never have to stop what you're doing to tie your shoelaces again with these no-tie shoelaces, which are made from elastic and fit any sneaker or shoe. These super popular laces — which have more than 11,000 reviews — come in 12 colors, fit both adult and kids shoes, are simple to install, and will make your life so much easier.


18. A Dual USB Charger That Can Cut Car Glass And Seatbelts

Rapid X Xscape Dual USB Car Charger, $18, Amazon

This dual USB car charger has ports for two devices, but also multi-tasks as a safety hammer and seatbelt cutter, in case you ever need one (it's even strong enough to break through car window glass). Not only will you never be far from home without a fully charged phone or device, but you'll have every tool possible to keep yourself safe when you're traveling by car.


19. The Clothing Hooks That Fit Over The Door

Yamakazi Folding Over The Door Hook, $19, Amazon

If your closet has reached its full capacity and you still have coats and blouses that need hanging, this folding hook fits right over the door or can be mounted to the wall with a screw — and it'll save major space in your home. When you aren't using it, the hook can be flipped and kept out of the way. It's made from durable steel and can hold up to six items.


20. A Thin RFID-Blocking Wallet That Fits In Your Pocket

CXSANK RFID Blocking Wallet, $13, Amazon

This thin, minimalist RFID blocking wallet is more like a billfold — but it's one that fits five to seven cards, has a clip to keep money organized, fits in your pocket, and can prevent thieves from accessing information about your identity and finances via RFID scanner. The wallet comes in black, gold, or gray and has a unique design: if you flip the bottom lever, all of your cards slide out so you can easily pick the one you need.


21. These Highly-Absorbent Bamboo Kitchen Towels

Bondre Bamboo Kitchen Dish Cloths, $13 (6 Pack), Amazon

If you haven't made the switch to bamboo dish cloths, there are more than a few reasons why these eco-friendly towels deserve a place in your kitchen. For starters, they're made from sustainable bamboo and are better for the environment. But they're also absorbent, soft, and resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew. These are the cloths you can use to dry dishes, but that are also smooth enough to use on your face and body.


22. A Simpler And Mess-Free Way To Pop Popcorn

OXO Good Grips Microwave Popcorn Popper, $20, Amazon

Pop your own kernels of popcorn on movie nights without having to use the stove. This microwave popcorn popper even works with or without oil — the preference is up to you. It has a secure lid, handles that will stay cool, and a bowl that can be used both for prepping your snack and serving it. The base and bowl nest together for easier storage, too.


23. A Hammer With A Magnetic Nail Holder For DIY Jobs

Hammer With Magnetic Nail Holder, $12, Amazon

This clever hammer with a magnetic nail holder retains nails and other metal tools without any effort at all, making it possible to hammer pieces together using just one hand. This is a great compact hammer to keep around the house and to use on small jobs and projects — and reviewers say the claw pulls out nails in a cinch.


24. A Hat That Alleviates Your Headache

Headache Hat, $40, Amazon

The minute you feel a migraine or tension headache coming on, throw on this headache hat — which is essentially a flexible, wearable ice pack that targets pressure points. This comfortable hat is made from cotton and Lycra, and you can store it in the fridge or freezer. It may seem too good to be true, until you read some of the more than 700 positive reviewers from people who say relaxing for a few minutes while wearing this hat dulls headache pain.


25. The Pack Of Charcoal Toothbrushes That Help Whiten Teeth

Cand Ultra Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush, $11 (4 Pack), Amazon

This soft bamboo charcoal toothbrush is ideal for sensitive gums and teeth — and it's one of the least abrasive brushes you'll find, according to reviewers. The addition of naturally antibacterial charcoal helps kill plague, freshen breath, and naturally whiten and brighten teeth without chemicals. These toothbrushes are great value, as well — you'll get four multi-colored brushes in each pack.


26. An Organizer And Charging Station For Up To Four Devices

Unitek 4-Reversible USB Port Charging Station, $27, Amazon

Organize and charge all of your electronic devices in one place with this divider organizer stand that features four USB port charging stations that can be used at the same time. The station is reversible and can accommodate iPads, phones, smart watches, portable speakers, and more.


27. An Egg Whisk That Spins On Its Own

Newness Focus On Stainless Steel Egg Whisk, $11, Amazon

The old days of manually whisking eggs, butter, and cake batter are over — all you have to do is press down on this stainless steel egg whisk and it automatically beats and stirs ingredients to perfection, saving your arms from inevitable soreness. This whisk is easier to clean that electric alternatives, and so simple to use you'll find yourself breaking it out to make impromptu lattes.


28. A Shower Drain Cover To Keep Hair From Clogging Pipes

VRPower Shower Drain Cover, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

Keep your pipes clean and prevent backups with this silicone shower drain cover, which fits like a glove over sink and tub drains. The cover — which comes in pink, white, or black — blocks out everything before it goes down the drain. And unlike a lot of other drain covers, this one won't slip and start floating just when you need it most.


29. A Safe Surge Protector With Six Outlets

Accell Powramid 6-Outlet Surge Protector, $33, Amazon

Plug in up to six devices and appliances without worrying about blowing a fuse — and this six-outlet surge protector has a 6-foot power cord that allows you to use it anywhere while cutting down on fire risks. It was even designed with two USB charging ports to make it the ultimate charging station for tech-happy homes.


30. An Expandable Drying Rack That Fits Over Your Sink

Miusco Expandable Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack, $13, Amazon

There's no better, less messy place to dry dishes, glasses, or freshly washed fruits and vegetables than right over the sink, where water can drip down and not pool on your counter. This over the sink drying rack expands from 15 to 25 inches, is made with sturdy aluminum, and has enough space for dishes, utensils, and glasses.


31. The Rug Grippers That Prevent Slipping And Won't Destroy Floors

X-Protector Rug Grippers, $16 (8 Pack), Amazon

Keep rugs adhered to your floor and prevent slipping — without destroying your floors — with these rug grippers. The set consists of reusable sticky tape that you apply to the underside of your rug to ensure it stays down, even at the corners where rugs love to pop up. These rug grippers are more reliable than rug pads, which can slip, and they won't leave marks on hardwood floors.


32. A Silicone Baking Mat That Evenly Bakes Cookies And Treats

Fox Run Non-Stick Baking Mat, $12, Amazon

How amazing would it be to bake a batch of cookies and not wind up with four or five that are always inevitably burnt? This food-grade silicone baking mat provides an even distribution of heat to cook food perfectly — and it has helpful measurement markers that will help create chocolate chip cookies that are all one size. The mat is designed for all oven types and fits right over your baking sheet.


33. A Lighted Handheld Mirror That Can Charge Your Phone

Shinngo Folding Portable Charger Handheld Mirror, $27, Amazon

There's nothing better than a beauty tool that can multi-task so well it resembles a secret spy gadget. This looks like your typical cute and compact lighted handheld mirror, but it performs doubly duty as a USB charger to fit a variety of devices. Aside from the peace of mind it will provide when you're out and about with a dying phone, this is an amazing battery-operated mirror — one with magnification and long-lasting LED lights.


34. The Silicone Molds To Make Perfect Portable Meals

Silicone Egg Bites Molds, $20 (2 Pack), Amazon

There's no end to the number of recipes you can whip up using these silicone egg bites molds — miniature egg omelettes, of course, but also mini muffins, portable meatloaf cubes, cupcakes, popsicles, and more. Each BPA-free mold comes with a lid and is safe in the dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven (up to 450 degrees).


35. A Mini Outdoors Survival Kit So Small It Fits In Your Wallet

Lifesport Gear, $11 (6 Pack), Amazon

Think of this as the ultimate minimalist's survival equipment you need, especially when you're outdoors and (sort of) roughing it. This wallet-size packet contains a ruler, magnifier, and even a fire starter. It's also simple to use, won't take up any space in your bag, and you get six in a pack.


36. The Bra Liners That Wick Away Sweat And Keep You Dry

Belly Bandit Don't Sweat It Bra Liners, $20, Amazon

There are few sensations as unpleasant as dealing with sweaty breasts and a wet underboob area — yet these are among the most common areas perspiration loves to accumulate on sticky, humid days. If ditching your bra isn't a viable solution, try the next best thing: these bra liners, which are made from naturally moisture-wicking bamboo and fit right under your bra. According to reviewers — they'll even provide a soothing barrier if your bra pinches you.


37. The LED Slap Wrist Bracelets To Protect You In The Dark

Nite Ize SlapLit LED Slap Wrap, $10, Amazon

Whether you're going for a run in the evening or camping in the woods, it's important to have a light source that keeps you safe and allows others to see you. These reflective LED lighted slap wrap bracelets can fit around your wrists, arms, and ankles and light up with the push of a button. They come with one replaceable battery that lasts about 50 to 70 hours and are available several colors including, red, neon yellow, or neon pink.


38. A Fruit Infusion Bottle For More Delicious Water

Infusion Pro Fruit Infusion Water Bottle, $18, Amazon

Stay hydrated and get in your required daily intake of water by making your water a lot more delicious (and healthy). Unscrew the bottom of this fruit infusion water bottle and fill it with fruits like strawberries and veggies like cucumbers. Then fill up the bottle and allow the flavors to blend together. When you want to use this bottle as an regular sports water bottle, simply remove the fruit infuser cage and add water. This 32-ounce bottle comes in six colors and has a leak-proof lid.


39. A Cooling Memory Foam Pillow That Supports Your Neck And Head

Comfort Revolution Memory Foam And Hydraluxe Cooling Pillow, $30, Amazon

Consider this cooling pillow the best of both pillow worlds: it contains memory foam to cradle and support your neck and head, but while most memory foam pillows trap heat, this one has a layer of hydraluxe gel that keeps your head cool throughout the night. The pillow comes with a breathable knit cover that you can remove and wash and you can score this in two sizes: standard or queen.


40. A Two-In-One Facial Brush That Cleanses And Exfoliates

TI Style 2-In-1 Face Brush, $9, Amazon

Get more out of your face brush, while spending less money then you would on most brushes. This two-in-one brush has fine, soft bristles on one side and an exfoliating pad to remove dead skin cells on the other. All you have to do is flip it over to benefit from two great skincare tools in one. This hand-powered brush cleans deep, and many reviewers rave about how it helped clear up their acne quickly.

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