These 42 Weird Products On Amazon Have Fanatical Reviewers

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Sometimes, shopping on Amazon can feel overwhelming — there's so many new, novel products on the market added every day. How do you find products that are really worth the money, and actually do what they say they will? I'll let you in on a little secret: it's the weirdest products on Amazon that you're going to want to look a little closer at.

Sorting through the abyss to find those rare (but satisfying!) winners might seem impossible. Luckily, there is one easy way to predict whether a new product will be a hit or a flop, without spending a fortune trying everything for yourself: it’s all about the reviews. When hundreds of people love a product so much that they’ve taken precious time out of their day to write a review about it, it’s probably worth paying attention.

The products on this list range from slightly odd to just plain bizarre. There’s a weird-looking hair dryer attachment that lets you dry your hair hands-free, a portable coffee maker that collapses into a tiny, flat disc, and an inflatable escape ramp to save small animals from getting trapped in your pool. These random products do have one important thing in common, though: they’ve basically earned a cult-following on Amazon, accumulating hundreds (or thousands) of glowing five-star reviews.

Ready to see for yourself what all the buzz is about? Read on!

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