These 46 Things Have A Cult-Following On Amazon — And They’ll All Really Surprise You

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Sometimes it's the little things in life that get you through the day. Maybe it's that first sip of hot coffee in the morning, or getting home from work to cook an elaborate meal in your pajamas. For me, it's discovering a bunch of cult-favorite products on Amazon that actually live up to the hype. What can I say? I live a simple, consumerist lifestyle — and I bet you can't tell me with a straight face that you don't get excited when a Prime package arrives on your doorstep. It's just not possible to not get pumped at something like that.

The great thing about cult-favorite products is that they're review-backed by thousands of people. But sometimes, they still manage to surprise you. So even though they're really popular, you'll still manage to look like a #trailblazer by being the first person in your friend group to try the hair-repairing Olaplex treatment. Or if you love brewing your own custom tea leaves, there's even an variety of infusers shaped like flamingos, elephants, and more cute animals. Simply put, these products all have a cult-following — and some of them may be weird, others may be downright genius products you can find on Amazon — but if one thing is for sure, it's that there's a little something for everybody in here.

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