These '90s Accessories Trends Never Really Went Out Of Style

Fashion is usually always cyclical. What is no longer in style usually and eventually comes back in vogue, albeit with modernized touches. The '90s and the decade's accessories trends have enjoyed quite a Renaissance among millennials and beyond in recent years. These '90s looks still work in 2018 because they have some classic elements and because they play with current trends.

Take flannel button up shirts, for example. Sure, they are decidedly emblematic of the grunge era and are an article of clothing. But the latest versions are super soft, cozy, unisex, and comfy — in addition to be an excellent fall layering piece. They can be fitted or loose and therefore add a fashion-y touch to your OOTD.

Chunky sneakers also remain stylish. While the athletic, no-frills dad shoe has been a major footwear trend in 2018, stylish and updated versions of Skechers strutted their stuff down the NYFW runways. The elevated soles can provide a lift to whatever ensemble you are wearing. They can be worn with leggings, skinnies, or latex dresses a la Kylie Jenner.

While scrunchy hair ties were utilitarian because the fabric protected hair from snags, pulls, and tears, they were never really fashionable. Until now.

Below are seven key '90s accessories trends that work with your 2018 wardrobe and then some.

1. Flannel

2. Skechers Sneaks

3. Scrunchies

4. Flared Jeans

5. Toe Rings

6. Claw Clips

7. Slides

All of these '90s (and '00s) looks work wonders with your wardrobe of today.