These Are Hands-Down The Most Stylish Cases Compatible For Your New iPhone

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Listen, I have no problem admitting that I feel naked without my phone. From checking the time or catching up on news during my morning subway ride, to staying up to date on my friend's group chats and (OK, fine) scrolling through social media during the work day, it's no secret that my phone is truly an extension of myself as a human.

Considering how often I bust my phone out of my pocket, I definitely need a case that not only stands up to accidental drops, but also feels like a natural extension of my personal style. Thankfully, OtterBox knows that not any old case will do, and they've released an entire collection of stylish cases just in time for your new phone's arrival.

No matter if you're more into a dark-hued solid case that adds the subtlest hint of color to your all-black ensemble (hi!), or if you prefer a bright and poppy pattern to round out your look, the collection has an impressive range of options to ensure there's a perfect fit for you. Keep scrolling to check out just a sample of the collection's coolest buys, and while you're at it, I dare you not to immediately click over to get one for yourself. (Good luck!)

Carry A Happy Design For An Instant Mood Lift

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Want a case that's going to pull double duty between keeping your phone damage-free and being so cute that it brightens the mood of everyone around you? Look no further than these game-changing options.

(Clockwise from top): Symmetry Series Case Aspen Gleam, Symmetry Series Case Party Dip, Symmetry Series Case Love Triangle, Symmetry Series Case On Fleck.

Go For A Subtle Glam Moment

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I'm full-on crushing on this super cool, colorful case in "Gradient Energy," but I also love the simplicity of the cool glittery "Stardust" case — so, you know, if you need me I'll just be carefully contemplating which one qualifies as an absolute must-have.

(From left to right) Symmetry Series Clear Case Stardust, Symmetry Series Case Gradient Energy, Symmetry Series Case Tonic Violet.

Channel Your Inner Minimalist

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Sometimes a faint pop of visual interest is all you need to amplify a look, you know? Personally, I'm super into the woodsy green of the "Ivy Meadow" case, but would also gladly give any of these understated hues a five-star rating.

(Left to right): Symmetry Series Case Clear, Strada Series Folio Case Shadow, Symmetry Series Case Ivy Meadow.

Tap Into Your Rustic Side

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While I'm *living* for the effortless coolness of OtterBox's "That Willow Do" design, the cases from their Strada Series are definitely worth a careful look. They're the ideal level of trendy, plus they offer that full-phone coverage that so many of us can't live without. (It me.)

(From left to right) Symmetry Series Case Wood You Rather, Symmetry Series Case That Willow Do, Strada Series Folio Case Espresso, Symmetry Series Case Play The Field.

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