These Temporary Tats Inspired By Literary Greats Are A Commitment-Free Ode To Books


If literature was your favourite subject at school, and you've always got a book in your hand be on the daily commute or before bedtime, it's like that you're a sucker for cute book quotes and memorabilia from your favourite authors. You may even consider getting something relating to your favourite book inked to your body in tattoo form. If you've always considered a book-inspired tattoo and not got quite prepared to commit, I've got the perfect options for you: book-inspired temporary tattoos.

Online retailer Prezzybox has released two packs of temporary tattoos that are inspired by two literary greats: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Let's first take a look at each of the super cute designs. The Pride and Prejudice sheet of temporary tattoos has six designs. These include a number of quotes (including memorable lines from the book such as "My feelings will not be repressed," and "Obstinate, headstrong girl!') as well as an outline of Pemberley, the fictional country estate owned by Mr Darcy in the story.

The Alice In Wonderland set has a bit more variety in terms of sketches rather than just quotes, but there are some good old classic phrases in there that I'm sure you'll recognise (think "We're all mad here," "Curioser and curioser," and "Drink me"). There are also plenty of pictorial references you will remember, including a hat with "10/6" on the front. Ah, memories of my childhood...


The best thing about the tattoos is that they will only set you back £6.99 per pack, and should be super easy to use. Plus, they'll wash off once you're bored and want to try something new. I remember using temporary tattoos when I was younger, and it was a pretty simple process of sticking the 'tattoo' to your skin, soaking the back with water then leaving it on and carefully peeling off the backing paper. You can then simply wash off the design by gently rubbing it off with a wet flannel.


If you're not a fan of these book-inspired designs, I've spotted plenty of other cool designs you could also try if you fancy having a bit of fun with temporary tattoos! They're actually a great way to try out designs and placements if you're thinking of going for the real deal. Here are some I really like:

You can buy the Pride And Prejudice or Alice In Wonderland temporary tattoos on the Prezzybox website for £6.99 each.