These Clues Prove That Rachel & Bryan Will Never Last Post-'Bach'

Rodrigo Varela/ABC

As Rachel Lindsay's chapter starring on The Bachelorette ends, her chapter as a fiancée begins. On Monday night's season finale, Rachel and Bryan Abasolo got engaged, complete with the final rose, the Neil Lane engagement ring, and all of the show's traditions. But will they actually last as a couple in the real world? After seeing them interact on the after show, their potential isn't looking good. There are so many clues from after The Bachelorette that prove that Rachel and Bryan won't last — even though it would be awesome to see them make it work.

At first, they definitely seemed like a very happy couple, especially after Bryan got down on one knee and popped the question again now that Rachel is allowed to wear her ring (and talk about her fiancé) in public. But seeing them communicate as an official couple for the first time, it was easy to see how there could possibly be cracks in their relationship's foundation already, beginning with Rachel's conversation with Peter. It was so emotionally charged and hostile that it seems like she might still have feelings for him, which isn't a good thing if you're preparing to marry someone else.

And then, they started talking about their plans for the future, which still seem a little shaky. They still haven't decided on a place to live?! You'd think after all of these weeks of secrecy that Rachel and Bryan would have discussed. Will their home base be Miami or Dallas? They're both close with their family, so it seems like this would be one of the first things they'd talk about.

Then, another red flag popped up when Chris asked if Rachel's family ever managed to change their mind about him. She kind of skirted that question, mentioning that her parents didn't understand the process of The Bachelorette, but that they trust her, which still sounds like they might be unsure about her choice in a future husband.

Rachel and Bryan might have seemed happy on the after show, but there's a chance there's more going on than what they've let us see. Time will tell if they stay together or not, and hopefully, all of these signs don't mean anything at all.