Sorry Tyler C. Fans, There Are Actually A Lot Of Clues He Doesn't Win 'The Bachelorette'

ABC/Mark Bourdillon

Tyler C. has been a fan favorite since the beginning of Hannah's Bachelorette season, and their connection has only gotten stronger as the weeks have gone on. But even though viewers might really, really be rooting for him to nab that final rose, there are still plenty of clues Tyler doesn't win The Bachelorette. So as the season winds down, it's time to start emotionally preparing yourself for the fact that he might soon be going home.

Firstly, there's the fact that Tyler's been posting photos from places like Florida, New York City, Atlanta, and North Carolina since wrapping with the show, but none of those places are the home state of Alabama Hannah, where she seems to have been spending a lot of time lately. Of course, the two could just be really good at hiding that they're together, or they're staying apart to avoid spoiling the season. But honestly, Tyler is traveling just a little too much for it to seem like he's keeping up a secret relationship. The guy has been doing weekly runs in New York City, for gosh sake! He's been in the public a lot and posting all over social media, which wouldn't exactly leave a lot of time for him to see Hannah if the two are now engaged.

Also worrying is the fact that Hannah told Tyler during their Fantasy Suite date that she didn't know if their emotional connection was on the same level as their physical connection — she wanted to use the overnight date to talk and learn more about each other, not have sex. That's certainly a valid choice, and Tyler couldn't have been more understanding about it, but it also suggested that Hannah might have some concerns about Tyler. If she's emotionally closer to the other men, that's all it takes to send him home.

Furthermore, Tyler has some really tough competition — Hannah has real, meaningful relationships with all of the other remaining contestant on the show, making it difficult to pinpoint one obvious frontrunner. She clearly has a strong connection with Jed, and Peter is a downright sweetheart with a heart of gold and a family that welcomed Hannah with open arms. Tyler might not win simply because Hannah thinks her life makes more sense with one of the other men.

Nonetheless, fans are still keeping their fingers crossed that he wins, so if Hannah does send Tyler home, he won't be the only one with a broken heart; Bachelor Nation will be sobbing right along with him.

Of course, we only get to see a small part of what happens on The Bachelorette, and if Hannah doesn't see a future with Tyler, we have to respect her decision and trust she knows it's the best choice for her. The Bachelor/ette always comes down to tough, emotional decisions, and the reality is that cutting Tyler may be the next one. But hey, at least that would free him up to be the next Bachelor?