Let's Break Down Tyler C.'s Odds Of Becoming The Next Bachelor

This season of The Bachelorette has given viewers plenty to talk about. Luke P. has been an infinite source of drama and conflict, Hannah has been trying her best to keep things under control while under immense pressure and scrutiny, and even some controversy behind the scenes has been stirring up trouble. But one shining star has brought a little bit of calm to the show: Tyler C. It's still unclear if Hannah will choose him in the end, but if she doesn't, having Tyler C. as the next Bachelor sounds pretty good right about now.

It hasn't been confirmed exactly who else is in the running for the role, but fans have been rooting for a couple of other contenders: namely, Mike and Peter (Mike was sent home during Week 7; Peter could still win). But despite a little competition, Tyler is definitely a frontrunner. He's handsome, charming, and very sweet. We obviously don't know what he's like IRL, but he's always come across as sincere on the show, and Hannah certainly seems to think so — especially after their Fantasy Suite date, considering she called him "the most respectful" man she'd ever been with.

Tyler has stood up for Hannah and respected her boundaries all season long, as well as encouraged her to pursue her other relationships in whatever way helps her make the best decision for herself. He doesn't seem like he's vying for the spotlight or trying to "launch a Bachelor campaign" — he just seems like he genuinely wants the best for Hannah.

He also seems like someone who could carry a season: he's serious about finding love, but knows how to keep things fun, too. Throughout Hannah's season, his social media has been full of funny commentary, and he tweets frequently about his love for food — which, hey, relatable.

Overall, Tyler seems like a really well-rounded, stand-up guy who 30 women could easily fall in love with. He recently appeared at a charity run to benefit the youth of Atlanta, and frequently posts about ABC Food Tours, another youth-targeted educational program he works with. His life motto is summed up on his Twitter bio: "Through love, serve one another." Hannah may have initially misjudged him (and maybe you did too), but time and time again, Tyler has proved he's not just a pretty face.

Plus, fans really, really love him:

Of course, it's still early, and anything could happen (remember when they brought Arie Luyendyk Jr. back out of nowhere?). It would be great if things with Tyler and Hannah work out in the end, but if not, producers would be remiss to not seriously consider him as the next Bachelor. It's most likely that ABC will announce who it is sometime after Hannah's season — Colton was announced on Good Morning America in early September, so this year's announcement might be on a similar timeline. But if you need more of Tyler in the meantime, you can always follow him on Instagram.