These Disney Princess Wine Glasses Have A Different Design For Every Member Of Your Squad

Planning a wedding is hard work. Just when you think you have remembered every detail, there's always something else you forgot to organize. Perhaps the most important decision one must make when planning a wedding (you know, aside from who to marry) is who to include in the ceremony. Bridesmaids are the people who keep all your nerves in check and make sure the day runs smoothly. They're the undervalued superheroes of your wedding day, in a sense. So, it is customary to gift them a token of appreciation. What says "Thanks" better than a Disney princess bachelorette wine glass?

Bachelorette parties have become an inextricable part of getting married, although today they can take any form from the traditional bar hopping to more daytime-friendly activities to straight up royally-themed ones. It's basically just another excuse to have a fun party. While you could always sport the usual fare of sashes and crowns typically worn by bachelorette party attendees, why not opt for something a little more ... magical?

The Disney princess wine glasses are the work of Etsy shop SimplyEllieRose. It is operated by a Syracuse-based artisan who goes by the username stransky19. Each of the 11 glasses has a unique, Disney princess-themed design, with a color scheme that matches her film wardrobe. Glasses are finished with a cheeky phrase about gettin' royally buzzed.

Plus, it's not just how the designs look that makes them special — it's their ingenuity. Rather than painted glasses, the designs embellishing these are made of vinyl stickers, so you don't have to worry about them coming off when you wash them. Plus, there's an option to add glitter, which of course you want to do. Here's a closer look at these cuties:

Beauty and the Beast Wine Glass