9 Ideas For A Royal-Themed Bachelorette Party Based On Actual Royal Traditions

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Engaged? I bet you're fantasizing about your wedding day already — arriving in an expensive car, while thousands of onlookers cheer and the press takes photos, and you make your grand entrance with your 10-foot train trailing behind you before getting married and taking off in a horse-drawn carriage... Oh no, sorry. That was Kate Middleton. But wait! Even if you're not having the royal wedding of your (... and my) dreams, you can still channel your inner princess with these royal-inspired bachelorette party ideas that any bride-to-be can pull off, no matter the budget.

We're all in a bit of a wedding craze right now, what with the quickly approaching nuptials of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle — who I will henceforth refer to only by their celebrity name: Harkle. It's the stuff fairytales are made of: a prince met an actress through a mutual friend. Prince and actress traveled the world, fell in love, will probably make adorable babies, and the rest is history. Le sigh.

Let's be clear about one thing: every love story is a fairytale. Still, we can't all be royalty. If you want to celebrate your impending nuptials with a royal flair, though, try some of these.


Tiara Decorating

Even when they're not royal by blood, royal brides get to wear a tiara once they say, "I do." See: Kate Middleton, and soon, Meghan Markle (unless she opts to break with tradition). Fun fact: royal etiquette expert Grant Harold explained to the BBC that only married royal women can wear tiaras; Markle won't be able to don one until her wedding day. If you're not engaged to a royal but still want some serious bling on your cone, round up your best gal pals, purchase cheap-o tiaras, head to the craft store for glue guns and decorations, and voila — everyone gets their own personalized tiara.

P.S. You could also grab this bride-to-be tiara on Etsy!


Royal Attire

OK, OK, so this one isn't steeped in any royal tradition ... yet. (After all, a source told US Weekly Markle's bachelorette party "won't be wild"; nothing says low key like a cozy crewneck.) While many brides-to-be opt for a Miss America-esque sash, maybe a long-sleeve shirt is more your jam. You will look so good in this while you pound shots at the local bar.

This Princess is Getting Crowned Crewneck Sweatshirt, $35.00,


Fruitcake Booze

Royal weddings have a long history of serving fruitcake as the main wedding cake, according to Saveur. In the states? Not so much. But! You can still knock off this tradition and make it a part of your royal-inspired bachelorette party with one unique twist: fruitcake jello shots. This recipe from BetterRecipes is so simple and sounds amazing. Just take it slow — these sneak up on you when you least expect it.


Tiara-Shaped Snacks

If your fancy schmancy, homemade tiara doesn't cut it, up the royal factor of your bachelorette party with tiara-shaped pizza. This recipe from Pillsbury uses their refrigerated crust, making the process ridiculously easy. You'll cut the dough into tiny tiaras that will eventually be mini pizzas — which is excellent, because their smaller size means you get to eat more of them. #Science.


A Bachelorette Breakfast

Did you know that the royals typically have two receptions — one around lunch and the other in the evening?

"They are able to accommodate this as most of their weddings start at noon," explained Apryl D. Roberts, of Memorable Events by Apryl, LLC, to Bustle. "The first reception is a seated luncheon that they refer to as the 'wedding breakfast.' The royals then have an evening reception."

While bachelorette parties typically entail late-night activities, do yours up with a royal twist and indulge in a luxurious bachelorette brunch. Everybody loves brunch; and also, mimosas.


Fun And Fancy Hats

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Royals are big on fancy hats for special events, particularly weddings. Don't think you have to drop a ton of dough for one, either. Amazon has a huge selection of affordably priced hats. Or, you could turn this into another crafting opportunity with your gal pals. Buy plain hats and jazz 'em up with feathers, jewels, beads, and more.


White As Your Main Color

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White is the color of choice for royal weddings, and you'll typically see brides in white dresses carrying white bouquets (and don't forget the sprig of myrtle!). Borrow this tradition and use it for your own bachelorette party with white desserts, decorations, party favors, even a white dress code.


Crown Decorations And Accessories

How adorbs are these? Etsy artist jkimagingcraft knows how to do royal-themed bachelorette parties right. These crown cupcake toppers are to die for, and look at how they catch the light. (You can use these for more than cupcakes, too. Maybe you stick 'em in some of your finger food appetizers, or shove one in your messy bun for a most sparkly hair accessory.)

Gold Crown Cupcake Toppers, $1.75+, Etsy


Princess Wands

Alright, alright, so we don't see princesses carrying wands; but there is the royal sceptre, and that's sort of like a wand! Kind of. Not really. Anyhow, who the heck cares, when you and all your gal pals can have your own wands on the cheap? This Etsy purchase from ThatPerfectPartyCo is the best $7.22 you'll ever spend.

Silver Princess Perfection Wands, $7.22, Etsy