If The Photos From This Dog Baby Shower Don’t Make You Smile, Nothing Will

by Mia Mercado

If you’re wondering how to throw the perfect baby shower, here is your answer: have a dog be your guest of honor. We should all take a note from this person who threw a baby shower for her pregnant dog and only throw canine baby showers from now on. (I know, it seems so obvious when you see it written down.)

Twitter user Gisselle O. Suarez‏ recently threw a shower honor of Winter, her very pregnant pupper. The party took place on the beach, complete with snacks and the mama-dog-to-be in a blue tutu. I REPEAT, A PREGNANT DOG IN A TUTU. All aspects of this baby shower are scientifically superior to every other baby shower in history. Sorry, other baby showers, but those are the facts.

Suarez shared photos from the baby shower on Twitter Sunday evening with a caption that simply read, “Yes, we did throw her a baby shower.” The tweet has since been shared over 54,000 times because sometimes the internet is good and does the right thing. The reason Suarez decided to throw the shower in the first place is presumably because dogs are perfect and should be celebrated constantly. Also, becoming a mother is a momentous occasion for every species. But mostly because of the first reason.

Needless to say, Twitter is very pleased by the whole event.

Everyone is in tears and just so proud and, Winter, you’re doing amazing sweetie.

This is one of the few times in internet history when looking at the comments is highly encouraged. If for no other reason than to see people sharing pictures of their own dogs that look like Winter’s long lost twins.

The angriest tweets are from people bummed about not getting an invite. And, to be honest, I’m a little offended, too.

Winter is not the first dog to be celebrated in an arguably extra way by her humans. One woman had a maternity photo shoot for her dog. So thanks for trying, other maternity photo shoots, but this one with a dog wearing a flower crown is the best. Another woman took graduation photos with her dog. You can look at them, but be warned that you’re going to be mad your grad photos weren’t nearly as photogenic as this dachshund’s. People are also starting to throw puppy showers for people adopting doggos, which truly sound like a splendid time for every species.

If you’re looking for tips on how to throw a great baby shower for a human baby, step number one is, hands down, bring puppies.