12 Donald Trump Jr. Posts About His Dad That Prove He Might Be The President's #1 Fan

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By Renae Reints

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and the Trump family is no exception. Trump's oldest son shares his father's name, looks, and ethics, too. And both of them champion personal victories and economic success while aggressively targeting the media and left-leaning politics. When you take a closer look at Donald Trump Jr.'s social media posts about his dad, though, their father-son relationship seems to be more focused on their professional work in the White House.

Trump Jr. has been an adamant supporter of his father since the beginning. During the 2016 campaign, Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, a practice the president recently said is "totally legal and done all the time in politics," though he claims to have had no knowledge of his son's meeting.

Trump Jr. is not to be dismayed by the potential legal barriers, however. He continues to traverse the nation to promote his father at rallies. With his girlfriend, former Fox News host Kim Guilfoyle, by his side at times, Trump Jr. is maintaining his status as a champion of his dad's "Make America Great Again" motto. He's a "true believer" in Trump's message, one 2016 campaign aid told the Associated Press.

But of course. Trump Jr. might refer to his dad more often as the president than as his father, but it's still his dad. And these posts show just how much he believes in him.

Happy Father's Day, Mr. President

On Father's Day, Trump Jr. stuck to politics, sharing a photo from a political rally. "Happy Father’s Day to the best #potus & dad ever, we love you," he wrote on the Instagram post from June 17.

That Eagle, Though

"This is amazing," wrote Trump Jr. for this Fourth of July post. Trump's presented as the quintessential American hero, though bald eagles don't seem to like him so much in real life.

Drain The Swamp

Trump Jr. posted this image on Instagram on Aug. 4, reminding followers of his father's aim to "drain the swap." The image is similar to the famous "Washington Crossing the Delaware," trying to present President Trump as an American hero.


"It’s gonna be YUGE!!!" Trump Jr. wrote. In this comedic Instagram post shared June 24, he lightheartedly mocks his father's use of "Yuge," while also playing into his ego.

Proud Of You

This March 8 tweet includes a video with a very young Trump speaking with Oprah Winfrey about trade. "Very proud to have a President do what what he said he was going to do," wrote Trump Jr.


In this July 27 Instagram post, Trump Jr. applauds his father for breaking the GDP record the experts said was impossible. "I guess @realdonaldtrump really does have a magic wand," he wrote. "#abracadabra"

Dad's Got A Crystal Ball

Trump Jr. backs up his father's conspiracy theories in this May 16 tweet, and also casually mentions that the president might be psychic.

Fake News?

On Aug. 9, Trump Jr. posted this photo to Instagram and mentioned that good ol' "magic wand" again, saying the president seems to have it. This image was later proven to be doctored, however. According to The Washington Post, Trump's actual approval rating is 40 percent, but someone pasted "50%" over the freeze frame, and the image spread. Trump Jr., either ignoring the edit or choosing not to fact-check, shared the image. He deleted it two days later.

Again With The Media, Amiright?

Trump Jr. again teases with his father's favorite word — "yuge" — but pushes forward the president's views on the media, portraying it as biased, in this May 3 tweet.


In this Jan. 31 tweet, Trump Jr. proves he's the best hype-man a dad could ask for.

Missing You

Trump Jr. showed a softer side in this July 5 tweet. "Great to be with him for the day," wrote the younger Trump. "Really miss seeing him on a regular basis. #whitehouse #potus #trump" But where's the #dad?


Trump Jr. shared a rare familial moment in this birthday tweet to the president on June 14. "A great throwback and a cool family shot to wish my dad @realdonaldtrump a very happy birthday from the monsters and me," he wrote. "Watching what you’re accomplishing every day makes us more and more proud of you. #happybirthday #dad #tbt #throwbackthursday #throwback."

Finally, got that #dad.

Despite their personal relationship, it seems Trump father and son keep their political relationship in the forefront. Trump Jr. appears to see his father in the image the president has built for himself among his conservative base. And if there's any familial connection behind the political passion, it doesn't show through often.