Twitter Loves These Photos Of Young Trudeau

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Social media is responding fervently after discovering some eye-catching pictures of a young Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada. People are comparing him to a Disney prince and to Richard Gere, and some are just honestly posting photos of a shirtless Trudeau and completely melting down over it.

Now, first I believe it is fair play to share a bit of Trudeau's career history and accomplishments that are just as attractive as many people think he is before spending the rest of the article focusing entirely on his looks during his youth.

Trudeau became Canada's 23rd prime minister in 2015. He is known for his progressive views and policies and is particularly popular among millennials. During his time in office, Trudeau has already accomplished several significant feats. He actively sought to create a diverse and gender-balanced Cabinet with 15 men and 15 women. His cabinet members include members of many minority groups, including "a refugee, immigrants, Sikhs, Muslims, people with disabilities, and members of the aboriginal community."

He has championed a highly progressive transgender rights bill and openly welcomed war-fleeing Syrian refugees to Canada, in stark contrast to the Trump administration. Furthermore, Trudeau has publicly called himself a "feminist," presumably earning the respect of legions of women and also helping contribute to perpetuating feminism as a political norm.

Of course, in addition to all of his accomplishments and commendable qualities, Twitter has now also discovered that Trudeau happens to have been quite striking in his youth (as he is now, of course). So, here are the pictures of a young Justin Trudeau being shared by Twitter users worldwide.

1. Instant Reply

This Twitter user expresses the urgency with which he would hypothetically text a young Trudeau back, even if Trudeau ignored him for hours.

2. Painfully Good Looking

This woman describes the torment a young Trudeau is causing her.

3. Rugged Landscape

A foxy-looking young Trudeau gazes wistfully at the camera with mountains in the background.

4. A Welcome Respite

This Twitter user asserts that looking at pictures of a young Trudeau constitutes a welcome break from dealing with Trump's presidency.

5. Disney Prince

A women compares Trudeau (and presumably his long, flowing hair) to that of a Disney prince's.

6. Well-Built

Scoopia even shared a shirtless picture of a young Trudeau, who appears to be at some sort of athletic competition.

7. Richard Gere?

This Twitter user compared a young Trudeau to the famous American actor.

8. Aladdin

This woman also believes that young Trudeau has the qualities of a Disney prince — in this case, Aladdin.

9. Trudeau Times Three

This Twitter user shared a collage of young Trudeau pictures, because one is never enough.

While that sadly concludes the sharing of young Trudeau photographs, you can bet more are likely to appear online over time, especially considering the overwhelming positive response these received. Of course, don't forget to find also out more information about Prime Minister Trudeau and his impressive policy platform, too.