How To Win The Facebook Messenger Basketball Game

by Lily Feinn
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Last March, the internet went bananas when Facebook surprised its users with a secret basketball game hidden in Messenger. Now back in the midst of March Madness 2017, there has never been a better time to learn a few Facebook Messenger basketball game tricks and hacks to beat last year's high score! Whether you've joined a league or are just excited for some renewed college rivalries, Messenger's surprisingly fun Easter egg will get you pumped for the season without the expense of booking tickets to an actual game.

No need to lace up your sneakers to play Facebook's basketball game; once you've updated your Facebook messenger app, simply start a conversation with a friend and send them a basketball emoji. Then, tap on the sporty emoji, and you're ready to play! Swipe your finger in a upwards motion to shoot the cartoon basketball through the hoop. The addictive game may seem simple, but a few important tips can separate the pros from the rest of the pack. Just like in the actual sport, Facebook's basketball game is all about proper form, as the shots are pretty much free throws. (Thankfully, there is no dribbling involved).

Check out these tips next time go for that new high score and improve your chances. And remember: If you crush your friend's previous number of shots made, there's no need to let good sportsmanship hold you back from sending a few competitive memes their way.


Use The Correct Finger For The Best Control

It may just be an internet game, but getting your technique down is just as important for success as playing the real thing. While it may be more comfortable to play the game with one hand, flicking your thumb is not the best for aiming. Instead, using your dexterous index finger will lead to more accurate shooting.

Pro tip: To further stabilize the phone, place it on a flat surface (like a table or desk) instead of holding it with you other hand. If it has a curved back, keep it in place with an easily removable putty or tape.


Use Longer Swipes

For further accuracy in your shooting, it helps to employ longer swipes of the finger instead of short flicks. Touch the basketball icon with your index finger and swipe it passed the net and further than you feel is necessary. This technique will aid you in making straight shots; however, once the basket starts moving at higher levels you may need to shorten the duration of your swipe.


Harness The Powers Of Geometry

It's a truth universally acknowledged that once a game is introduced to the internet, the internet must find a way to beat it, and this basketball game is no exception. Nearly as soon as Facebook users discovered the game, videos started popping up on YouTube showing you how to cheat at it. The most common way to rack up a mind-blowing score and impress friends is by using a straight edge, like a ruler, to guide you as you toss the ball. Place it flat on the screen of your smartphone and adjust the angle from the ball to the basket. This mobile game is frustratingly difficult, though,so if you make 100 baskets, your friends may start getting suspicious...


Understand The Levels

One of the best ways to improve you score is to understand what you're up against. The basket is stable when you start playing, making it easy to aim and score. However, once you pass 10 hoops made, the basket will start moving slowly from side to side. There is no time limit to be conscious of, so the best strategy is to wait for the basket to re-align with the ball before flicking it. After 20 hoops made, the basket will move faster. Once you pass 30, things get quite a bit more difficult when the backboard will move in a diamond pattern around the screen.


Start Your Swipe In The Best Location

Finally, Moba Games Unlimited recommends placing your finger between the center and bottom of the basketball icon for a reliable straight shot.

With a stable phone, patience when lining up a shot, and a good shooting technique and you'll be racking up those high scores in no time!