These Former ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Cast Members Need To Make Their Comeback


Season 8 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been kind of messy — literally — with some major drama involving a couple of the Housewives throwing a cake. Since this is a Housewives series, that's not all that surprising. But, the drama could be ramped up even more next season if these former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast members returned to the show

Danielle Staub already made a triumphant return to the series this season, and she was not afraid to stir up drama with the Housewives (specifically with Dolores). Danielle was basically arch enemies with fellow Housewife Teresa Giudice when she was on the series years ago (for Seasons 1-2). Now, Teresa and Danielle are friends, which is shocking to just about any fan of RHONJ who watched that famous table-flipping scene. Their new dynamic was so interesting to watch and exemplified one of the reasons why it's a great idea to bring back former Housewives.

RHONJ has always been one of the more dramatic Housewives series, but if the show brought back the following alumni from the show for next season, imagine how much more amazing the it could be. These are the four former stars who need to be brought back ASAP.


Jacqueline didn't return to RHONJ this season and that was a mistake. Jacqueline told Page Six that she wasn't on Season 8 of RHONJ because she doesn't have a relationship with any of the Housewives. She told the publication that if she did agree to be on the season that she wouldn't have been a full-time Housewife: "They weren’t guaranteeing full-time, so for me to film all season long under all that stress and drama to not have a guaranteed full-time [spot] was not worth it for me, so I said no."

It makes sense on her part. Still, she would have definitely brought the drama with her former bestie Teresa. Her estrangement from her once good friend may have been sad to watch, but the two's feud was even more dramatic. And more drama almost always equals great TV.


Kathy is another former Housewife who has been sorely missed on the series. She didn't always get mixed up in the drama, but when she did, it was serious business. Kathy was well-spoken and hilarious in her honesty. She may have some issues with Teresa (which seems to be a recurrent theme amongst ousted Housewives), but that shouldn't keep her from becoming a full-time Housewife yet again.


Like fellow RHONJ OG Jacqueline, Caroline has since left the series behind. She has been busy filming her own series, Manzo'd With Children. But maybe now that her spin-off is done, she could come back to RHONJ to lay down the law when it comes to some of the Housewives' silly antics. Every Housewives series has one Housewife who's the voice of reason in the midst of all of the drama. On RHONJ, that role's been taken over by Dolores. But, based on her issues with Danielle, she found her way into the center of the drama during the course of the season. The show needs Caroline's realness now more than ever.


Rosie was never a full-time Housewife, but she should have been! And the only way to right that wrong would be to bring her back to the series. Rosie was hilarious and was never afraid to defend her family, especially when it concerned Teresa. (Honestly, would the drama really concern anyone else other than Teresa?) Like Kathy and Caroline, Rosie always kept it real on the show. And that's exactly why she should make a triumphant return to the series. Just imagine the clash of titans that would ensue between her and resident troublemaker Danielle.

The latest season of RHONJ was already totally drama-filled. But, if the show made room for these alumni, it could be that much more over-the-top. And that's what fans really want, right?