'Game of Thrones' Makeup Brushes Now Exist & Here's How To Get Them

Arya has Needle. Jon Snow has Ghost. Daenerys has her dragons and now, you've got makeup brushes. Yes, makeup brushes, because The Catch 96 has crafted Game of Thrones makeup brushes, and they're the perfect way to embrace your love of cosmetics and what seems to be the world's most popular television show.

Thanks to trends like unicorn makeup and whimsical beauty creations, there seems to be an uptick in the fantastical when it comes to cosmetics. From mermaid inspired collections to unicorn brushes, if you love whimsy, fantasy tales, and makeup, your dreams are coming true with the newest trends. Game of Thrones fans are now getting a piece of the action with Catch 96's new brush set.

Each Game of Thrones brush is inspired by a different house in the world of Westeros. From Greyjoy to Stark to Lannister, no matter your house of choice, there's a brush for you. Plus, you've got options for your new GoT-themed brushes' finish. The beauty tools come in a bronze, silver, rose gold, and copper finish.

The house sigils mark the top of the brush while synthetic bristles comprise the bottom, and if you were worried about the brushes being cruelty-free, don't be. They definitely are, which means there's no excuse not to purchase them.

The Catch Game of Thrones Makeup Brush (set of 8), $39.95, The Catch 96

The brushes originally retail for $79.96, but the price has been reduced to just $39.95. With eight brushes included in the set, you're only paying a little under $5 per brush. Basically, they're a steal.

According to the website, all eight of the brushes are eyeshadow brushes. You won't find any complexion goods here, but if you've been dying to create a gorgeous, warm eye looks inspired by House Lannister, these are the perfect brushes to use.

The Game of Thrones brushes aren't the only whimsy inspired collection in town, though. It's in good company.

Tarte Cosmetics launched their Make Believe in Yourself collection featuring gorgeous unicorn brushes.

If you want to add even more of the fantastic to your makeup collection, you can shop the Game of Thrones makeup brushes now over The Catch 96 website. Move fast, however, because these gorgeous brushes may not last long.