15 Beauty Products With Major Unicorn Vibes

Much of the beauty sphere went into frenzy when images of Unicorn Lashes new unicorn brushes were revealed. Although you can't buy these beauties with golden handles and pink tipped bristles yet, other beauty products with unicorn vibes just may tide you over while you wait.

Unicorn Lashes aren't the only brand to release makeup products with the kind of colorful, fairy-like, Lisa Frank allure beauty lovers adore. But you have to admit they've gotten this unicorn thing down to a science, because they're soon-to-be released gilded Royale brushes somehow top their iridescent predecessors. Since Unicorn Lashes' tools are highly sought-after and so hard to bag these days, unicorn lovers will have to turn to other whimsical makeup in the meantime. Luckily, majestic-looking makeup isn't hard to find, considering there are so many beauty products bursting with color and sparkle.

From iridescent lipgloss to other worldly highlighters, the options pretty magical. Sure, the Royale brush set is mesmerizing and definitely still worth waiting for, but if you simply can't wait another minute to get your fairytale creature on, you can work any of these incredible beauty products into your routine.

1. Too Faced Unicorn Tears Lipstick

Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream In Unicorn Tears, $22, Too Faced

"Unicorn" is in this lipstick's name for crying out loud, so there's no way it couldn't be perfect. It swipes onto the lips with an iridescent pink shimmer that'll transport you to a magical fairy land.

2. BareMinerals "Illusionist" Lip Gloss

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss Iridescent Topcoat In llusionist, $18, Ulta

Give a whimsical flair to any plain lip color by adding on the BareMinerals "Illusionist" top coat. This holographic lip gloss is definitely the stuff unicorn's are made of.

3. Bitter Lace Beauty Prism Highlighter

Bitter Lace Beauty Prism Highlighter, $40, Ebay

It doesn't get any better than swiping an entire rainbow across your cheekbones. With an illuminator like Bitter Lace Beauty's Prism Highlighter, you'll be sure to turn heads.

4. Limecrime "Mercury" Velvetine

Limecrime Metallic Velvetine In Mercury, $20, ASOS

A true unicorn lover knows its all about the shimmer. Limecrime's "Mercury" Velvetine has enough pink metallic reflects to make you swoon.

5. Make Up For Ever Loose Glitter

Make Up For Ever "Multicolored Silver 13" Loose Glitter, $15, Sephora

Why not get a little glitter crazy? Make Up For Ever's loose glitter in shade "13" gives off major unicorn vibes by combining silver pigment with multicolored specs.

6. Urban Decay "Solstice" Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Cream Eyeshadow In Solstice, $22,Sephora

The ever popular Urban Decay eyeshadow shade "Solstice" is now available in liquid form, making it even more versatile. Use it as a liner for pops of color of cover your lids with it for the ultimate shimmering makeup look.

7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit

ABH Moonchild Glow Kit, $40, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills' "Moonchild" Glow Kit is off the unicorn charts. All in favor of glowing to the moon and back with loads of lavender highlighter, say "I".

8. Wet n Wild 17 Brush Bundle

Wet n Wild 17 Brush Bundle, $29, Wet n Wild Beauty

Okay, so they're not quite the Unicorn Lashes Royale makeup brushes. But the pink tipped bristles of Wet n Wild's brush bundle are just as dreamy.

9. Makeup Geek "Backlight" Duochrome Eyeshadow

Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan In Blacklight, $7, Beauty Bay

If Makeup Geek's "Backlight" duochrome shadow doesn't do it for you, can you really call yourself a unicorn fanatic? This electric purple eyeshadow reflects the prettiest icy blue tones to give your looks loads of sparkling dimension.

10. Ofra Utopia Duochrome Lipstick

Ofra Duochrome Liquid Lipstick In Utopia, $25, Ebay

"Utopia" is such a fitting name for this pink duochrome shade, because it's pure perfection on the lips. If you're eager to get your hands on the Unicorn Lashes brushes, this Ofra liquid lipstick shade will satisfy you for now.

11. NYX "Crystal" Face & Body Glitter

NYX Face & Body Glitter In Crystal, $6, NYX Cosmetics

You could be shimmering from head to toe if you try NYX's "Crystal" face and body glitter. Pack it onto your lids, apply it over your lipstick, and while you're at it, douse your entire body in it.

12. Inglot AMC Lip Gloss

Inglot AMC Lip Gloss Shade 543, $22, Ebay

Give your lip shades a makeover by painting on any of Inglot's AMC lip glosses. Their 3D rainbow effect is like nothing you've ever seen before. It's almost too unicorny to handle.

13. MAC "Kitschmas" Pigment

MAC Pigment In Kitschmas, $19, Nordstrom

Glitter and pastel pink go hand in hand with unicorn inspired makeup looks, so MAC's "Kitschmas" pigment is certainly the way to go. Just imagine your eyes radiating with this gorgeous shade.

14. Urban Decay "Distortion" Glitter Liner

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner In Distortion, $20, Sephora

Urban Decay's "Distortion" glitter liner will have you feeling some major fantasy vibes. You can never— seriously, never— go wrong with iridescent, opal glitter.

15. Urban Decay "Glitter Dip" Falsies

Urban Decay Glitter Dip Perversion False Lashes, $15, Nordstrom

A unicorn lover is never without her sparkle. These Urban Decay glitter frosted falsies ensure you'll be sparkling all the way down to the tips of your wispy lashes.

There's still no official word on when the Unicorn Lashes gold brushes will be available, so the wait for these golden goods might be slightly painful. Getting your hands on any of these other unicorn approved makeup products should ease your pain— even if it's only by a little.

Images: unicornlashesuk/Instagram; Courtesy Brands (15)