These ‘Golden Girls’ Candles From Etsy Are The Perfect Gift For Your Besties

If you want to tell your crew thank you for being a friend this holiday season, Golden Girls candles and other Golden Girls-inspired gifts are the perfect presents for your besties. Kind of like with Sex and the City, each of your friends likely identifies with one of the four characters in the most iconic best-friends TV show of all time. Whether it be Sophia, Blanche, Rose, or Dorothy, give each member of your squad the Golden Girls candle that best represents them, or gift them the entire set of these "Patron Saints of Miami" candles.

Sure, right now you're living it up like the ladies on Girls, SATC, or Insecure, but eventually it will be time to move to a condo in Miami or Arizona where the furniture is made of wicker, the clothes are floral and blousy, and fiber is a main staple in your diet. That's right my friendlies, eventually, it will be time for you and your besties to become the Golden Girls IRL. If you've never watched Golden Girls, stop whatever you're doing and start your marathon on Hulu right now. While you're watching, get on your phone or computer and start your Golden Girls holiday shopping.

Light A Candle For Your Friendship

Seriously, Golden Girls offers life advice you can't live without, especially if you end up living with your mother during your golden years and have exchanges like this:

Dorothy: "Ma, I DON'T snore."
Sophia: "Please! I had to turn you away from the window so you wouldn't inhale the drapes!"

These ladies taught generations of women that getting older isn't synonymous with being put out to pasture. There's friends, fashion, and passion at every stage of life, not to mention sarcastic quips to keep you LOL'ing straight through your golden years. If candles aren't your friends' jam, there are tons of other Golden Girls-themed gifts on Etsy that will strike just the right "thank you for being a friend" note.

Give A Promise Keychain

You can give your besties a promise "Shady Pines" keychain, which is basically a commitment that you'll shack up together in a retirement community one day.

Win The Ugly Sweater Contest

If you're headed to an ugly sweater party this holiday season, then the Golden Girls Christmas sweater featuring frenemies and roommates Dorothy and Rose will definitely be the winner. In fact, you and your besties should all get one for some ugly-sweater party solidarity.

Don't Forget The Wine

Sometimes too much togetherness can lead to a lot of crankiness, even among the best of friends. To combat all of that whining, you're going to need some wine. Give your besties a bottle and adorn it with a Golden Girls label with iconic sayings like "Better late than pregnant."

This holiday season, light a Golden Girls candle, put on your Bea White ugly sweater, grab your Shady Pines keys and a bottle of wine and celebrate the holidays with the ones who make you want to sing: "And if you threw a party / Invited everyone you knew / Well, you would see the biggest gift would be from me / And the card attached would say / Thank you for being a friend."