Attn '90s Kids: Halloween Lunchables Are Here

If you were a kid in the '90s, Lunchables were likely a staple in your school lunchbox. Lunchables are basically a cheese and charcuterie plate for kids, and if you're waxing nostalgic for your old school lunch, these Halloween Lunchables will make your '90s inner child scream with delight. If you have to work on Halloween 2017, celebrate your childhood and Halloween by bringing one of the new Halloween Lunchables to work for a midday snack, or after-lunch dessert. Halloween Lunchables come in all of your favorite childhood flavors, and are guaranteed to give the person in the next cubicle major FOMO.

There's nothing more effective at pulling you out up an afternoon slump like a quick hit of sugar, and Lunchables S'mores Dippers, Dirt Cake, and Cookie Dunks will definitely do the trick. The throwback snacks are all dressed up for Halloween 2017, and packaged in spooky themes like mummies, vampires, and Frankenstein. If you really want to commit to taking a trip back to the '90s, you can even dress up for the office Halloween party in the same costume as your favorite Lunchable. While the world seems to be burning down around us in 2017 — both literally, and figuratively — there's something oddly comforting about unwrapping a Lunchable.

Reddit user opethordie wrote that they have a very close emotional connection to Lunchables. "My parents separated when I was very young and we lived with my mom, like most kids do when their parents are separated. My dad was and still is a very great man who always made a trip at least once a month to come visit me and my sister from a few states away. We always stayed with him at a hotel and it felt like such a crazy adventure whenever he came and visit," opethordie said on Reddit.

"It took us away from our daily routine of school and home and into this hotel environment where there was no set schedule. One major thing that will always stick with me is that he always used to buy us a Lunchable of our choice right when we saw him. I eventually tried them all, but my favorite were the cracker stackers. This memory of love and enjoyment of seeing my dad, has now transcended into Lunchables. Whenever I see Lunchables now, no matter what mood I am in or how that day has gone, my mind goes to that happy place when life was simple and filled with love."

Personally, I was not one of the lucky kids who got to eat Lunchables in the '90s because they were too expensive. I know, get out your tiny violin for me. While as a grown-ass woman I understand that my mom couldn't afford them, as a kid it was just one more way I felt left out. So, basically I'm going to heal my inner child by getting myself some Halloween Luncables for Halloween 2017. I guess there just might be some perks to this whole adulting thing after all.

And, apparently Millennials are particularly nostalgic for Lunchables because they have never known a time without them. They make us feel good because we're used to them, and we associate them with bygone days when attaining happiness was as simple as assembling a pre-packaged lunch.

"Lunchables launched in the late 1980s, so the Millennial generation grew up with the packaging format,” Kate Bertrand Connolly, a journalist who frequently covers consumer-goods packaging, told Rose Lambert-Sluder for Paste Magazine. “For them, a single-serving packaged snack … feels familiar or even routine."

Pulling out a Lunchable in the crowded cafeteria could immediately raise your social status, if only for the lunch hour, because every kid who didn't have one wanted to try yours. And, what's more fun that assembling your own lunch? If you need to raise your game at the office, Halloween Lunchables definitely can't hurt your cubicle credit, especially if you bring enough to share.