15 Work-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

by Jaime Ritter

When you are totally obsessed with Halloween, you want to find an excuse to rock a costume all day long, no matter what you have going on that day. Oh, you have a 10 a.m. budget meeting? Not a problem, because you have a whole host of work-appropriate Halloween costumes you have been brainstorming these past few months for this very reason. You love your job, but you won't let it stand in the way between you and your true love, Halloween.

The key to navigating the murky waters of Halloween work wear is to dress how you normally would, but with a few fun extras thrown in for good measure. If you work in a business environment and you normally rock a shift dress and blazer, stick to that, and add a few key accessories. If your workplace is a bit more relaxed, feel free to go all out with your costume. Just err on the conservative side — you don't want to end up in HR's office having to explain why you went to your morning meeting dressed as the poop emoji.

Don't worry, though — you can still have tons of fun with your look. Here are 15 Halloween costumes you totally can wear to work.

1. Cher Horowitz

Tartan Skirt, $39, Etsy

This has all the makings of a perfect Cher Horowitz costume. Buy the tartan skirt and grab some old shopping bags (free!) — you'll look like a virgin who can't drive in no time!

2. Witchy Woman

An office-appropriate LBD doesn't have to be boring — go all out with your makeup and add some stockings. Voila!

3. Blair Waldorf

Polished and Preppy Shoes, $25, Rotita

Nail this Gossip Girl's look with a polished and preppy dress. Bonus points if you find a coworker to be your Serena or Chuck.

4. A Modern Disney Princess

Apple Accesories, $15, Modcloth | Big Red Bows, $18, Kate Spade

I love this Snow White costume, because it's cute and work-appropriate. The apple accessories and big red bow ($18, Kate Spade) complete the look.

5. Anna Wintour

Bob Wig, $13, Amazon

If you work in publishing, this Anna Wintour costume is almost required. Wintour is coming, y'all — grab your bob wig, and the latest issue of Vogue.

6. Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction

Short Black Wig, $12, Each Buyer

The good news? You probably already have these items in your closet. Just grab a short black wig with bangs, and you're good to go.

7. Hillary Clinton

Blue Blazer, $30, Choies | Blue Pants, $19, Project Pants

Hillary Clinton is the queen of pantsuits. Try this blazer and matching pants to get the presidential candidate's signature look.

8. Where's Waldo?

Red Striped Shirt, $21, Glamourous

Turn basic wardrobe pieces like a red striped shirt into a super cute costume — what's not to love?

9. Mad Men

Mad Men provides endless inspiration for Halloween costumes — this is a dressier look, but a pencil skirt and chignon would be just as cute.

10. Scream Queens

Feather Dress, $31, House of Fraser | Furry Earmuffs, $40, Fur Hat World

Take inspiration from Scream Queens, and channel your inner Chanel with everything from a feather dress to furry earmuffs.

11. Wednesday Addams

Get your resting bitch face ready, because on Wednesdays, we wear black. This outfit nails the original goth girl look.

12. The Dress

Pre-Made Dress, $20, Yandy

Ugh. I want to forget "The Dress" was even a thing, but there's no denying it was a HUGE moment this year. Pair this pre-made costume with a sharp blazer, and you're good to go.

13. Elle Woods

This look is definitely not for those who shy away from pink. Carry around a law book, and/or a stuffed dog for extra credit.

14. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Tie, $18, Amazon

Are you more of a Hufflepuff or Slytherin? Customize your tie to let everyone know where you stand.

15. Pumpkin Princess

Pumpkin Shirt, $16, Etsy

Don't feel like committing to a costume? Show your Halloween pride by rocking an easy pumpkin shirt.

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Images: Polyvore