These Sorting Hat Bath Bombs Are Magical

The only thing more shocking in 2016 than the fact that a former reality star is our president is the fact that an 11-year-old fictional wizard is the biggest beauty influencer of the year. First there were Harry Potter brushes, then a Harry Potter eyeshadow palette and now, a Harry Potter bath bomb: The Sorting Hat Bath Bomb, to be exact.

At first glance, it looks like a pretty normal ( kind of boring) bath bomb. It’s just a white ball with a green, red, blue, and yellow stripe on the top of it. But there’s a really cool twist: When you drop it into the bath, you have no idea what color it will turn the water.

… As if watching bath bombs explode wasn’t already exciting and magical enough.

The color fizz the bomb explodes into corresponds with a Hogwarts House — Yellow for Gryffindor, Green for Slytherin, Blue for Hufflepuff and Red for Ravenclaw — effectively “sorting” you into one of the houses during bath time. Equal parts stressful and amazing, no? Especially if you’re worried about becoming a Slytherin. Yikes.

As any die-hard Potterhead knows, the scene with the sorting hat is arguably the most important in the Harry Potter series because it sealed Harry’s fate as a Griffyndor and his future as a wizard. The sorting hat bath bomb pretty much does the same thing.

As Seventeen first reported, the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bomb comes from Created By Rebecca Lynn, the brand whose also responsible for Pokemon Ball Bath Bombs.

It’s unclear where, exactly, you can buy the bombs, but hopefully will be up and running soon.