These Ivanka Trump Instagram Pics Show How She Balances Work & Play

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The president's oldest daughter is often the subject of much discussion, particularly because she serves as an unpaid advisor in the Trump administration. In her role, she has particularly generated criticism for not publicly opposing some of her father's policies. However, you won't see much reference to that controversy on her social media. Instead, a handful of Ivanka Trump Instagram pics reveal a steadfast commitment to the White House role, her personal life, and family.

Ivanka is the second child of Donald and Ivana Trump. She married Jared Kushner in 2009 and the couple has three children — a daughter and two sons. Prior to working in her father's administration, she served as an executive vice president in her family's company, the Trump Organization. She also ran her own (now-defunct) fashion line. In 2016, she became involved in her father's presidential campaign, making public appearances on his behalf. After her father was elected, she was appointed as advisor to the president in March 2017.

Ivanka has received much criticism for seemingly doing little to influence her father's policy decisions — and even supporting decisions that lie counter to her previously professed advocacy areas. For example, back in August 2017, Ivanka indicated that she supported the administration's decision to end an Obama-era equal pay transparency program, despite previously declaring her commitment to ending the gender pay gap.

Ivanka's loyalty to her father and his work is clear, but that loyalty also extends to her own family. Her Instagram account gives some insight into how she balances her commitment to both.

Reading Materials

Ivanka shared this snap of her daughter's drawings in early November 2016, writing that Arabella had provided her with "reading" materials to peruse during a trip.

Trump Women

Amidst the presidential campaign season, Ivanka shared this selfie of her and her sister, Tiffany.

Thanking The Nation

In this November 2016 Instagram post, Ivanka revealed her excitement at her father's then-forthcoming presidency, writing, "Thank you America! 🇺🇸"

Snapchat Selfie

Ivanka posted this flower crown selfie days after the 2016 presidential election. She captioned it, "When your daughter discovers Snapchat filters ... 🌸🌻🌺🌼"

Inauguration Invitation

On Jan. 18, 2017, Ivanka shared how much she's looking forward to her father's impending inauguration and used his "Make American Great Again (MAGA)" slogan as her caption hashtag. As the first daughter wrote:

#Inauguration day has almost arrived!!! The last 19 months have been remarkable but this amazing journey is just getting started! #MAGA 🇺🇸

Work & Home Meet

In April 2017, Ivanka posted this photo of an American flag decal made by her daughter, Arabella. The first daughter wrote that she had found the item in her travel bag upon her arrival in Berlin for the Women's 20 Summit.

Equal Pay Day

Ivanka shared this post about the gender pay gap on 2017's Equal Pay Day. At the time, she wrote,

... Closing the gender pay gap is critical to the economic empowerment of American women, and it is the responsibility of all Americans to come together in pursuit of equal pay. I am proud to work towards this goal alongside my father and in support of the administration’s commitment to women and families.

However, several months later, both she and her father would receive extensive criticism for ending an Obama administration program designed to help ensure equal pay between men and women.

Praising Workforce Development

On June 16, 2017, the first daughter posted this photo of the Wall Street Journal to thank companies who accepted her father's "call to action" and offered more apprenticeship options for workers.

Presidential Repost

In August 2017, Ivanka shared her father's Instagram post to promote his administration's partnership with Telehealth Services to help administer veterans' health care. Ivanka wrote, " ... This initiative will improve delivery and access to care for veterans across the country. We must serve those who serve!"

One Year Anniversary

Ivanka shared this photo of her daughter and her father on Nov. 8, 2017 — a year after Trump was elected president. In captioning the photo, she expressed pride in her father, writing in part, "It’s been an incredible year. I’m as proud of my father’s commitment to and passion for our great country today as I was exactly a year ago! #MAGA#USA#Nov8 🇺🇸"

After Work

Ivanka shared this photo of herself and her son on Nov. 20, 2017, writing that the moment was the "perfect way to end the day! 🐻"

Thanksgiving Crew

This photo from Thanksgiving 2017 features a beaming Ivanka, along with her husband, Jared, and children Arabella, Theodore, and Joseph. She captioned the pic, "Thankful for this crew, each and every day! ♥️"

Prison Reform Promotion

In this post from Jan. 2018, Ivanka promoted her father's meeting on prison reforms, saying that President Trump "hosted an in-depth discussion with Governors and prison reform experts" about the best way to ensure that recidivism rates decrease.

As a first daughter who works in the White House, balancing political life and personal life can't always be easy. But based on her Instagram, it looks like Ivanka is enjoying every moment.