Idris' Shocking Date Convo With Laura On 'Love Island' Got The Meme Treatment & LOL


Twitter viewers are now accusing new boy Idris of lying about what went down, with the accompanying memes citing injustice and pure outrage. For one hot minute, it looked like the Love Island contestants were finally about to learn the truth; did Georgia Steel kiss Jack Fowler, or was it the other way around? Having watched what went down before entering the villa, Kieran Nicholls and Idris Virgo could finally set the record straight. And during Idris' date with Laura Anderson, he spilled the beans, however, his version of events didn't match that of many viewers. Now, Love Island memes of Idris have gone viral.

But first, let's recap on exactly what happened. Idris and Kieran first rocked up to the villa in the closing minutes of Monday night's episode. The next day, the lads cracked on with grafting the female contestants. For Kieran, his eyes were set on Georgia Steel and Kaz Crossley, meanwhile, Idris was taken by Samira Mighty, Ellie Brown, and Laura. After his efforts fell pretty flat with Samira — extremely flat, actually — Idris got a text, informing him that both he and Kieran would have to choose one female islander to get to know better on a one-on-one date. The text read: “Idris and Kieran, it’s now time for each of you to ask your chosen girl to join you on a date #TakeARisk #ShesTheOne”

As fate would have it, Idris decided to take a huge risk when he opted to take Laura, despite the fact that she had just made up with her partner Jack following the aftermath of kiss gate. Perhaps in an attempt to persuade her to leave Jack to couple up with him, Idris told Laura that Jack initiated his kiss with Georgia. Watch how it unfolded here:

Afterwards, Twitter viewers were accusing the newbie of lying — especially as there is literal VAR evidence suggesting Jack did not initiate the kiss. Now, Idris memes are taking over the Internet (and to be honest, they're pretty darn funny).

Check them out:

A lot of work has gone into trying to prove that it was indeed Georgia who initiated the kiss-on-the-lips.

Below is the VAR recap that featured on Love Island's weekly companion talk show AfterSun on Sunday. Check it out and see what you think:

A lot of fans are convinced the footage proved it was definitely Georgia that kissed Jack on the lips once and for all. However, Idris has a different version of events.

During his date with Laura, he told her: "What I saw, in my opinion, on that date with him and Georgia, it seemed like he went in for the kiss, so that’s why [I don't trust him]." For extra clarity, a shocked Laura responded, "You saw [Jack] went in for a kiss with [Georgia]?" Idris then reiterated his belief that Jack was the one to put the moves on Georgia. Awkward.

Love Island/ITV

So, what's next for Laura and Jack? Well, despite an extremely rocky few days in the Love Island villa, the pair seemed to be reconciling during Tuesday night's episode. Indeed, earlier in the show, it looked like Jack was having second thoughts about choosing to not get back with Laura. He told her: "I’ve said to everyone that I do really care about you… I care about you in the right way. Like I care about you. I do really like you. I do fancy you."

But, has Idris tanked the chances of a reunion between the couple?

Love Island/ITV

Unfortunately, Tuesday night's episode didn't feature a preview of the drama to come, so it looks like we'll merely have to wait and see. Whatever, goes down, I just hope Laura gets her happy ever after.

I mean, what did she do in a previous life to deserve such a hectic and drama-filled Love Island experience? It must have been something terrible.

Love Island airs on ITV2, Sunday to Friday at 9 p.m.